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#1 2008-04-05 14:23:08

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[3:19:21:35] <Rockstar> I think we should check out the Historian first
[3:19:21:35] <@Crowbarman> you think these people have a historian?
[3:19:21:35] <@[twisti]> hes not there
[3:19:21:35] <@[twisti]> he means krayg
[3:19:21:35] <@[twisti]> marsten told you about him
[3:19:21:35] <Rockstar> I'm bad with names
[3:19:21:36] * Joins: Saint_BoBo
[3:19:21:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Saint_BoBo
[3:19:21:36] * @Saint_BoBo wakes from his uneventful rest
[3:19:21:36] <@Saint_BoBo> WHat did I miss?
[3:19:21:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Rockstar
[3:19:21:36] <@LumberJane> only a big exp bonus
[3:19:21:36] <@Saint_BoBo> oh ok
[3:19:21:36] <@Crowbarman> oh, right the scribe
[3:19:21:37] <@[twisti]> your que
[3:19:21:37] <@Crowbarman> probably the only person in the whole town who knows how to write
[3:19:21:37] <@Rockstar> Who knows about the Evil People or whatever
[3:19:21:37] <@Saint_BoBo> I want to take the Test
[3:19:21:37] <@Saint_BoBo> Can I take the test
[3:19:21:37] <@Rockstar> I really am not having a great time remembering at this point
[3:19:21:37] <@[twisti]> who are you talking to
[3:19:21:37] <@Crowbarman> lets talk to caladin first
[3:19:21:37] <@Saint_BoBo> I am talking in general
[3:19:21:38] <@Rockstar> That's fine
[3:19:21:38] <@LumberJane> Caladin first
[3:19:21:38] <@LumberJane> he can train us
[3:19:21:38] <@LumberJane> hopefully
[3:19:21:38] <@Rockstar> I'd still like to talk to Krayg before we leave
[3:19:21:38] <@Crowbarman> sure
[3:19:21:38] <@[twisti]> just say my name when you all agreed on what to do
[3:19:21:38] <@Crowbarman> we're seeing caladin
[3:19:21:38] <@Rockstar> I agree on seeing Caladin
[3:19:21:39] <@Rockstar> LumberJane Saint_BoBo
[3:19:21:39] <@LumberJane> what?
[3:19:21:39] <@Saint_BoBo> i agree
[3:19:21:39] <@LumberJane> [20:36:57] <LumberJane> Caladin first
[3:19:21:39] <@LumberJane> [20:37:00] <LumberJane> he can train us
[3:19:21:39] <@LumberJane> [20:37:03] <LumberJane> hopefully
[3:19:21:39] <@[twisti]> so, what do you do
[3:19:21:39] <@Rockstar> Ok then [twisti]
[3:19:21:40] <@Crowbarman> we're heading toward the center of town looking for caladin
[3:19:21:40] <@[twisti]> as you approach the center of the town, you hear the clinging of steel on steel
[3:19:21:40] <@[twisti]> there is the list field, and a few bulky men on it, fighting
[3:19:21:41] <@Crowbarman> looks like we're going in the right direction
[3:19:21:41] * @Saint_BoBo walks a little faster ahead of the group, eager to see whats happening
[3:19:21:41] <@[twisti]> you are now standing next to the list field, watching the fighting men
[3:19:21:42] <@LumberJane> I don't think it's a good idea to interrupt them. let's wait until they finish
[3:19:21:42] <@Rockstar> Is there anyone who appears to be in charge?
[3:19:21:42] <@[twisti]> not really
[3:19:21:43] <@Rockstar> Anyone who does not seem to be busy?
[3:19:21:43] <@[twisti]> while you hear some of them instructing others or giving them tips, theres no clear leader
[3:19:21:43] <@[twisti]> no, they are all engaged
[3:19:21:43] <@Crowbarman> I wander around a bit, skirting the edge of the field
[3:19:21:43] <@[twisti]> << "skirting" ? i dont know that word >>
[3:19:21:43] * @Saint_BoBo takes off on a wandering stroll behind Cassa, whistling the entire time
[3:19:21:43] <@LumberJane> walking half sneakily, isn't it?
[3:19:21:44] <@Rockstar> << Around the side >>
[3:19:21:44] <@Crowbarman> << going along the edge of >>
[3:19:21:44] <@[twisti]> alright
[3:19:21:44] <@[twisti]> the fighting men are ignoring you
[3:19:21:44] * @Saint_BoBo examines the fighting techniques
[3:19:21:44] <@Crowbarman> good, I don't want them to accidentally cut eat others heads off on our account
[3:19:21:44] <@LumberJane> hehe
[3:19:21:45] <@Crowbarman> it would surely kill their last remaining brain cells
[3:19:21:45] <@Rockstar> Shall we wait a bit to see if anyone becomes free?
[3:19:21:45] <@[twisti]> bryan: it looks like most of them are better than you
[3:19:21:45] <@Crowbarman> but seeing as how they don't use them anyway, they'll probably still live
[3:19:21:45] <@Crowbarman> you mean some are worse?
[3:19:21:45] <@[twisti]> hard to tell
[3:19:21:46] <@[twisti]> the only thing you can tell for certain is that some are much better than any of you
[3:19:21:46] * @Saint_BoBo also examines their pointy sharp swords
[3:19:21:46] <@Crowbarman> I'd like to see them hit something small with a sling at 100 paces
[3:19:21:46] <@Rockstar> Shall we just wait until one of them becomes free?...
[3:19:21:46] <@LumberJane> that's my opinion
[3:19:21:46] <@[twisti]> they use training shows, bryan
[3:19:21:46] <@Saint_BoBo> They could hit you at 500 and thats all you need to know
[3:19:21:48] <@Rockstar> So we are waiting for someone to be free?
[3:19:21:48] <@[twisti]> looks like it
[3:19:21:48] * @Saint_BoBo sits and waits
[3:19:21:48] * @Crowbarman looks off to the sides of the field for shinies
[3:19:21:49] * @Rockstar tries on his gloves
[3:19:21:50] * @Crowbarman looks for a worthless target for her sling
[3:19:21:50] * @Saint_BoBo tries to make his sword balance on the tip of his finger
[3:19:21:50] <@Crowbarman> bye bye finger
[3:19:21:50] <@Saint_BoBo> Not the sharp point end
[3:19:21:50] <@Saint_BoBo> the Hilt
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> You should have to roll to see if you injure yourself
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> Through idiocy
[3:19:21:51] * @Crowbarman loads her sling and waits for koleas to get it to ballance
[3:19:21:51] * Quits: @[twisti] (Killed (NickServ (Ghosted. By: [twistii] (
[3:19:21:51] * Joins: [twistii]
[3:19:21:51] <[twistii]> [2008/03/20 02:50:45] * @Crowbarman looks off to the sides of the field for shinies
[3:19:21:51] <[twistii]> [2008/03/20 02:51:34] * @Rockstar tries on his gloves
[3:19:21:51] <[twistii]> [2008/03/20 02:52:13] <@[twisti]> Rockstar: they about fit
[3:19:21:51] <[twistii]> [2008/03/20 02:52:30] <@[twisti]> Crowbarman: theres none
[3:19:21:51] <[twistii]> [2008/03/20 02:53:04] * Disconnected
[3:19:21:51] <@Crowbarman> [21:50] * @Saint_BoBo tries to make his sword balance on the tip of his finger
[3:19:21:51] <@Crowbarman> [21:50] <@Crowbarman> bye bye finger
[3:19:21:51] <@Crowbarman> [21:50] <@Saint_BoBo> Not the sharp point end
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> [20:49] * Crowbarman looks for a worthless target for her sling
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> [20:49] * Saint_BoBo tries to make his sword balance on the tip of his finger
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> [20:49] <Crowbarman> bye bye finger
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> [20:49] <Saint_BoBo> Not the sharp point end
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> [20:49] <Saint_BoBo> the Hilt
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> [20:49] <Rockstar> You should have to roll to see if you injure yourself
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> [20:49] <Rockstar> Through idiocy
[3:19:21:51] <@Rockstar> [20:50] * Crowbarman loads her sling and waits for koleas to get it to ballance
[3:19:21:52] * @Saint_BoBo picks up a rock and throws it at Cassa
[3:19:21:52] * @Crowbarman dodges the rock
[3:19:21:53] <[twistii]> bryan: you drope your sword and a few of the knights laugh at you and then continue training
[3:19:21:53] <@Crowbarman> smile
[3:19:21:53] <[twistii]> as you miss the little girl, they laugh again
[3:19:21:55] * @Crowbarman looks for a range training target
[3:19:21:56] * @Saint_BoBo hides behind his shield in shame
[3:19:21:56] <@Rockstar> Someone tell them we want to train
[3:19:21:56] * Joins: Davlestor
[3:19:21:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Davlestor
[3:19:21:57] <[twistii]> there are no unused targets
[3:19:21:57] * @Saint_BoBo points at Davle
[3:19:21:57] <@Saint_BoBo> There is one
[3:19:21:57] <@Davlestor> yikes
[3:19:21:57] <@Saint_BoBo> Davle start running
[3:19:21:57] <@Saint_BoBo> Run fast
[3:19:21:57] <@Davlestor> Someone catch me up
[3:19:21:57] <@Saint_BoBo> No
[3:19:21:57] <@Saint_BoBo> Just start running
[3:19:21:57] <@Crowbarman> we're at the training field
[3:19:21:58] <@Crowbarman> all the muscle heads are training
[3:19:21:58] <@Crowbarman> nobody cares that the noobs need training
[3:19:21:58] <@Rockstar> If we are willing to pay a fee they will
[3:19:21:58] <@Davlestor> What about Caladin
[3:19:21:58] <@Crowbarman> we only have 6 shinies, who knows what we'll need them for later
[3:19:21:59] <@Rockstar> Who knows what they are worth
[3:19:21:59] <@Crowbarman> well, when you only have 6, they're worth a lot
[3:19:21:59] <@Davlestor> What about Caladin
[3:19:21:59] <@Rockstar> They may be worth even more here
[3:19:21:59] <@Rockstar> As far as monetary value goes
[3:19:21:59] <@Rockstar> Have you inspected the coins whatsoever?
[3:19:22:00] <[twistii]> you have now spent 20 minutes looking at the training knights, who are ignoring you, other than laughing at bryan for being an idiot twice
[3:19:22:00] <[twistii]> they dont seem to plan on stopping any time soon
[3:19:22:00] <[twistii]> and its still hours until sundown
[3:19:22:00] * @Crowbarman takes out a gold coin and uses the reflection to distract one of the guards so he'll lose his sparing match
[3:19:22:00] <@Davlestor> Have you talked to Caladin yet?
[3:19:22:00] <@Rockstar> No
[3:19:22:00] <@Crowbarman> we haven't found him
[3:19:22:00] <@Rockstar> We should have these gold coins appraised
[3:19:22:01] <[twistii]> Crowbarman: int test, agility test, ballistic skill test
[3:19:22:01] <@Davlestor> No we shouldn't
[3:19:22:01] <@Crowbarman> make them?
[3:19:22:01] <[twistii]> yes, please
[3:19:22:01] <@Davlestor> We shouldn't tell anyone we have them unless we absolutedly need to
[3:19:22:01][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 83 ==  83
[3:19:22:01] <@Crowbarman> int
[3:19:22:01][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 78 ==  78
[3:19:22:01] <@Crowbarman> ag
[3:19:22:01][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 98 ==  98
[3:19:22:01] <[twistii]> you get -20 on int and agi
[3:19:22:01] <@Crowbarman> ballistic
[3:19:22:02] <@Crowbarman> fail fail fail
[3:19:22:02] <[twistii]> yeah, you cant even aim the ray into the correct geographical direction
[3:19:22:02] <@Davlestor> I want to try to charm a guy into talking to us
[3:19:22:02] <@LumberJane> just holler at them
[3:19:22:02] <@LumberJane> or that
[3:19:22:02] <@Rockstar> How are we going to pay?
[3:19:22:02] <[twistii]> dave: charm is a talking skill. you cant "charm" someone into starting to talk to you
[3:19:22:03] <@Rockstar> It's not as if we have any money besides gold coins
[3:19:22:03] <@LumberJane> we have 6 gold coins
[3:19:22:03] <@Davlestor> Have you tried talking to them?
[3:19:22:03] <@Rockstar> So, gold coins are automatically the curency around here?
[3:19:22:03] <@LumberJane> gold is a universal language
[3:19:22:03] <@Rockstar> Yes
[3:19:22:03] <@Crowbarman> so's music, maybe we should play them something
[3:19:22:03] <@Davlestor> Have you tried talking to them?
[3:19:22:04] <[twistii]> Davlestor: no
[3:19:22:04] <@Rockstar> But we should know what the currency is before we give them away
[3:19:22:04] <[twistii]> theyve spent 23 minutes now watching them
[3:19:22:04] <@Davlestor> Excuse me!
[3:19:22:04] <[twistii]> a bulky sweaty knight turns around to you
[3:19:22:04] <[twistii]> WHAT?
[3:19:22:04] <@Davlestor> Can you tell us where Caladin is?
[3:19:22:04] <@Crowbarman> yea, that's why we didn't talk to them
[3:19:22:04] <@Rockstar> I'd get their attention by talking to them but...
[3:19:22:04] <[twistii]> sure, its the man over there, with the round face and the black hair
[3:19:22:05] <@Davlestor> Thank you
[3:19:22:05] <[twistii]> anything else?
[3:19:22:05] <@Crowbarman> could you be more specific
[3:19:22:05] <@Davlestor> No that's all
[3:19:22:05] <[twistii]> alright
[3:19:22:05] <[twistii]> he goes back to fighting with his partner
[3:19:22:05] <@Davlestor> That was hard...
[3:19:22:05] <@LumberJane> round face, black  hair
[3:19:22:05] <@Crowbarman> yea, aren't they all round faced with black hair?
[3:19:22:05] <[twistii]> << its pretty obvious who he pointed you to, theres not that many people around >>
[3:19:22:05] <@Davlestor> I'm assuming by 'that man over there' he pointed to someone
[3:19:22:06] <[twistii]> you are assuming correctly
[3:19:22:06] <@Davlestor> So what questions do you guys want to ask him?
[3:19:22:06] <@LumberJane> I wasn't questioning it, lmao. I was just repeating it
[3:19:22:06] * @Crowbarman shouts to the training idiot
[3:19:22:06] <@Davlestor> So we don't look like idiots stumbling over our speech
[3:19:22:06] <@LumberJane> oh man
[3:19:22:06] <@Crowbarman> you know I've heard about this cave
[3:19:22:06] <@Crowbarman> supposed to be FILLED with gold
[3:19:22:06] <@Davlestor> ...
[3:19:22:06] <@Crowbarman> somewhere to the east
[3:19:22:07] <@Crowbarman> a shame you're wasting time training instead of searching for it
[3:19:22:07] <@Davlestor> Can I punch Cassa in the face?
[3:19:22:07] <@Saint_BoBo> }Ofcourse
[3:19:22:07] * @Saint_BoBo throws another rock
[3:19:22:07][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 53 ==  53
[3:19:22:07] <@Davlestor> Anyway
[3:19:22:07] <[twistii]> Crowbarman: gossip test, please
[3:19:22:07] <@Davlestor> So what are you guys going to ask?
[3:19:22:07][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 23 ==  23
[3:19:22:07] <@Crowbarman> that's a pass
[3:19:22:07] <@LumberJane> smile
[3:19:22:08] <[twistii]> by how much ?
[3:19:22:08] <@Crowbarman> 30
[3:19:22:08] <[twistii]> you dont have 53 anything
[3:19:22:08] <@Crowbarman> 43 fel, mastery in gossip
[3:19:22:08] <[twistii]> ah, i see, my bad
[3:19:22:08] <[twistii]> wow, really ?
[3:19:22:09] <@Crowbarman> yup
[3:19:22:09] <[twistii]> damn, ill be back in a bit, gruff
[3:19:22:09] <[twistii]> i need to, uh, take care of some stuff
[3:19:22:09] <@Saint_BoBo> ...
[3:19:22:09] * @Saint_BoBo freezes
[3:19:22:09] <[twistii]> he gathers his stuff and moves off the listing field
[3:19:22:09] <@Davlestor> What purpose did that do Cassa?
[3:19:22:09] <@Crowbarman> um, was that caladin?
[3:19:22:09] <@LumberJane> hah I hope not
[3:19:22:10] <[twistii]> throw a D10
[3:19:22:10] <[twistii]> 1 = caladin
[3:19:22:10] <@Crowbarman> yea, that was at the muscle heads, I was just playing with their little empty heads
[3:19:22:10] <@Davlestor> He said training idiot
[3:19:22:10][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[3:19:22:10] <[twistii]> lucky you
[3:19:22:10] <@Davlestor> close
[3:19:22:10] <@Davlestor> Lets go to Caladin then shall we?
[3:19:22:10] <@LumberJane> it was the fella next to caladin wink
[3:19:22:10] <@LumberJane> yes
[3:19:22:10] <@Crowbarman> ah, even better
[3:19:22:11] * [twistii] is now known as [twisti]
[3:19:22:11] <@LumberJane> ok what do we want to ask caladin (without pissing him off)
[3:19:22:11] <@Davlestor> About the test right?
[3:19:22:12] <@Crowbarman> how about if there's any tasks he'd have us do in exchange for some training
[3:19:22:12] <@Saint_BoBo> If he will train us
[3:19:22:12] <@Saint_BoBo> and if I can take the test
[3:19:22:12] <@Davlestor> Training I can take
[3:19:22:12] <@Davlestor> I will not take the test
[3:19:22:12] <@Rockstar> We ask him to train us
[3:19:22:12] <@Saint_BoBo> i ask him if I may take the test
[3:19:22:12] <@Davlestor> Don't ask him straight off
[3:19:22:12] <@LumberJane> I like cassa's idea
[3:19:22:12] <@Davlestor> Find details first
[3:19:22:12] <@LumberJane> offer to do work for training
[3:19:22:12] <@Davlestor> Me too
[3:19:22:12] <@Crowbarman> and we already have permission
[3:19:22:12] <@Rockstar> Who's talking to him
[3:19:22:12] <@Rockstar> I'm not
[3:19:22:13] <[twisti]> say my name when youre ready to talk to him
[3:19:22:13] <@Davlestor> Cassa, would you like to since you have are pretty charismatic
[3:19:22:13] <@Crowbarman> ok
[3:19:22:13] <@Davlestor> Just in case
[3:19:22:13] <@Davlestor> But watch you mouth
[3:19:22:13] <@Rockstar> Wait
[3:19:22:13] <@Rockstar> Cassa of all people?
[3:19:22:13] <@Davlestor> your*
[3:19:22:13] * @Crowbarman puckers out and looks down
[3:19:22:13] <@Davlestor> If she uses her tongue right
[3:19:22:13] <@Davlestor> <.< >.>
[3:19:22:14] <@LumberJane> Remember to be polite
[3:19:22:14] <@Davlestor> No random stuff, keep on track
[3:19:22:14] <@Rockstar> < I still thing Crowbarman should be a prostitute  tongue >
[3:19:22:14] <@Davlestor> When you're ready Cassa, call Caladin
[3:19:22:14] <@Crowbarman> um, excuse me, mister caladin sir? I was wondering if you'd train us for the test?  we don't really have anything to pay you with right now, but perhaps you have some tasks for us to do in exchange
[3:19:22:15] * @Crowbarman pokes [twisti]
[3:19:22:15] * @Davlestor whispers introduce us first
[3:19:22:15] <@Rockstar> < He's talking to IRCops, give him a second >
[3:19:22:15] <@Davlestor> < Stupid pigs>
[3:19:22:15] <[twisti]> yes ?
[3:19:22:16] <@Saint_BoBo> <Why are we talking like this?>
[3:19:22:16] <[twisti]> ah, i see you are ready
[3:19:22:16] <@Rockstar> < OOC >
[3:19:22:16] <[twisti]> << this is out of character talk >>
[3:19:22:16] <@Saint_BoBo> <<oh ok thanks>>
[3:19:22:17] <[twisti]> <the strong, heavy man waves his partner off and turns to you> uh, who are you folk ?
[3:19:22:17] * LumberJane sets mode: +o [twisti]
[3:19:22:17] <@Crowbarman> well, I'm cassa
[3:19:22:17] <@Crowbarman> this is rebecca
[3:19:22:17] <@Crowbarman> Waleran
[3:19:22:17] <@Davlestor> I am known as Davlestor
[3:19:22:17] <@Crowbarman> Koleas
[3:19:22:17] <@Crowbarman> and, yea, Davlestor
[3:19:22:18] <@Crowbarman> we're strangers to these lands
[3:19:22:18] <@[twisti]> welcome to our fair city
[3:19:22:18] * @Saint_BoBo bows
[3:19:22:18] <@[twisti]> whats this talk about training for a test ? what test are you training for ?
[3:19:22:18] <@LumberJane> *smiles charmingly*
[3:19:22:18] <@Crowbarman> um, the test for knighthood?
[3:19:22:18] <@Crowbarman> Koleas is just dying to be a knight
[3:19:22:18] <@[twisti]> my my, you want to take the test of knighthood ?
[3:19:22:18] <@[twisti]> pardon me, but you dont seem particularily ... knightish
[3:19:22:19] <@Saint_BoBo> I am a fair knight to-be from the land of my ancestors
[3:19:22:19] * @Crowbarman whispers "He means Jersey"
[3:19:22:19] <@[twisti]> son, you cant even handle a sword. you are far from a knight, this land or any other
[3:19:22:19] <@LumberJane> <<if this is ooc, can (this be whisper)? >>
[3:19:22:20] <@[twisti]> i saw you fooling around there on the edge of the field
[3:19:22:20] <@Saint_BoBo> 'twas just a bit of tomfoolery, sir
[3:19:22:20] <@Davlestor> Would you be able to train us then?
[3:19:22:20] <@Crowbarman> yes, not like the test has an intelligence requirement
[3:19:22:20] * @Rockstar whispers Watch your mouth
[3:19:22:20] <@Davlestor> (Careful Cassa)
[3:19:22:20] <@[twisti]> train you, for the test of knighthood ?
[3:19:22:20] <@LumberJane> It just may, we do not know.
[3:19:22:21] <@[twisti]> my appologies, but you dont seem like you could afford my training
[3:19:22:21] <@Rockstar> Uh... is there anything we could do for you?
[3:19:22:21] <@Crowbarman> yes, well, I was hoping maybe you had some tasks we could perform in exchange
[3:19:22:21] <@Davlestor> Yes, like any tasks?
[3:19:22:21] <@Rockstar> Any uh, tasks, sir?
[3:19:22:21] <@Rockstar> :p
[3:19:22:21] <@[twisti]> i dont really see what
[3:19:22:21] <@Davlestor> We hear you have a goblin problem?
[3:19:22:21] <@Saint_BoBo> Weapon Cleaning and Storage sir
[3:19:22:22] <@Saint_BoBo> maybe pest clean up?
[3:19:22:22] <@LumberJane> One at a time, do not overwhelm him with chatter
[3:19:22:23] <@[twisti]> well
[3:19:22:23] <@[twisti]> one of you could work here cleaning up the training weapons
[3:19:22:23] <@[twisti]> but its not a well paid job im afraid
[3:19:22:23] <@Davlestor> Just for training is all we ask
[3:19:22:24] <@LumberJane> but they could watch the men train while working, maybe pick up a few tricks... ?
[3:19:22:24] <@Rockstar> Uhm
[3:19:22:24] <@[twisti]> my training is expensive im afraid
[3:19:22:24] <@Rockstar> What do you charge, sir?
[3:19:22:25] <@[twisti]> 100 gold coins per lesson
[3:19:22:25] <@LumberJane> wow
[3:19:22:25] <@Crowbarman> (told you we should keep the 6 we have)
[3:19:22:25] <@Davlestor> <Can I Charm him into giving it to us for free?>
[3:19:22:25] <@LumberJane> (well you still have them, don't you?)
[3:19:22:25] <@Rockstar> What is the pay for cleaning weapons?
[3:19:22:25] <@Rockstar> Sir
[3:19:22:25] <@[twisti]> i am the best trainer, but even our average trainers ask for 50 gold per lesson, as us monitorian knights are the only trainers in the lands worthwhile
[3:19:22:26] * @Saint_BoBo is tired
[3:19:22:26] * @Saint_BoBo wanders off to find some place to rest his head
[3:19:22:26] <@Crowbarman> by any chance can you tell us anything about what happens in the test?
[3:19:22:26] <@[twisti]> our weapons only need cleaning once a day, so 5 gold a day
[3:19:22:26] <@[twisti]> well, the test is dangerous, and people have died on it
[3:19:22:26] <@[twisti]> but then again, it is not a death trap either
[3:19:22:26] <@Rockstar> Do you know of anyone who, uh, would be willing to employ us?
[3:19:22:26] <@Crowbarman> ok, but is that all you can tell us?
[3:19:22:26] <@[twisti]> after all, all of us here in monitor have taken it when we were 15
[3:19:22:27] <@[twisti]> theres a few "secrets" about it, but they are so well known that anyone will tell you about them
[3:19:22:27] <@LumberJane> will you?
[3:19:22:28] <@[twisti]> certainly
[3:19:22:28] <@[twisti]> it is only fair, since as i said, most everyone knows them
[3:19:22:28] <@LumberJane> *smiles graciously*
[3:19:22:29] <@[twisti]> in the first chamber of the test dungeon, speed is key
[3:19:22:29] <@[twisti]> dont look back, or you will regret it
[3:19:22:29] <@Rockstar> < Arthur C. Clarke died sad >
[3:19:22:29] <@[twisti]> later on, you need to seek what cant be seen
[3:19:22:29] <@[twisti]> lastly, to finish the test, you need to find the claw and the urn of Gurnordir
[3:19:22:30] <@[twisti]> use the claw to draw some of your own blood, then mix it with the ashes, to meet your fate
[3:19:22:30] <@Crowbarman> so... fighting isn't involved at all? why do we even need to train for it?
[3:19:22:30] <@[twisti]> i said those were the hints, not that this was the complete test
[3:19:22:31] * @Crowbarman tries to charm caladin into lowering his prices
[3:19:22:31] <@LumberJane> I think we need to talk privately
[3:19:22:31] <@[twisti]> Crowbarman: he wont, they are set prices agreed upon by the entire training community
[3:19:22:32] <@LumberJane> *walks away a little way for privacy and motions to the others*
[3:19:22:32] * @Crowbarman follows
[3:19:22:32] * @Davlestor follows
[3:19:22:32] <@Crowbarman> I think he's not gonna be much help
[3:19:22:32] <@Davlestor> I say we forget about this for now
[3:19:22:33] <@LumberJane> We obviously cannot afford his training and he does not seem to have any real jobs.
[3:19:22:33] <@Crowbarman> we should probably just try to find the scribe
[3:19:22:33] <@Davlestor> What scribe?
[3:19:22:33] <@LumberJane> Maybe, or we can go out and fight some goblins and get training free that way...
[3:19:22:33] <@[twisti]> to cut this short - the scribe is currently not home
[3:19:22:33] <@Davlestor> I say we go to Fawn and see what's up
[3:19:22:34] <@Crowbarman> hold on, I'm going to try something
[3:19:22:34] * @Crowbarman goes back to caladin
[3:19:22:34] <@Crowbarman> um, excuse me, have you heard about this cave that supposed to be around here somewhere?
[3:19:22:34] <@Crowbarman> they say its full of gold
[3:19:22:34] <@Crowbarman> maybe that information would be of value to you?
[3:19:22:35] <@[twisti]> i know every place around here, so i doubt there are any caves full of gold
[3:19:22:35] <@Crowbarman> it's well hidden, I've been there
[3:19:22:35] * @Davlestor pulls Cassa.
[3:19:22:35] <@Crowbarman> you can walk past in hundreds of times and never see it
[3:19:22:35] <@Davlestor> Thank you for your time Caladin
[3:19:22:35] <@[twisti]> but if you are really sure that there is a cave full of gold, i dont believe you would tell me about it in exchange for some training, when you could just go get the gold yourself and pay me
[3:19:22:35] <@Crowbarman> sad
[3:19:22:36] <@Crowbarman> it was worth a try
[3:19:22:36] <@LumberJane> Let's see if any inns are open
[3:19:22:36] <@Davlestor> I'm up for that
[3:19:22:36] * @Davlestor lets out a chuckle.
[3:19:22:37] * @Crowbarman sighs with disgust
[3:19:22:37] <@Crowbarman> men
[3:19:22:37] <@LumberJane> *chuckles*
[3:19:22:37] <@LumberJane> *looks around at buildings and their signs*
[3:19:22:38] <@[twisti]> im pretty sure "rebecca" is not a man
[3:19:22:38] <@[twisti]> and yes, there is of course an inn
[3:19:22:38] <@LumberJane> I think it was towards davb
[3:19:22:38] <@LumberJane> dav*
[3:19:22:38] <@Crowbarman> yes
[3:19:22:38] <@Davlestor> Is it open?
[3:19:22:38] <@LumberJane> Let's go find out
[3:19:22:39] <@[twisti]> its open
[3:19:22:39] <@Rockstar> We could see if they would be willing to employ us
[3:19:22:39] <@LumberJane> Let me talk this time, okay?
[3:19:22:40] * @Crowbarman looks around the inn for unbolted shinies
[3:19:22:40] <@LumberJane> *finds a likely looking person who may be the innkeeper* Excuse me, do you have any rooms open?
[3:19:22:40] * @Davlestor looks around the inn to get a description
[3:19:22:40] <@[twisti]> its a crude inn with wooden benches and tables, and little besides old rusty ceremonial swords and shields on the walls
[3:19:22:41] <@[twisti]> without looking up, the innkeepers answers, "tenanigh fer one, of fifeenanigh fer two"
[3:19:22:41] <@LumberJane> gold pieces?
[3:19:22:42] <@[twisti]> whaddayathink, fawnyan filari?
[3:19:22:42] <@LumberJane> no, no, sorry
[3:19:22:42] <@Crowbarman> well, star gazing for us tonight
[3:19:22:42] <@Davlestor> Whos in the room?
[3:19:22:42] <@LumberJane> Do you have any jobs needing done in exchange for a room?
[3:19:22:42] <@Davlestor> For all of us?
[3:19:22:42] <@LumberJane> we will manage
[3:19:22:43] <@LumberJane> we have to take what we can get
[3:19:22:43] * @Crowbarman again thinks it may have been a good idea to double check the boat before leaving
[3:19:22:44] <@[twisti]> just the the patron and a bairmaiden right now, plus one guy whos eating
[3:19:22:44] <@[twisti]> and the patron just laughed at you when you asked for a job
[3:19:22:44] <@LumberJane> Well, we tried
[3:19:22:44] * @Davlestor sighs.
[3:19:22:45] <@[twisti]> he doesntreally appear like the "giving" kind of person
[3:19:22:45] <@Crowbarman> looks like the only job worth having around here is goblins bane
[3:19:22:45] <@LumberJane> yeah
[3:19:22:45] <@Davlestor> Shall we go?
[3:19:22:45] <@LumberJane> wait, one more thing
[3:19:22:46] <@LumberJane> *to the patron* Sir, do you know where my party might bed down safely for the night? A place that will not cost so much?
[3:19:22:46] <@[twisti]> "yah, ill tell'ya right afer i tell'ya where'ya can get cheaper food than 'ere"
[3:19:22:46] <@LumberJane> sigh
[3:19:22:47] <@Crowbarman> how about where we could find krayg
[3:19:22:47] <@[twisti]> hes prollay out thar lookin for ruins
[3:19:22:47] <@LumberJane> Let's go sleep in the cave
[3:19:22:47] <@Davlestor> Okay
[3:19:22:47] <@LumberJane> We know nothing's in it to be found and it's sheltered from winds
[3:19:22:47] <@Rockstar> (Quiet down Rebecca)
[3:19:22:48] <@Crowbarman> everyone knows about the cave by now (you made sure of that already), just not where it is
[3:19:22:48] <@Davlestor> Oh, another thing sir
[3:19:22:48] <@Davlestor> What can you tell us of Fawn?
[3:19:22:48] <@Rockstar> (Plenty of people think there is a cave filled with gold, thanks to you)
[3:19:22:49] <@LumberJane> (stop arguing about it)
[3:19:22:49] <@Crowbarman> (no, they thought that long before I started spreading it around)
[3:19:22:49] <@[twisti]> << im going to drop the 'accent' since im not a native english speaker and dont do it very well, just imagine he keeps talking with a hick accent >>
[3:19:22:49] <@LumberJane> << you were doing pretty good tho >>
[3:19:22:49] <@Crowbarman> << I was thinking he was drunk >>
[3:19:22:49] <@Davlestor> <<Haha, I was wondering what kind of accent that was>>
[3:19:22:49] <@[twisti]> yes, fawn, its full of people who love themselves too much
[3:19:22:50] <@Crowbarman> you can't love yourself too much, except when it makes you chafe
[3:19:22:50] <@[twisti]> thats probably why the goblins attacked it
[3:19:22:50] <@[twisti]> thinking fawn be easy prey
[3:19:22:50] <@Davlestor> Was it?
[3:19:22:50] <@[twisti]> yes, our tower was ambushed by the goblins <he looks sad> many good knights died that day
[3:19:22:50] <@[twisti]> they even got our champion knight, astrid
[3:19:22:51] <@Davlestor> How did Fawn fair?
[3:19:22:51] <@Davlestor> with the goblin attack
[3:19:22:51] <@[twisti]> ah, the city held up find, since we had knights at the bridge and beat back the goblin hordes
[3:19:22:51] <@[twisti]> but we lost our tower methinks
[3:19:22:52] <@Crowbarman> where exactly is fawn anyway?
[3:19:22:52] <@LumberJane> (Perhaps that tower needs "recaptured")
[3:19:22:52] <@[twisti]> i dont know much about maps and lands, i couldnt describe you the way
[3:19:22:53] <@Crowbarman> (like I said, we're going to need a map)
[3:19:22:53] <@LumberJane> << twisti, when you run out of things for the npcs to say, you could just say "I have nothing more to say to you" so we know we're wasting your time >>
[3:19:22:53] <@Rockstar> (IF the goblins can kill knights, why would we stand a chance?)
[3:19:22:53] <@Davlestor> Do you know where we can get a map?
[3:19:22:53] <@[twisti]> << a) that would be kinda boring, b) npcs tell you as much as you ask them >>
[3:19:22:53] <@LumberJane> << lol ok >>
[3:19:22:53] <@Crowbarman> (lots of goblins can kill knights, but there wouldn't be a hoard left at the tower)
[3:19:22:53] <@[twisti]> i suppose the scribe, krayg, might have a map for you
[3:19:22:54] <@LumberJane> That settles it. Let's go look for the cave and Krayg
[3:19:22:54] <@Davlestor> And you said he is probably off looking for ruins?
[3:19:22:54] <@[twisti]> he always is
[3:19:22:54] <@Davlestor> Alright thank you
[3:19:22:54] <@[twisti]> not quite right in the head, i think
[3:19:22:55] <@[twisti]> who would want to look at rotten stones all day
[3:19:22:55] <@Crowbarman> (as if anyone in this town is)
[3:19:22:55] <@Davlestor> Back to our 'home' methinks.
[3:19:22:55] <@LumberJane> Yes, I think we're done here.
[3:19:22:56] * @Davlestor uses his goodeyesight to see anything of value in the room.
[3:19:22:56] * @Crowbarman already used her shiny search
[3:19:22:56] <@[twisti]> theres nothing at all of value in the room
[3:19:22:56] <@[twisti]> the crookery is crap, and the stuff on the walls is old and rusted
[3:19:22:56] <@Davlestor> Nothing on anyone?
[3:19:22:56] * Quits: @Saint_BoBo
[3:19:22:56] <@Crowbarman> the guy is eating, not drinking
[3:19:22:57] <@[twisti]> ?
[3:19:22:57] <@Crowbarman> << I spent practically an entire gaming session once picking the pockets of drunkards >>
[3:19:22:57] <@Davlestor> <<Ha>>
[3:19:22:58] <@Davlestor> So lets go to the cave
[3:19:22:58] <@LumberJane> *heads out the door*
[3:19:22:59] <@Crowbarman> perhaps we should try to find krayg's house, he's bound to show up eventually
[3:19:22:59] <@Davlestor> Like camp outside?
[3:19:22:59] <@Crowbarman> and it looks like he's the last person worth seeing in this dumb town
[3:19:22:59] <@LumberJane> and what, sit at the door all night?
[3:19:22:59] <@Davlestor> We might as well
[3:19:22:59] <@Crowbarman> not all night, I'm sure he'll be sleeping in his own bed, if not we can break in and sleep init
[3:19:22:59] <@LumberJane> The cave might be more comfortable, but his house is more accessible, I suppose
[3:19:23:00] <@Rockstar> < Do I need anything to set a trap? >
[3:19:23:00] <@Crowbarman> < a trap might help >
[3:19:23:00] <@[twisti]> yes, a trap
[3:19:23:00] <@Davlestor> <rofl>
[3:19:23:01] <@Rockstar> < I could create a trap out of twigs or something >
[3:19:23:01] <@LumberJane> Who wants to stay in town and who wants to return to the cave?
[3:19:23:01] <@Davlestor> I say stay in town
[3:19:23:01] <@Crowbarman> < I think that's it for me for tonight, I wish we'd start playing earlier instead of right before my bedtime every night>
[3:19:23:01] <@Rockstar> < Or dig a hole and cover it in leafs >
[3:19:23:01] <@Crowbarman> I say we wait for the scribe until dusk then head back to the cave
[3:19:23:01] <@[twisti]> if you can convince me that a trap made of twigs can somehow hold something, we can talk about it
[3:19:23:02] <@Davlestor> I say we go to his house and look around
[3:19:23:02] <@Davlestor> ...inside.
[3:19:23:02] <@Crowbarman> that's good too
[3:19:23:02] <@Crowbarman> << anyway, bed, night >>
[3:19:23:02] <@Davlestor> There has to be a map in it
[3:19:23:02] <@LumberJane> I don't think breaking into a knight's house in a town full of knights is a good idea
[3:19:23:02] <@Rockstar> Sharpen the spikes, cover them in leafs or loose sand so whatever steps on the leafs or loose sand sinks in to the sharpened spikes...
[3:19:23:02] <@Davlestor> He's not going to be home
[3:19:23:03] <@[twisti]> what spikes
[3:19:23:03] <@LumberJane> << G'night crow >>
[3:19:23:03] <@Davlestor> And he's so weird, I don't think the knights will think twice to seeing foreigners inside his house
[3:19:23:03] <@[twisti]> yeah, night crow
[3:19:23:03] <@Rockstar> The ones I could make by sharpening twigs
[3:19:23:03] <@Rockstar> Ir having someone else sharpen twigs
[3:19:23:03] <@Davlestor> Night crow
[3:19:23:04] <@[twisti]> yeah, thats not gonna trap anything
[3:19:23:04] <@Davlestor> So lets go to Krayg
[3:19:23:04] <@LumberJane> we don't need to trap anything right now
[3:19:23:04] <@LumberJane> Let's go check out his house
[3:19:23:05] <@Davlestor> 's house



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