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Very Important Read (FOR EVERYONE!)

First things first - two things should have happened by now:

a) you should have gotten your CHARACTER SHEET via TW PM.
b) you should be able to post here.

If either of those things have not happened to you, contact me A.S.A.P.

Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, let me explain the character sheet and what it means to you. Best copy it into Excel or on a sheet of paper, as you will make plenty changes to it over time.

Most important: this is YOUR CHARACTER. Nobody else's. You are not obligated to share your character sheet with ANYONE other than me. In fact, you probably shouldn't - your co-players will soon figure out who is good at what, without you telling them "Hey, I have 27 strength!".

There are a few fields some of you need explained:

WS = Weapon Skill. This is your skill at fighting with a melee weapon. It's %, so right now, most of you pretty much can't hit anything. Don't worry, it'll rise over time.

BS = Ballistic Skill. Same as above, for all ranged attacks.

S = Strength. Should be obvious

T = Toughness. These are NOT hitpoints! It affects how much you can take before losing hitpoints.

Ag = Agility. Should also be obvious.

Int = Intelligence.

WP = Willpower. A bit more abstract, but should still be obvious. I'll let you know when you need to start caring about this.

Fel = Fellowship. Badly worded, this is essentially Charisma. Each time you want to talk someone into something, or try to haggle, stuff like that, it'll come back to this.

Second row:

A = Attacks. This is how often you can attack per combat round.

W = Wounds. Those are your hitpoints. If your wounds go to 0, you are dead/incapacitated.

SB = Strength bonus. This is the first digit of your S(trength), and is how much extra damage you cause per hit.

TB = Toughness bonus. Same as above, first digit of your T(oughness), and it's how much you can substract from damage taken. If someone hits you for 10, and you have a TB of 3, you only take 7 damage.

M = Movement. Largely unimportant, this is how fast you run (especially during combat).

Mag = Magic skill, if you don't know what this is for, you don't need to know.

FP = Fate points. We don't use those.

Now, you know what those things mean. Come back here if you forget. The next section you have looks like this (for a Peasant, in this example):


[ ] WS 5%
[ ] BS 5%
[ ] S 5%
[ ] T 10%
[ ] Ag 5%
[ ] WP 5%
[ ] W 2

What this means is the following: whenever you spend XP, you can spend it on those things. A peasant can raise his weapon skills (both melee and ballistic) by 5 points each (total), their strength by 5, their toughness by 10 (in two 5 steps), and so on. Once you have "checked" all of those boxes, you can not spend any more XP, until you adopt a new "class". Don't worry about that for now, that's far in the future. What's important: you CAN spend XP for the listed advances, but you DONT HAVE TO. Nobody is forcing you to raise both melee and ranged skills, for example. Just pick what you want, in what order you want.

Here are the XP costs of advancements:

+5(%) in the first line in your character sheet: 100xp
+1 in the second line: 100xp

Next come skills and talents. You all have a lot of skills and talents. Understand that YOU have to know what they do. If I make you do a skill test, and you have a skill or talent that helps you, it is YOUR duty to inform me about it. I'm not going to hold your hand because you are too lazy to read up on your own skills and talents. They are in the rulebook, so go look them up, and maybe scribble down a note next to each of your skills to remind yourself what it does.

You will also note a section that says "Possible" for both skills and talents. Those are skills and talents you don't have, but can buy for 100xp each. Sometimes, you will notice that you can buy a skill you already have - that is called "skill mastery" and gives you a 10% bonus to said skill.

Any questions so far ?



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