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#1 2008-03-16 12:08:30

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Chapter 01, IRCLog 02

[2008/03/15 23:06:15] <@Davlestor> twisti, how should we interact with other players
[2008/03/15 23:06:33] <@[twisti]> depends on what you want to do
[2008/03/15 23:06:41] <@Davlestor> If I want to ask a question, their answers would determine the course of my actions
[2008/03/15 23:06:45] <@[twisti]> if its private, use pm and tell me about it
[2008/03/15 23:07:14] <@[twisti]> if not, either talk to them on IRC, and then post the coversation in "story form", or post directly
[2008/03/15 23:08:00] <@Davlestor> but on IRC we do it in character?
[2008/03/15 23:08:07] <@[twisti]> ideally
[2008/03/15 23:08:11] <@[twisti]> you dont HAVE to
[2008/03/15 23:08:39] <@Davlestor> Crow
[2008/03/15 23:09:32] <@Crowbarman> ?
[2008/03/15 23:10:26] <@[twisti]> Davlestor: its polite if you interact with other people not to go afk halfway in
[2008/03/15 23:10:31] <@[twisti]> that makes everyone just pissed off
[2008/03/15 23:11:25] <@Crowbarman> lol
[2008/03/15 23:11:53] <@[twisti]> in fact thats REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING
[2008/03/15 23:12:15] <@[twisti]> so please try to keep your attention deficit disorder in check if you want to do rpg related things
[2008/03/15 23:12:44] <@Davlestor> twisti
[2008/03/15 23:13:03] <@Crowbarman> that'll probably make his interactions with my character better
[2008/03/15 23:13:18] <@Davlestor> I took it to a PM
[2008/03/15 23:15:45] <@[twisti]> oh ok
[2008/03/15 23:16:19] <@[twisti]> im surprised you managed to get that thing from cassa
[2008/03/15 23:16:24] <@[twisti]> how the hell did you manage that
[2008/03/15 23:16:41] <@Davlestor> ...I asked nicely
[2008/03/15 23:17:17][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 98 ==  98
[2008/03/15 23:17:25] <@Crowbarman> dang it
[2008/03/15 23:17:30] <@[twisti]> thats an epic failure really
[2008/03/15 23:17:34] <@[twisti]> what did you try to do
[2008/03/15 23:17:39] <@Crowbarman> post
[2008/03/15 23:18:15] <@[twisti]> next time, please tell me first what you roll for
[2008/03/15 23:18:28] <@[twisti]> for example, in this case, you would have gotten a 20% bonus
[2008/03/15 23:18:39] <@Crowbarman> wouldn't have helped
[2008/03/15 23:18:56] <@[twisti]> yeah but you couldnt have known that
[2008/03/15 23:19:12] <@Crowbarman> I'll try to remember next time, no promises
[2008/03/15 23:19:12] <@[twisti]> this is a failure so bad that Davlestor notices it despite being focussed on the hourglass
[2008/03/15 23:19:55] <@Davlestor> Um..Cassa
[2008/03/15 23:20:11] <@Davlestor> What are you up to?
[2008/03/15 23:20:43] * @Crowbarman points off to the brush
[2008/03/15 23:20:45] <@Crowbarman> shiny
[2008/03/15 23:21:09] <@[twisti]> looks like poor cassa is slightly mentally damaged
[2008/03/15 23:21:16] <@Crowbarman> only slightyly
[2008/03/15 23:21:19] <@Davlestor> rofl
[2008/03/15 23:21:28] <@Crowbarman> she's overly fond of shiny objects and maps
[2008/03/15 23:21:52] <@Crowbarman> btw, how many pebbles did I pick up earlier? I'll be using them for ammo when I find a sling
[2008/03/15 23:22:28] <@[twisti]> 2d10+10 ?
[2008/03/15 23:22:49][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#2d10+10):                 22 ==  22
[2008/03/15 23:23:24] <@[twisti]> seems about right
[2008/03/15 23:23:55] <@Crowbarman> can we have like some spot check or something when I get my shinies on?
[2008/03/15 23:24:05] <@Crowbarman> like a 1% chance of finding something useful
[2008/03/15 23:24:26] <@[twisti]> no, random good things dont just lie around
[2008/03/15 23:24:43] <@[twisti]> but you get a 20% bonus to being the first to spot something shiney
[2008/03/15 23:24:49] <@Crowbarman> :)
[2008/03/15 23:25:08] <@[twisti]> because you always look
[2008/03/15 23:25:29] <@Davlestor> posted
[2008/03/15 23:26:44] <@[twisti]> you really shouldnt throw things in the ocean
[2008/03/15 23:27:24] <@Crowbarman> yea, especially a resurection item
[2008/03/15 23:29:58] * Quits: @Davlestor ( (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[2008/03/15 23:48:43] <@Crowbarman> I know this is kinda premature but if I find a quarterstaff and a sling, can I make a whippik?
[2008/03/15 23:59:02] <@[twisti]> do you have Trade (Weaponcrafting) ?
[2008/03/15 23:59:17] <@Crowbarman> no, but it's a traditional kender weapon
[2008/03/15 23:59:41] <@[twisti]> doesnt mean you can craft it
[2008/03/15 23:59:50] <@[twisti]> but you can try to talk a weaponsmith into making you one
Session Time: Sun Mar 16 00:00:00 2008
[2008/03/16 00:00:04] <@[twisti]> as its a simple weapon that can be described easily
[2008/03/16 00:00:07] <@Crowbarman> it's just a sling attached to a staff
[2008/03/16 00:00:42] <@[twisti]> then it shouldnt be hard to find someone to nail the sling into place
[2008/03/16 00:00:48] <@Crowbarman> it'd be a staff sling but they're seperatable
[2008/03/16 00:03:37] <@Crowbarman> oh, nm
[2008/03/16 00:03:44] <@Crowbarman> read a different description
[2008/03/16 00:04:08] <@Crowbarman> it's more a staff bow than a staff sling
[2008/03/16 00:13:19] <@[twisti]> ill need a better description then
[2008/03/16 00:23:02] <@Crowbarman> … hippik.gif
[2008/03/16 00:23:23] <@Crowbarman> the staff seperates into the noise makers below
[2008/03/16 00:23:24] <@[twisti]> looks like a sling to me
[2008/03/16 00:23:37] <@Crowbarman> that's a loop
[2008/03/16 00:23:46] <@[twisti]> meaning ?
[2008/03/16 00:23:50] <@Crowbarman> IDK
[2008/03/16 00:24:04] <@Crowbarman> I'm thinking I'm just going to drop it and go with a straight sling
[2008/03/16 00:24:18] <@Crowbarman> I don't want to have to waste a whole round reloading
[2008/03/16 00:24:20] <@[twisti]> well, weapons are really kept simple in whf
[2008/03/16 00:26:15] * Joins: Rockstar (
[2008/03/16 00:26:56] <@[twisti]> you can have a standard quarterstaff combined with a standard sling if you want, -5% WS/BS though
[2008/03/16 00:27:15] * Rockstar is now known as Unnamed-C613A
[2008/03/16 00:29:06] * Unnamed-C613A is now known as Rockstar
[2008/03/16 00:29:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Rockstar
[2008/03/16 00:56:18] <@Rockstar> Twisti
[2008/03/16 00:56:25] <@[twisti]> Rockstar
[2008/03/16 00:56:26] <@Rockstar> Any idea on when the roleplay will continue?
[2008/03/16 00:56:34] <@[twisti]> about three hours ago
[2008/03/16 00:56:57] <@Rockstar> Oh
[2008/03/16 00:57:01] <@[twisti]> you should reload the forum before asking :p
[2008/03/16 00:57:55] <@Rockstar> She looks over her should, a hurried look in her eyes:
[2008/03/16 00:58:17] <@[twisti]> shoulder
[2008/03/16 01:02:06] <@Rockstar> So, is there still lightning striking all around?
[2008/03/16 01:02:28] <@[twisti]> yes
[2008/03/16 01:02:40] <@[twisti]> well, none closeby right now
[2008/03/16 01:09:19] <@Rockstar> :\
[2008/03/16 01:09:24] <@[twisti]> ?
[2008/03/16 01:09:30] <@Rockstar> Davlestor's post
[2008/03/16 01:09:34] <@[twisti]> you are sad about not getting hit by lighting ?
[2008/03/16 01:09:50] <@[twisti]> whats to be sad about his post ?
[2008/03/16 01:10:18] <@Rockstar> Nothing
[2008/03/16 01:10:24] <@[twisti]> then why the weird smiley face
[2008/03/16 01:10:34] <@Rockstar> It's just how he sort of adds to the Hourglass out of nowhere
[2008/03/16 01:10:42] <@Rockstar> How he threw it in the ocean and such
[2008/03/16 01:10:54] <@[twisti]> adds to the hourglass ?
[2008/03/16 01:11:22] <@Rockstar> Its attributes
[2008/03/16 01:11:35] <@[twisti]> do you REALLY think that if he made it up, i would have left the post there ?
[2008/03/16 01:11:48] <@[twisti]> those are the results of his perception check
[2008/03/16 01:11:52] <@Rockstar> I was hoping not
[2008/03/16 01:12:03] <@[twisti]> that i asked him to post in story form
[2008/03/16 01:12:19] <@[twisti]> this is what i told him:
[2008/03/16 01:12:19] <@[twisti]> <[twisti]> well, its weightless, indestructible, the sand never stops flowing, no matter what you do, and if you throw it away, it teleports right back into your hands
[2008/03/16 01:12:47] <@Rockstar> Ok, just checking
[2008/03/16 01:13:58] <@Rockstar> So if I were to walk down the coast and try to find the hidden cave, would I need to roll for anything?
[2008/03/16 01:14:29] <@Crowbarman> if it's hidden
[2008/03/16 01:14:38] <@Crowbarman> but if there's something shiny I'll get a bonus :)
[2008/03/16 01:15:35] <@[twisti]> its hidden, and you wont just randomly find it
[2008/03/16 01:15:51] <@[twisti]> takes you four hours to search the whole coastline
[2008/03/16 01:16:03] <@[twisti]> and an intelligence check to determine if you find it
[2008/03/16 01:25:10] <@Rockstar> Posted
[2008/03/16 01:25:45] <@[twisti]> Waleran
[2008/03/16 01:25:48] <@[twisti]> what does that mean ?
[2008/03/16 01:26:01] <@[twisti]> oh nm, thats your name ?
[2008/03/16 01:26:30] <@Rockstar> Yeah
[2008/03/16 01:26:47] <@Rockstar> It's an Anglo-Norman name
[2008/03/16 01:27:13] <@Rockstar> Mo significance other than sounding appealing
[2008/03/16 02:16:37] * Joins: Davlestor (
[2008/03/16 02:16:38] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Davlestor
[2008/03/16 02:26:45] * Joins: LumberJane (rebecca959@6ca5ed7b.14055a54.12.171.imsk)
[2008/03/16 02:26:45] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LumberJane
[2008/03/16 02:28:30] <@LumberJane> yes?
[2008/03/16 02:28:59] <@Davlestor> dunno
[2008/03/16 02:29:04] <@Davlestor> Seems more comfortable in here
[2008/03/16 02:29:14] <@Davlestor> I can't wait for the city!
[2008/03/16 02:29:16] <@Davlestor> mwhaha
[2008/03/16 02:29:22] <@LumberJane> lol
[2008/03/16 02:29:47] <@Davlestor> I finally get to use my skills!
[2008/03/16 02:29:55] <@Davlestor> and get cracking on that Hourglass of Fate
[2008/03/16 02:29:55] <@[twisti]> man, role players these days are so urban
[2008/03/16 02:29:59] <@LumberJane> you're a pickpocket, huh
[2008/03/16 02:30:01] <@Davlestor> It sounds a little important
[2008/03/16 02:30:19] <@Davlestor> Madaam, I take offense to being called a pickpocket
[2008/03/16 02:30:19] <@LumberJane> I will divulge its magical powers, should it reveal them to me :P
[2008/03/16 02:30:22] <@LumberJane> I'm only an apprentice
[2008/03/16 02:30:32] <@LumberJane> master of procurement?
[2008/03/16 02:30:36] <@Davlestor> I'm an..spontaneous entrepenour
[2008/03/16 02:30:36] <@[twisti]> back in my day, you got to pick between a secret cave with untold riches and another dirty harbor city, the GM wouldnt even have bothered to ASK us
[2008/03/16 02:30:54] <@[twisti]> and you guys are all "meh, i need a beer, someone go rent us a room with a tv please"
[2008/03/16 02:31:02] <@Davlestor> and hookers!
[2008/03/16 02:31:07] <@Rockstar> I think we should form a search part to find the cave first...
[2008/03/16 02:31:09] <@LumberJane> not all of us, I just follow the "leaders"
[2008/03/16 02:31:18] <@Davlestor> I figured it unwise to go into a freaking cave with no weapons
[2008/03/16 02:31:24] <@LumberJane> 2 of them decided to go to the city without even consulting everyone
[2008/03/16 02:31:34] <@Rockstar> Maybe we would find weapons within thew cave
[2008/03/16 02:31:38] <@LumberJane> and money
[2008/03/16 02:31:39] <@Rockstar> She mentioned weapons
[2008/03/16 02:31:41] <@Rockstar> Who knows
[2008/03/16 02:31:48] <@Rockstar> And we could find stuff to sell
[2008/03/16 02:31:58] <@LumberJane> city isn't much good without money (unless you are a master of procurement)
[2008/03/16 02:31:58] <@Davlestor> Why can't we go back?
[2008/03/16 02:32:05] <@Davlestor> We could find information too
[2008/03/16 02:32:10] <@Davlestor> in the city
[2008/03/16 02:32:15] <@Davlestor> see if anyone knows anything
[2008/03/16 02:32:19] <@Rockstar> About a SECRET CAVE
[2008/03/16 02:32:19] <@LumberJane> maybe someone will beat us to the cave
[2008/03/16 02:32:27] <@Rockstar> And no one is supposed to help us
[2008/03/16 02:32:31] <@LumberJane> wait I'm going to post
[2008/03/16 02:32:37] <@Davlestor> Theres gossip
[2008/03/16 02:33:07] <@[twisti]> "hey, do you know anything about the secret cave out on the cliffs?" - "no, but its getting really late, i ought to be going. bye bye! boys, come with me, get some hiking gear on the way to the cliffs!"
[2008/03/16 02:33:40] <@Davlestor> I'm good with people
[2008/03/16 02:34:03] <@Davlestor> That might be something Koleas would do
[2008/03/16 02:34:11] <@Davlestor> But Davlestor knows how to get what he wants
[2008/03/16 02:35:08] <@[twisti]> thatll be interesting to see :)
[2008/03/16 02:35:25] <@[twisti]> btw, good role playing gives you bonuses
[2008/03/16 02:35:46] <@LumberJane> okay
[2008/03/16 02:35:46] <@[twisti]> so if you convincingly question an npc, ill make the throw easier
[2008/03/16 02:35:50] <@LumberJane> I posted again
[2008/03/16 02:36:45] <@Davlestor> twisti
[2008/03/16 02:36:52] <@[twisti]> yes ?
[2008/03/16 02:40:26][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 49 ==  49
[2008/03/16 02:40:32] <@Davlestor> fuck
[2008/03/16 02:40:39] <@LumberJane> ?
[2008/03/16 02:41:01] <@[twisti]> LumberJane: Davlestor tried to convince you to go to the city first. he didnt succeed
[2008/03/16 02:41:29] <@Davlestor> So tell me Rebecca
[2008/03/16 02:41:36] <@LumberJane> lol
[2008/03/16 02:41:38] <@Davlestor> Why should we go into the cave first?
[2008/03/16 02:42:03] <@LumberJane> because the monk said it's important. She told us to go there first
[2008/03/16 02:42:26] <@LumberJane> "Some more worldly advice: if you continue down this coast, look for a hidden cave. There you might be able to find some more clues. Further down are the gates to the knight city of Monitor, and behind the city lie the open plains."
[2008/03/16 02:42:33] <@LumberJane> first cave, then further on, city
[2008/03/16 02:42:46] <@Davlestor> She didn't say that
[2008/03/16 02:42:51] <@[twisti]> its also on the way, in case you suck at spatial reasoning
[2008/03/16 02:42:53] <@Davlestor> She said we should go to the cave
[2008/03/16 02:42:56] <@Davlestor> not necassarily first
[2008/03/16 02:42:57] <@LumberJane> dude, I pasted it
[2008/03/16 02:43:15] <@LumberJane> she told us to look for the cave, then FURTHER on is a city
[2008/03/16 02:43:20] <@LumberJane> suggesting the cave first
[2008/03/16 02:43:23] <@Davlestor> Directional wise
[2008/03/16 02:43:38] <@Davlestor> How many times have you been in a cave Rebecca?
[2008/03/16 02:43:44] <@LumberJane> dozens
[2008/03/16 02:43:51] <@LumberJane> I am an rper of several years
[2008/03/16 02:43:57] <@Davlestor> and how many times have you found weapons just lying around?
[2008/03/16 02:44:03] <@LumberJane> about half
[2008/03/16 02:44:08] <@Davlestor> alright
[2008/03/16 02:44:16] <@Davlestor> Now how many times have you gone in a city?
[2008/03/16 02:44:22] <@LumberJane> too many to count
[2008/03/16 02:44:31] <@Davlestor> and how many times have you found weapons there?
[2008/03/16 02:44:38] <@LumberJane> just lying around = none
[2008/03/16 02:44:47] <@Davlestor> I didn't say just lying around
[2008/03/16 02:44:55] <@LumberJane> but let's keep the discussion fair, shall we?
[2008/03/16 02:45:09] <@Davlestor> That is what I'm doing
[2008/03/16 02:45:35] <@LumberJane> no, you are suggesting there is a higher chance of obtaining weapons in the city than a secret cave we were specifically told to go to
[2008/03/16 02:45:35] <@Davlestor> Id rather have my choice of what I use
[2008/03/16 02:45:39] <@Davlestor> instead of depending on something I found in a cave
[2008/03/16 02:45:46] <@Davlestor> Even if we did
[2008/03/16 02:45:48] <@LumberJane> I'd think if that monk suggested we go there, she had a good reason
[2008/03/16 02:45:51] <@Davlestor> Who's to say its not cursed
[2008/03/16 02:46:02] <@LumberJane> she wanted to help us so much, she went against her people
[2008/03/16 02:46:05] <@Davlestor> But the other monk said for her not to do that
[2008/03/16 02:46:11] <@LumberJane> exactly
[2008/03/16 02:46:12] <@Davlestor> Exactly!
[2008/03/16 02:46:15] <@[twisti]> lol
[2008/03/16 02:46:21] <@Crowbarman> for all we know it was all an act
[2008/03/16 02:46:25] <@Davlestor> Maybe by going to the cave we upset the prophecy
[2008/03/16 02:46:29] <@LumberJane> so you say don't trust her
[2008/03/16 02:46:33] <@LumberJane> I say trust her
[2008/03/16 02:46:46] <@Davlestor> therefor preventing our success before we start
[2008/03/16 02:46:53] <@Crowbarman> I say we have a better chance of finding the cave if we go to the city first
[2008/03/16 02:47:02] <@LumberJane> it's hidden
[2008/03/16 02:47:05] <@Davlestor> We should go to the city, find dependable weapons, find out information
[2008/03/16 02:47:10] <@Crowbarman> if we find it on the way, then great, it's bound to have some shinies
[2008/03/16 02:47:15] <@LumberJane> if we go asking about it, every lunkhead prospecting lowlife will go searching for it
[2008/03/16 02:47:17] <@Davlestor> How are we suppose to see in the cave anyway?
[2008/03/16 02:47:20] <@Davlestor> We need light source
[2008/03/16 02:47:26] <@Davlestor> and I doubt you could provide that
[2008/03/16 02:47:30] <@LumberJane> <-- apprentice wizard
[2008/03/16 02:47:32] <@LumberJane> I can sure try
[2008/03/16 02:47:35] <@Davlestor> apprentice
[2008/03/16 02:47:39] <@Davlestor> no offense
[2008/03/16 02:47:43] <@LumberJane> I put it in my intro
[2008/03/16 02:47:46] <@Davlestor> logically, it doesn't make sense
[2008/03/16 02:47:49] <@[twisti]> would any of you like to make a perception test to find out whether the two monks seemed sincere ?
[2008/03/16 02:48:02] <@LumberJane> wouldn't they have to still be around?
[2008/03/16 02:48:08] <@Crowbarman> no
[2008/03/16 02:48:14] <@Crowbarman> retroactive check
[2008/03/16 02:48:16] <@[twisti]> yeah
[2008/03/16 02:48:19] <@LumberJane> okay
[2008/03/16 02:48:31] <@LumberJane> if the woman was genuine we go to the cave first, deal?
[2008/03/16 02:48:36] <@LumberJane> if she wasn't, city first
[2008/03/16 02:48:40] <@Davlestor> no dice
[2008/03/16 02:48:46] <@[twisti]> no dice ?
[2008/03/16 02:48:49] <@Crowbarman> um, just use /gm
[2008/03/16 02:48:51] <@Crowbarman> :)
[2008/03/16 02:48:51] <@Davlestor> I mean no deal
[2008/03/16 02:48:57] <@[twisti]> no, not here
[2008/03/16 02:49:07] <@Davlestor> Even if she was sincere
[2008/03/16 02:49:10] <@[twisti]> im going to throw the dice in private
[2008/03/16 02:49:13] <@[twisti]> and pm you the result
[2008/03/16 02:49:14] <@Davlestor> She could have the best intentions
[2008/03/16 02:49:22] <@[twisti]> since otherwise you would know if i gave you the RIGHT result
[2008/03/16 02:49:23] <@Davlestor> I say we prepare first before going into something headon
[2008/03/16 02:49:28] <@LumberJane> why are you so against the cave?
[2008/03/16 02:49:33] <@Davlestor> I'm not
[2008/03/16 02:49:39] <@Davlestor> I love the idea going to the cage
[2008/03/16 02:49:44] <@Davlestor> This is my plan
[2008/03/16 02:49:49] <@Davlestor> We go to the city
[2008/03/16 02:49:59] <@LumberJane> beg, borrow and steal to get weapons?
[2008/03/16 02:50:02] <@Davlestor> Get supplies i.e. weapons, torches
[2008/03/16 02:50:08] <@Davlestor> Maybe find some  information
[2008/03/16 02:50:13] <@Davlestor> Then come back
[2008/03/16 02:50:44] <@Crowbarman> yes, after we get some food
[2008/03/16 02:51:21] <@Davlestor> and get some food
[2008/03/16 02:51:24] <@LumberJane> and we're going to steal it?
[2008/03/16 02:51:31] <@Davlestor> No
[2008/03/16 02:51:46] <@Davlestor> We might steal the money to get it
[2008/03/16 02:51:49] <@LumberJane> what's that cauldron made of/
[2008/03/16 02:51:56] <@[twisti]> you cant sell the cauldron
[2008/03/16 02:51:59] <@Davlestor> Good idea
[2008/03/16 02:52:00] <@LumberJane> I'm against stealing
[2008/03/16 02:52:03] <@[twisti]> and STOP PICKING UP SCENERY
[2008/03/16 02:52:05] <@LumberJane> I don't plan to sell it, twisti
[2008/03/16 02:52:05] <@Davlestor> I have pliers
[2008/03/16 02:52:12] <@LumberJane> I want to know what it's made of
[2008/03/16 02:52:17] <@[twisti]> i dont know
[2008/03/16 02:52:26] <@Davlestor> wrought iron probably
[2008/03/16 02:52:32] <@Crowbarman> some people might have some small job for us to do, earn our keep
[2008/03/16 02:52:37] <@Davlestor> true true
[2008/03/16 02:52:38] <@[twisti]> there, lightning truck it again, its a piece of floatwood now.
[2008/03/16 02:52:44] <@Davlestor> wood!
[2008/03/16 02:52:45] <@[twisti]> struck*
[2008/03/16 02:52:46] <@LumberJane> what is?
[2008/03/16 02:52:50] <@[twisti]> the cauldron
[2008/03/16 02:52:52] <@[twisti]> its gone
[2008/03/16 02:52:52] <@LumberJane> rofl
[2008/03/16 02:52:53] <@Davlestor> We can definitely sell that to beggars!
[2008/03/16 02:53:00] <@LumberJane> we need that to cook our food
[2008/03/16 02:53:09] <@LumberJane> I was trying to come up with a plan to make a spark
[2008/03/16 02:53:14] <@LumberJane> to make a torch
[2008/03/16 02:53:18] <@Crowbarman> well, we'd need food to cook
[2008/03/16 02:53:18] <@LumberJane> without stealing anything
[2008/03/16 02:53:23] <@Davlestor> Tell you what
[2008/03/16 02:53:27] <@LumberJane> yes eventually
[2008/03/16 02:53:33] <@Davlestor> You guys go to an inn
[2008/03/16 02:53:42] <@Davlestor> See if you overhear anything
[2008/03/16 02:53:50] <@Davlestor> i'll go and scout the town out
[2008/03/16 02:54:10] <@LumberJane> ok fine, we'll scout the city. But I am not stealing, and if anything goes missing from the cave while we're in the city, I will not be happy
[2008/03/16 02:54:11] <@Crowbarman> yes, the inn, where they serve food :)
[2008/03/16 02:54:22] <@LumberJane> food we don't have money to pay for
[2008/03/16 02:54:31] <@Davlestor> Trying telling some stories
[2008/03/16 02:54:32] <@Crowbarman> um... how would you know if something was missing from the cave?
[2008/03/16 02:54:39] <@LumberJane> I won't
[2008/03/16 02:54:42] <@Davlestor> Maybe people will buy you food
[2008/03/16 02:54:50] <@LumberJane> but maybe we'll get there and someone is seen running off with stuff
[2008/03/16 02:54:52] <@Crowbarman> yes, everyone loves gossip
[2008/03/16 02:55:01] <@Crowbarman> well...
[2008/03/16 02:55:07] <@Davlestor> off we go?
[2008/03/16 02:55:13] <@Crowbarman> if that happens, someone would have known about the cave
[2008/03/16 02:55:21] <@Crowbarman> then going to the city REALLY would help
[2008/03/16 02:55:31] <@LumberJane> yeah cuz they'll overhear us asking about it and go while we're busy
[2008/03/16 02:55:38] <@Davlestor> Then don't talk about it
[2008/03/16 02:55:50] <@Crowbarman> yea, we don't need to talk about it to get info about it
[2008/03/16 02:55:51] <@LumberJane> you said "get information about the cave"
[2008/03/16 02:55:59] <@LumberJane> to get the info, someone has to talk
[2008/03/16 02:56:01] <@Davlestor> See if you overhear anything
[2008/03/16 02:56:06] <@LumberJane> even if it's someone talking TO you
[2008/03/16 02:56:10] <@LumberJane> someone else can overhear
[2008/03/16 02:56:24] <@Davlestor> Maybe there is a guild I'm a member of in town
[2008/03/16 02:56:25] <@Crowbarman> but if someone's talking, they already know
[2008/03/16 02:56:33] <@Davlestor> If that's that case than we're in luck
[2008/03/16 02:56:39] <@LumberJane> and someone ELSE overhears and runs off
[2008/03/16 02:56:58] <@Davlestor> Rebecca
[2008/03/16 02:57:03] <@Davlestor> you're too tense
[2008/03/16 02:57:05] <@LumberJane> ok we'll go to the city, but yall need to work on your GROUP skills
[2008/03/16 02:57:12] <@Crowbarman> look, sitting around arguing about finding the cave isn't finding the cave
[2008/03/16 02:57:12] <@Davlestor> We are!
[2008/03/16 02:57:20] <@Davlestor> I think we made some progress
[2008/03/16 02:57:21] <@Crowbarman> if you want to search for the cave, go ahead
[2008/03/16 02:57:32] <@[twisti]> id prefer you stayed together
[2008/03/16 02:57:34] <@Davlestor> No
[2008/03/16 02:57:36] <@Davlestor> Me too
[2008/03/16 02:57:40] <@Davlestor> If something happens
[2008/03/16 02:57:43] <@Davlestor> She can't defend herself
[2008/03/16 02:57:45] <@LumberJane> you guys keep making decisions without consulting others in the group
[2008/03/16 02:57:57] <@[twisti]> since obviously the story would advance depending where you go, and i dont want to tell half of you half of the story
[2008/03/16 02:58:10] <@Crowbarman> technically, I hadn't made any decisions, I just went with the ones already made
[2008/03/16 02:58:28] <@Davlestor> But we agreed on the city, yes?
[2008/03/16 02:58:41] <@Crowbarman> I think it's three for city, one against
[2008/03/16 02:58:43] <@LumberJane> Dav, I don't mind you playing leader, but I do expect you to respect the rest of us
[2008/03/16 02:59:02] <@LumberJane> yes we can go to the city
[2008/03/16 02:59:05] <@Davlestor> and I do.
[2008/03/16 02:59:09] <@Davlestor> Rebecca
[2008/03/16 02:59:11] <@Crowbarman> I'm sure if you made a convincing enough arguement, we'd be going to the cave
[2008/03/16 02:59:13] <@Davlestor> You're the light of my world
[2008/03/16 02:59:59] <@LumberJane> the post was by you, cro
[2008/03/16 03:00:01] <@LumberJane> crow*
[2008/03/16 03:00:12] <@LumberJane> rockstar asked which to go to first
[2008/03/16 03:00:15] <@LumberJane> you said "Lets go to the city first.  Someone might know something about it.  Or we can at least try to find a map of the area, it'll help in the search."
[2008/03/16 03:00:27] <@Davlestor> we're ready twisti
[2008/03/16 03:00:29] <@Crowbarman> yes, I said we SHOULD go, not that we ARE going
[2008/03/16 03:00:30] <@Davlestor> I think
[2008/03/16 03:00:30] <@LumberJane> then dav takes off in that direction
[2008/03/16 03:00:52] <@LumberJane> I'm just sayin, there's no communication
[2008/03/16 03:00:58] <@Davlestor> I apologize
[2008/03/16 03:01:07] <@Crowbarman> because only half the people are on half the time
[2008/03/16 03:01:21] <@Davlestor> I'm not used to having so much...interaction, with other people.
[2008/03/16 03:01:22] <@LumberJane> I understand that, but you have to rp as tho they are there
[2008/03/16 03:01:46] <@Davlestor> <ooc>Guys, I'm in character this entire time by the way offense to anyone.
[2008/03/16 03:01:49] <@LumberJane> give them a chance to respond too
[2008/03/16 03:02:00] <@Davlestor> Silence is acceptence
[2008/03/16 03:02:01] <@Crowbarman> I was, I haven't moved any more than the group
[2008/03/16 03:02:08] <@LumberJane> I know
[2008/03/16 03:02:12] <@LumberJane> we good now?
[2008/03/16 03:02:15] <@Crowbarman> yup
[2008/03/16 03:02:18] <@LumberJane> lead on, dav
[2008/03/16 03:02:18] <@Davlestor> Very good madame.
[2008/03/16 03:02:27] * @Davlestor winks.
[2008/03/16 03:02:32] <@Davlestor> I already have beautiful
[2008/03/16 03:02:57] <@LumberJane> ok twisti, we're goin to the city
[2008/03/16 03:03:02] <@Crowbarman> so, we're going to the city, while looking for signs of a cave that might be considered secret
[2008/03/16 03:03:07] <@LumberJane> oh I have to fix my post
[2008/03/16 03:03:13] <@[twisti]> sorry, i was taking a piss
[2008/03/16 03:03:22] <@LumberJane> yeah, I'll edit my post to reflect that
[2008/03/16 03:04:10] <@[twisti]> please all make a perception check - 10
[2008/03/16 03:04:16] <@[twisti]> 1d100-10
[2008/03/16 03:04:29] <@[twisti]> to see if you notice the cave by accident while you walk past it
[2008/03/16 03:04:37] <@LumberJane> forgot how to roll the dice... tell me again and I'll post it note it
[2008/03/16 03:04:40][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-10):                 45 ==  45
[2008/03/16 03:05:07] <@[twisti]> /gs roll #[twisti] 1d100
[2008/03/16 03:05:14] <@[twisti]> or in this case, 1d100-10
[2008/03/16 03:05:33] <@Crowbarman> shouldn't it be +10? if its a penalty
[2008/03/16 03:05:50] <@[twisti]> yes
[2008/03/16 03:05:51] <@[twisti]> sorry
[2008/03/16 03:05:53] <@[twisti]> +10
[2008/03/16 03:05:56] <@[twisti]> my bad
[2008/03/16 03:06:02][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+10):                 95 ==  95
[2008/03/16 03:06:05][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+10):                 80 ==  80
[2008/03/16 03:06:08] <@Crowbarman> well, that rules me out
[2008/03/16 03:06:17] <@LumberJane> what are we tryin to beat?
[2008/03/16 03:06:24] <@[twisti]> your int
[2008/03/16 03:06:26] <@Crowbarman> even if there's something shiny
[2008/03/16 03:06:27] <@LumberJane> oh
[2008/03/16 03:06:34] <@[twisti]> perception is int
[2008/03/16 03:06:38] <@LumberJane> none of my stats are above 80 lol
[2008/03/16 03:06:40] <@Crowbarman> unless you don't have perception, then its int/2
[2008/03/16 03:06:49] <@[twisti]> dave, throw your dice, and let me look up your skills in the meantime
[2008/03/16 03:07:28] <@Davlestor> kk
[2008/03/16 03:07:41] <@[twisti]> yeah
[2008/03/16 03:07:42] <@Crowbarman> it's too bad I didn't hit low to mid 40s, then my shiny bonus might come into play
[2008/03/16 03:07:42][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+10):                109 == 109
[2008/03/16 03:07:45] <@Davlestor> ...
[2008/03/16 03:07:48] <@[twisti]> ouch
[2008/03/16 03:07:50] <@Davlestor> okay than
[2008/03/16 03:07:51] <@Davlestor> nevermind
[2008/03/16 03:07:56] <@[twisti]> you get a second throw
[2008/03/16 03:07:57] <@[twisti]> 1d100
[2008/03/16 03:08:01] <@[twisti]> for your search skill
[2008/03/16 03:08:04][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 57 ==  57
[2008/03/16 03:08:07] <@Davlestor> ...
[2008/03/16 03:08:08] <@[twisti]> no joy for you
[2008/03/16 03:08:16] <@[twisti]> well you all are noobs
[2008/03/16 03:08:19] <@LumberJane> lol
[2008/03/16 03:08:23] <@Davlestor> I R NUB
[2008/03/16 03:08:25] <@[twisti]> its no surprise you fail skillchecks so much
[2008/03/16 03:08:31] <@Davlestor> shit
[2008/03/16 03:08:39] <@Davlestor> I'm sort of scared of the city now...
[2008/03/16 03:08:48] * @Crowbarman laughs evilly
[2008/03/16 03:09:01] <@Crowbarman> oh, where did that come from
[2008/03/16 03:09:08] <@LumberJane> lol
[2008/03/16 03:09:44] <@[twisti]> you get to the city
[2008/03/16 03:09:51] <@[twisti]> its a huge city wall
[2008/03/16 03:09:51] * @Crowbarman cheers
[2008/03/16 03:09:53] <@[twisti]> with a
[2008/03/16 03:09:54] <@[twisti]> uh
[2008/03/16 03:09:57] <@[twisti]> i dont know the word
[2008/03/16 03:10:01] <@[twisti]> looks like a net of steel
[2008/03/16 03:10:02] <@Crowbarman> wall?
[2008/03/16 03:10:06] <@Crowbarman> protcullis
[2008/03/16 03:10:07] <@[twisti]> you lower it
[2008/03/16 03:10:14] <@[twisti]> its like a door sort of
[2008/03/16 03:10:15] <@Davlestor> porticulis?
[2008/03/16 03:10:17] <@LumberJane> yes
[2008/03/16 03:10:27] <@Davlestor> moat?
[2008/03/16 03:10:31] <@Davlestor> drawbridge?
[2008/03/16 03:10:36] <@Crowbarman> portculis
[2008/03/16 03:10:44] <@[twisti]> portculis seems right
[2008/03/16 03:10:47] <@[twisti]> from google images
[2008/03/16 03:10:59] <@Davlestor> its like a metal thing/gate
[2008/03/16 03:10:59] <@LumberJane> portcullis
[2008/03/16 03:11:00] <@[twisti]> anyways, its down
[2008/03/16 03:11:06] <@LumberJane> looked it up in my dictionary to check spelling
[2008/03/16 03:11:23] <@Davlestor> Are there any guards about?
[2008/03/16 03:11:27] <@[twisti]> you cant get in and you cant see any ohter obvious way to get into the city
[2008/03/16 03:11:27] <@Crowbarman> huh, got it right the first time, the ro was a typo
[2008/03/16 03:11:43] * @Crowbarman shouts HAIL CITY GUARDS
[2008/03/16 03:11:49] <@Davlestor> shh
[2008/03/16 03:11:50] <@[twisti]> greetings
[2008/03/16 03:11:53] <@LumberJane> lol
[2008/03/16 03:12:08] <@[twisti]> who are you and what is your business ?
[2008/03/16 03:12:08] <@Davlestor> <ooc>is it still morning/afternoon?
[2008/03/16 03:12:20] <@Crowbarman> we are but lowly travelers, lost and in need of some food
[2008/03/16 03:12:34] <@Crowbarman> oh, and some information as well
[2008/03/16 03:12:37] <@Davlestor> We have come a long way
[2008/03/16 03:12:40] <@[twisti]> <ooc> its about midday
[2008/03/16 03:12:45] * @LumberJane whispers, "Mention we were shipwrecked."
[2008/03/16 03:13:03] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> cause we spent the morning arguing about going to the city
[2008/03/16 03:13:04] <@[twisti]> i see. more strangers. very suspicious how many of you there are recently.
[2008/03/16 03:13:13] <@Davlestor> We ran into some trouble and can no longer travel accordingly
[2008/03/16 03:13:17] <@LumberJane> ooc- if I change my name on here, will it affect my dieroll thing?
[2008/03/16 03:13:22] <@Davlestor> So we just wish to find a place to gather our wits
[2008/03/16 03:13:29] <@[twisti]> yes, dont change your name here
[2008/03/16 03:13:53] <@Davlestor> Do you know where they came from sir?
[2008/03/16 03:14:10] <@[twisti]> why would you like to know?
[2008/03/16 03:14:22] <@Crowbarman> They may be some friends of ours
[2008/03/16 03:14:27] <@[twisti]> with these strange storms and the goblins on the street, no decent folk would be out wandering around.
[2008/03/16 03:14:37] <@Davlestor> Goblins?
[2008/03/16 03:14:42] <@Davlestor> In your city?
[2008/03/16 03:15:02] <@Crowbarman> a few have gone before us, we've been seperated, perhaps these strangers are the same
[2008/03/16 03:15:20] <@[twisti]> goblins, foul creatures! we are at war with them, as we have been for generations. if it were not for us pikemen to patrol the streets, it would not be safe to go anywhere anymore.
[2008/03/16 03:15:35] <@[twisti]> but no, the foul beasts have not made it into the city yet.
[2008/03/16 03:15:43] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> are you pulling the conversation straight from the game?
[2008/03/16 03:16:37] * @LumberJane looks back at the road behind her, suddenly afraid goblins may sneak up on her.
[2008/03/16 03:16:41] <@Davlestor> Is there any way you can let us in?
[2008/03/16 03:17:01] <@[twisti]> are you friend or foe ?
[2008/03/16 03:17:21] <@Crowbarman> We can't afford to make foes at this juncture
[2008/03/16 03:17:40] <@Crowbarman> be a friend to us and we'll return in kind
[2008/03/16 03:18:13] <@[twisti]> i don't know you, so i cant decide. you will have to see lord marsten, he may decide what to do with you. these men will lead you to him.
[2008/03/16 03:18:33] <@[twisti]> four big, strapping pikemen take you in their middle
[2008/03/16 03:18:34] <@Crowbarman> well, isnt' that nice :)
[2008/03/16 03:18:55] <@[twisti]> youd be best adviced to look for him in the crematorium right about now
[2008/03/16 03:19:09] <@Davlestor> For Lord Marsten?
[2008/03/16 03:19:25] <@[twisti]> yes
[2008/03/16 03:19:25] <@Crowbarman> does he double as the cities cremator?
[2008/03/16 03:19:34] <@[twisti]> Excuse me?
[2008/03/16 03:19:48] <@[twisti]> he is there for the funeral.
[2008/03/16 03:19:56] <@Crowbarman> ah, I'm sorry
[2008/03/16 03:20:08] <@Crowbarman> did you know the deceased?
[2008/03/16 03:20:57] <@[twisti]> yes. its a dreadful story. one of our patrols was ambushed by the goblins. only a single man, the knight "Templar" survived
[2008/03/16 03:21:19] <@[twisti]> its even more horrible because the patrol was lead by the knight champion, Astrid
[2008/03/16 03:21:19] * @Davlestor places a hand on Cassa's shoulder to warn of her tongue.
[2008/03/16 03:21:22] <@LumberJane> (muttering) Why are we making conversation? Let's go before goblins come.
[2008/03/16 03:21:32] <@[twisti]> she and the famous Helm of Monitor remain missing
[2008/03/16 03:22:02] <@Crowbarman> the helm of monitor? an actual helm or a simbolic title?
[2008/03/16 03:22:20] <@Davlestor> What was the knight champion doing on a pratol?
[2008/03/16 03:22:40] <@[twisti]> the helm is more than symbolic, its a symbol! once, the highest goblin chieftain who almost invaded our fair city wore it
[2008/03/16 03:23:02] <@[twisti]> it is the knight champions duty to be out there on the front lines, of course
[2008/03/16 03:23:39] <@Davlestor> Ah
[2008/03/16 03:23:45] <@[twisti]> or rather, was <he looks sad and depressed>
[2008/03/16 03:23:46] <@Crowbarman> such an honor you place upon a former enemy, he must have been quite cunning for your people to bestow such respect
[2008/03/16 03:23:58] <@Davlestor> Well then, where is the crematorium?
[2008/03/16 03:24:06] <@[twisti]> my men will lead you there
[2008/03/16 03:24:24] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> I would think this was happening AS they lead us there
[2008/03/16 03:24:29] <@[twisti]> he opens the gate and the men lead you along the streets
[2008/03/16 03:24:37] <@[twisti]> no, he stayed at the gate of course
[2008/03/16 03:24:42] <@Crowbarman> k
[2008/03/16 03:25:09] * @Davlestor looks around trying to discern a better picture of the city.
[2008/03/16 03:25:12] <@[twisti]> as you walk up the street, a little girl, maybe 12 or 13 runs up to you and yells "hey there!"
[2008/03/16 03:25:23] <@Crowbarman> hey little girl
[2008/03/16 03:25:39] <@LumberJane> (smiling) Hello.
[2008/03/16 03:25:56] <@[twisti]> im not a little girl! im 14, almost old enough to become a knight of Monitor!
[2008/03/16 03:26:14] <@Davlestor> Good luck with that.
[2008/03/16 03:26:30] <@[twisti]> im sorry, im being impolite. my name is Cantra, and welcome to Monitor
[2008/03/16 03:27:08] <@Davlestor> Thanks
[2008/03/16 03:27:09] <@Crowbarman> thank you, Cantra, I'm Cassa
[2008/03/16 03:27:10] <@LumberJane> I'm Rebecca
[2008/03/16 03:27:16] <@[twisti]> its just that the other trainees my age make fun of me because i am so small, and i really want to become a knight
[2008/03/16 03:27:24] <@Davlestor> and I am known as Davlestor
[2008/03/16 03:27:39] <@Crowbarman> well, don't let them get you down, being short isn't all bad
[2008/03/16 03:27:51] <@Davlestor> And you're still young
[2008/03/16 03:27:52] <@Crowbarman> it lets you get through crowds more easily
[2008/03/16 03:27:54] <@Davlestor> Give yourself time
[2008/03/16 03:28:23] <@[twisti]> its just that being a knight is the most wonderful thing i can imagine, and its all i can think about. my father was a knight too.
[2008/03/16 03:28:50] <@LumberJane> (clears her throat) I am short for my race. It did not stop me from following my dreams.
[2008/03/16 03:29:09] <@Crowbarman> really? quite a hard thing to do, living in your father's shadow.  have you ever thought about politics
[2008/03/16 03:29:22] <@Davlestor> Or some other route?
[2008/03/16 03:29:27] <@Davlestor> It's worked so far for me.
[2008/03/16 03:29:52] <@Crowbarman> there's more than one way to fight
[2008/03/16 03:30:18] <@Davlestor> But is there anything else you want from us?
[2008/03/16 03:30:32] <@[twisti]> no, ive been training to become a knight all my life. im strong, and the goblins will be no match for me. i have had good trainers, and Caladin has been like a big brother to me after my father died. im ready, and i wish i didnt have to wait until i turn 15 to take the test of knighthood
[2008/03/16 03:31:05] <@Davlestor> What was your father's name?
[2008/03/16 03:31:23] <@[twisti]> Ardin, why?
[2008/03/16 03:31:33] <@LumberJane> Who is Caladin?
[2008/03/16 03:31:52] <@Crowbarman> he collects names, he keeps a count of all the ones worse than his :)
[2008/03/16 03:31:57] <@[twisti]> he is my favorite trainer, who prepared me for the test of knighthood. hes big and oud, but he has a good heart.
[2008/03/16 03:31:58] * @Crowbarman chuckles at her joke
[2008/03/16 03:32:07] <@Davlestor> There aren't many...
[2008/03/16 03:32:15] <@[twisti]> loud*
[2008/03/16 03:32:51] * @Davlestor asks a pikeman,
[2008/03/16 03:32:54] <@Davlestor> Are we almost there?
[2008/03/16 03:33:05] <@[twisti]> you are just standing there, chatting with the girl
[2008/03/16 03:33:27] <@Davlestor> oh...
[2008/03/16 03:33:40] <@LumberJane> Cantra, do you need anything?
[2008/03/16 03:33:49] <@[twisti]> no, i just wanted to say hello
[2008/03/16 03:34:05] <@Rockstar> ((I miss anything?))
[2008/03/16 03:34:07] <@LumberJane> Okay, we are going to see someone just now. Perhaps we can talk later?
[2008/03/16 03:34:32] <@Davlestor> ((a little))
[2008/03/16 03:34:40] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> lots, mainly about whether to go to the city or not
[2008/03/16 03:34:52] <@[twisti]> of course, ill be with caladin, training. you should really consider staying here and becoming a knight, its the best thing a person can do with their lifes!
[2008/03/16 03:34:56] <@[twisti]> and with that, she runs away
[2008/03/16 03:35:01] <@Rockstar> ((I'll just stay out then))
[2008/03/16 03:35:10] <@LumberJane> no rock, you can stay :)
[2008/03/16 03:35:15] <@LumberJane> we're about to meet someone
[2008/03/16 03:35:17] <@[twisti]> youre with the group
[2008/03/16 03:35:20] <@[twisti]> just read the backlog
[2008/03/16 03:35:23] <@Davlestor> ((I'm going to have to leave soon))
[2008/03/16 03:35:23] <@[twisti]> until you catch up
[2008/03/16 03:35:27] <@Rockstar> Fine
[2008/03/16 03:36:16] <@LumberJane> we can continue on our way now :)
[2008/03/16 03:36:52] <@[twisti]> the guards lead you into the crematorium, and throw a small door into well lit tunnels
[2008/03/16 03:37:03] <@Davlestor> That was fast
[2008/03/16 03:37:16] <@[twisti]> after a few short turns, they lead you to a man they introduce to you as Lord Marsten
[2008/03/16 03:37:20] <@[twisti]> greetings, strangers
[2008/03/16 03:37:34] <@Crowbarman> greetings, M'Lord
[2008/03/16 03:37:47] <@LumberJane> (curtsies)
[2008/03/16 03:37:51] <@[twisti]> i hope you excuse being brought here, i was just attenting the ceremony to bury our recently fallen comrades
[2008/03/16 03:37:51] <@Davlestor> We ran into some trouble
[2008/03/16 03:38:05] <@Davlestor> We have heard
[2008/03/16 03:38:28] <@[twisti]> its a tragedy indeed, our fine knight champion and almost her entire patron group
[2008/03/16 03:38:36] <@Crowbarman> we're sorry for your loss, I'm sure they were fine soldiers
[2008/03/16 03:39:48] <@[twisti]> but allow me to introduce myself, as you are strangers: i am, as you have heard, Lord Marsten, the leader of the Leopards, one of the three ruling bodies of this city. this is my year to rule Monitor.
[2008/03/16 03:39:53] <@Davlestor> But a guard at the gate told us to come here
[2008/03/16 03:40:33] <@Crowbarman> you take turns?
[2008/03/16 03:41:09] <@[twisti]> ah yes, that is quite alright. the men are just a bit paranoid right now, because of the recent goblin attack on our patrol, they are not really supposed to turn back humans
[2008/03/16 03:41:11] <@[twisti]> ah yes
[2008/03/16 03:41:21] <@[twisti]> every citizen of monitor must become a knight, or be banished
[2008/03/16 03:41:37] <@[twisti]> there are three castes, the leopards, thee wolves and the bears
[2008/03/16 03:41:49] <@Crowbarman> huh, so, no politicians?
[2008/03/16 03:41:53] <@[twisti]> <you now notice he has a leopard tattoo on the right side of his face>
[2008/03/16 03:42:06] <@[twisti]> every clan takes a turn ruling one year
[2008/03/16 03:42:47] <@[twisti]> well, of course there are politicians, such as myself, but first all of us, myself included, are knights of monitor
[2008/03/16 03:43:14] <@Crowbarman> oh, well, I'm sure that works, for you
[2008/03/16 03:44:12] <@[twisti]> becoming a knight is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a man or a woman
[2008/03/16 03:44:43] <@Crowbarman> and yet, everyone is required to earn that honor
[2008/03/16 03:45:09] <@Crowbarman> kinda makes most of their lives downhill, doesn't it?
[2008/03/16 03:45:24] <@[twisti]> yes, and prove themself in the test of knighthood. those who are too scared must move to one of the other cities
[2008/03/16 03:45:32] <@[twisti]> downhill ?
[2008/03/16 03:45:53] * Quits: @Davlestor (
[2008/03/16 03:45:58] <@Crowbarman> well, if becoming a knight is the highest honor, then there can't be anything higher
[2008/03/16 03:46:09] <@Crowbarman> once they've done that, all the hard stuff is over
[2008/03/16 03:46:56] <@[twisti]> those are just silly semantics. of course there is more to be archived after passing the test of knighthood, it is simply the most honorable career one could chose
[2008/03/16 03:47:37] <@[twisti]> <he seems annoyed>
[2008/03/16 03:47:41] <@LumberJane> Excuse me, if I may..?
[2008/03/16 03:47:46] <@[twisti]> may what ?
[2008/03/16 03:49:01] <@LumberJane> We are newly arrived in your land and do not know your ways. We have also lost everything we had. Could we earn some rooms and a meal or two?
[2008/03/16 03:50:38] <@[twisti]> if you are looking for charity, go to the city of Fawn, with all those nogood cityfolk who do nothing but relax and eat all day. you can do business in our city, of course, but we will not feed a bunch of strangers who arent even knights
[2008/03/16 03:51:14] <@LumberJane> I did say earn, sir. I would not ask for charity.
[2008/03/16 03:51:15] <@Crowbarman> we don't ask for charity, we're quite capable of earning our keep, given the means
[2008/03/16 03:52:24] <@[twisti]> i do not know everyones situation in the city, and it might be possible that someone would be looking for a hand. i however can only employ knights of monitor, and surely none of you are that, or i would know you
[2008/03/16 03:54:02] <@Crowbarman> well, are outsiders allowed to attempt to obtain this "greatest" of "honors"
[2008/03/16 03:54:34] <@[twisti]> with that attitude, little girl, i doubt you would even make it to the test, let alone pass it
[2008/03/16 03:55:05] <@[twisti]> however, becoming a knight is not something depending on birth, gender or money. everyone is allowed to take the test of knighthood
[2008/03/16 03:55:55] <@Crowbarman> what exactly does the test entail?
[2008/03/16 03:56:25] <@Rockstar> ((I've Caught up))
[2008/03/16 03:56:55] <@LumberJane> ((welcome to the party ;)))
[2008/03/16 03:56:59] <@[twisti]> there is a dungeon, north of our city, where the kinght Shmed awaits candidates. you can talk to caladin about the details of the test, as he is the instructor for candidates
[2008/03/16 03:57:17] <@[twisti]> you also need the permission of the current lord of monitor to take the test
[2008/03/16 03:57:32] <@[twisti]> do you actually wish for my permission ?
[2008/03/16 03:57:32] <@Crowbarman> and do we have it? M'Lord
[2008/03/16 03:58:08] <@[twisti]> very well, i might have underestimated you
[2008/03/16 03:58:11] <@Rockstar> Sir, do you uh, have any enemis other than goblins?
[2008/03/16 03:58:17] <@Rockstar> enemies*
[2008/03/16 03:58:20] <@[twisti]> if you wish to become knights, you might be more honorable than i thought
[2008/03/16 03:58:51] <@[twisti]> if you go to the test area, tell Shmed the passphrase, "Courage is the Soul of Life"
[2008/03/16 03:59:04] <@[twisti]> he will then know to allow you in
[2008/03/16 03:59:07] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> um, I think I need to make a will save to avoid saying something that would get us banished
[2008/03/16 03:59:18] <@Rockstar> Sir, does your kingdom have any enemies other than goblins?
[2008/03/16 03:59:25] <@Rockstar> Such as other kingdoms...
[2008/03/16 03:59:41] <@[twisti]> no, of course not, that would be crazy
[2008/03/16 03:59:51] <@[twisti]> the knights of monitor police all of sorsaria
[2008/03/16 04:00:11] <@Rockstar> Could you tell us more about this land?  We have no idea where we are.
[2008/03/16 04:00:12] <@[twisti]> without us, this entire world would be lost to the goblins and other wild monstrosities
[2008/03/16 04:00:16][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 80 ==  80
[2008/03/16 04:01:29] <@[twisti]> our ancestors fled from an ancient land, and travelled through the serpent pillars to find this beautiful world
[2008/03/16 04:01:40] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> proper role playing of my character would require a "it's not that I wish to become a knight, it's just that its apparently the only way to get anything around here"
[2008/03/16 04:01:42] <@[twisti]> we have settled here ever since, and founded three great cities
[2008/03/16 04:01:58] <@[twisti]> Crowbarman: go ahead
[2008/03/16 04:02:05] <@Crowbarman> it's not that I wish to become a knight, it's just that its apparently the only way to get anything around here
[2008/03/16 04:02:12] <@Rockstar> Errr
[2008/03/16 04:02:21] <@Rockstar> Please excuse her, she's not right in the head
[2008/03/16 04:02:35] <@Crowbarman> nope, I'm half left
[2008/03/16 04:02:45] <@Rockstar> See?
[2008/03/16 04:03:00] <@[twisti]> its understandable. frail, cowardly little girls such as herself are fit much better to a city such as fawn, where all they can do is watch themself in a mirror all day
[2008/03/16 04:03:20] <@Crowbarman> ooh, shiny
[2008/03/16 04:03:27] <@[twisti]> being a knight is not for everyone, and the weak and easily scared are better sent off to other places
[2008/03/16 04:03:40] <@Rockstar> Err, sir
[2008/03/16 04:03:51] <@Rockstar> Check your person for any missing items also
[2008/03/16 04:04:08] * @Crowbarman glares at Rockstar
[2008/03/16 04:04:10] <@LumberJane> I will take your test, sir.
[2008/03/16 04:04:30] <@[twisti]> i am missing nothing, although you might reconsider travelling with companions such as that one.
[2008/03/16 04:04:47] <@Crowbarman> hey, people love me
[2008/03/16 04:04:58] <@Rockstar> We don't have much of a choice, unfortunately
[2008/03/16 04:04:59] <@LumberJane> We were chosen to group together for a mission. We had none of the choosing.
[2008/03/16 04:05:08] <@[twisti]> then i wish you good luck with it, although you seem like you could use a little more training and experience if you ask me
[2008/03/16 04:05:12] <@[twisti]> no offense intended
[2008/03/16 04:05:25] <@Rockstar> Where would we recieve such training?
[2008/03/16 04:05:52] <@[twisti]> well, in the center of our city, there are the training grounds, where master knights will train you for a fee
[2008/03/16 04:05:55] <@Crowbarman> probably from that caltrin guy
[2008/03/16 04:06:08] <@[twisti]> yes, caladin is one of our best trainers
[2008/03/16 04:06:10] <@LumberJane> What happens if we fail the test?
[2008/03/16 04:06:19] <@[twisti]> then you can not become knights
[2008/03/16 04:06:31] <@Crowbarman> can we not retake it?
[2008/03/16 04:06:33] <@LumberJane> and thus gain no help?
[2008/03/16 04:06:48] <@[twisti]> surviving the test is passing it, so no, if you fail, you can not take it again
[2008/03/16 04:06:57] * @Crowbarman gulps
[2008/03/16 04:07:28] <@LumberJane> I believe we should speak to Caladin.
[2008/03/16 04:07:41] <@Rockstar> Would there be anywhere in town that would sell weapons for a reasonable price?  With goblins about we'd feel better with some protection.
[2008/03/16 04:08:16] <@Rockstar> ((Whore yourself out for money, Crow.))
[2008/03/16 04:08:21] <@[twisti]> of course, no goblin would ever make it into the confines of the city
[2008/03/16 04:08:23] * @Crowbarman mubles to herself "missed breakfast, missed second breakfast, missed elevensies, now missing lunch, not looking good for dinner, tea or supper"
[2008/03/16 04:08:44] <@[twisti]> but as a city of knights, obviously we have a fine weaponsmith that you can go see to purchase weapons and equipment
[2008/03/16 04:10:23] <@Rockstar> Thank you for answering my questions sir.
[2008/03/16 04:10:42] <@[twisti]> you are welcome
[2008/03/16 04:11:12] <@Rockstar> <To The Group> "Should we see if the weaponsmith would need any help in exchange for weapons?"
[2008/03/16 04:11:34] <@Crowbarman> I guess, though I think I'd have better luck at the tavern
[2008/03/16 04:12:08] * @LumberJane lifts an eyebrow, then nods slightly, though the nod could be for either person.
[2008/03/16 04:12:24] <@Rockstar> "One more thing sir, are there any stories of interesting places around this city?"
[2008/03/16 04:13:08] <@[twisti]> well, of course there are the ruins of the old people
[2008/03/16 04:13:19] <@Rockstar> Ruins?  Could you elaborate?
[2008/03/16 04:13:29] <@[twisti]> and there are the cities of fawn and moonshade, although i myself wouldnt go there
[2008/03/16 04:14:02] <@[twisti]> not a lot. they were left behind by the evil people who dwelled here before we fled from sorsaria
[2008/03/16 04:14:22] <@[twisti]> theres a scribe named krayg in monitor that could tell you a lot more about the ruins
[2008/03/16 04:14:51] <@Crowbarman> a knight scribe, no that's something you don't see everyday
[2008/03/16 04:15:09] <@Crowbarman> most of the knights I've met can't read, let alone write
[2008/03/16 04:15:12] <@[twisti]> we are all knights first, but a society can not survive if everyone is just a knight
[2008/03/16 04:16:02] <@Rockstar> Could you tell us more about these evil people?
[2008/03/16 04:16:29] <@[twisti]> no, you will have to talk about krayg, he is really a history expert
[2008/03/16 04:16:47] <@Rockstar> What about moonshade?
[2008/03/16 04:16:54] <@[twisti]> it is the city of mages
[2008/03/16 04:17:02] <@Rockstar> Hrmm
[2008/03/16 04:17:14] <@[twisti]> they are egocentric, arrogant people, who put more values into words and scrolls than into cold hard steel
[2008/03/16 04:17:22] <@[twisti]> value*
[2008/03/16 04:17:45] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> hmm, sounds like someone I know, but who
[2008/03/16 04:17:53] * @[twisti] slaps Crowbarman around a bit with a large trout
[2008/03/16 04:18:34] <@Rockstar> Do you know anything of the magical storms we encountered when we shipwrecked here?
[2008/03/16 04:18:53] <@Crowbarman> it brought shinies
[2008/03/16 04:19:34] <@[twisti]> no, we are very worried about the storms
[2008/03/16 04:19:40] <@[twisti]> people say its the end of the world coming
[2008/03/16 04:19:51] <@[twisti]> but nobody knows what causes them or how to stop them
[2008/03/16 04:20:13] <@[twisti]> what we do know is that less life forms are dying, fish, birds, rodents
[2008/03/16 04:20:17] <@[twisti]> lesser*
[2008/03/16 04:20:25] <@Crowbarman> I imagine the mages are working on it, had you not banished them I'm sure you'd know
[2008/03/16 04:20:47] <@[twisti]> i doubt that. all they do is break things and go against the natural order of things
[2008/03/16 04:21:24] <@Rockstar> The storms do seem magical though
[2008/03/16 04:21:31] <@Rockstar> They may be retaliating against you
[2008/03/16 04:21:51] <@[twisti]> no, it is happening all over the serpent isle, in moonshade as much as here
[2008/03/16 04:21:58] <@[twisti]> and we are not at war
[2008/03/16 04:22:07] <@Crowbarman> if they are, could you really blame them?
[2008/03/16 04:22:15] <@[twisti]> we might not like each others paths, but we are not in conflict
[2008/03/16 04:22:18] <@Rockstar> Serpent isle?
[2008/03/16 04:22:26] <@[twisti]> yes, that is what our land is called
[2008/03/16 04:22:39] <@Rockstar> So this town is on an island?
[2008/03/16 04:23:02] <@Rockstar> Oh, excuse me
[2008/03/16 04:23:12] <@Rockstar> I misheard what you had said
[2008/03/16 04:23:15] <@[twisti]> well, it is really many islands, but we are on the biggest landmass
[2008/03/16 04:24:05] <@[twisti]> now, i must really attend my duties
[2008/03/16 04:24:05] <@Crowbarman> that can pretty much be said about the world as a whole
[2008/03/16 04:24:14] <@Rockstar> We overheard rumours of a secret cave somewhere on the Island, is there any validity behind these rumours, or are they, like most rumours, mostly made up
[2008/03/16 04:24:15] <@[twisti]> so unless you have any other very important questions ?
[2008/03/16 04:24:38] <@Crowbarman> SHHHHHHHHHHHH
[2008/03/16 04:24:39] <@[twisti]> well, it is a vast island, and it can take weeks to get from this south end to the frozen norths
[2008/03/16 04:24:44] <@LumberJane> (sighs)
[2008/03/16 04:24:48] <@[twisti]> there might be all kinds of secret caves all over it
[2008/03/16 04:25:00] <@Rockstar> I see..
[2008/03/16 04:25:10] <@Rockstar> Well, we shouldn't be keeping you
[2008/03/16 04:25:16] <@Rockstar> Bye
[2008/03/16 04:25:36] <@[twisti]> fare well, and good luck if you decide to take the test of knighthood
[2008/03/16 04:25:44] <@LumberJane> Thank you, sir
[2008/03/16 04:26:01] <@Rockstar> <To the Group>  Where should we go?
[2008/03/16 04:26:12] <@Crowbarman> jeesh, and they say I can't keep my mouth shut
[2008/03/16 04:26:18] <@[twisti]> as you walk out of the tunnels and then out of the crematorium, you hear the guards who escorted you whisper about a secret cave full of gold and treasures, then quickly walking away in different directions
[2008/03/16 04:26:32] <@LumberJane> great
[2008/03/16 04:26:36] <@[twisti]> walk*
[2008/03/16 04:27:08] <@Rockstar> I'm sure they were talking about that secret cave for months before
[2008/03/16 04:27:16] <@LumberJane> ((I need to go to bed))
[2008/03/16 04:27:27] <@[twisti]> its over now
[2008/03/16 04:27:37] <@Rockstar> So Crow
[2008/03/16 04:27:45] <@[twisti]> <@[twisti]> now, i must really attend my duties = i think you asked enoguh dumb questions for one night
[2008/03/16 04:27:49] <@Rockstar> You're going to be a prostitute, for our money
[2008/03/16 04:27:51] <@LumberJane> hehe
[2008/03/16 04:28:00] <@Crowbarman> well, I say we pop in the local store quick, try to find a map that could help in the search, maybe head over to the weaponsmith to try to barter for some weapons and I'll head to the tavern to try to russle up some food.... er I mean information
[2008/03/16 04:28:14] <@LumberJane> can we do that another time, crow?
[2008/03/16 04:28:22] <@Crowbarman> yea
[2008/03/16 04:28:23] <@[twisti]> nothing more is happening tonight
[2008/03/16 04:28:23] <@LumberJane> barter with what?
[2008/03/16 04:28:32] <@Rockstar> Crow's fine body
[2008/03/16 04:28:35] <@LumberJane> haha
[2008/03/16 04:28:50] <@Crowbarman> everybody likes some good gossip
[2008/03/16 04:28:56] <@[twisti]> you can agree on a course of action, but no more actual action doing tonight
[2008/03/16 04:29:00] <@LumberJane> okay, I need to go
[2008/03/16 04:29:04] <@LumberJane> thanks twisti
[2008/03/16 04:29:05] <@Crowbarman> the right story could be worth all the gold in the world
[2008/03/16 04:29:07] <@LumberJane> thanks guys
[2008/03/16 04:29:15] <@Rockstar> Why not whore yourself out so we can have some money, crow?
[2008/03/16 04:29:17] <@Crowbarman> yea, bed sounds nice about now
[2008/03/16 04:29:21] * Quits: @LumberJane (rebecca959@6ca5ed7b.14055a54.12.171.imsk) (Quit: *gives hugs to everyone!*)
[2008/03/16 04:29:21] <@[twisti]> btw while you stand there and discuss
[2008/03/16 04:29:41] <@[twisti]> you see a bunch of people with climbing gear, pickaxes and torches march towards the southern gate
[2008/03/16 04:29:43] <@Rockstar> It's not unlike we need it
[2008/03/16 04:30:00] <@Crowbarman> hmm... then again, maybe we could just follow them
[2008/03/16 04:30:10] <@[twisti]> you can overhear them chatting about finding a dungeon full of treasures and magic items
[2008/03/16 04:30:33] <@Crowbarman> yup, I think we should follow them to the cave, the jump them from behind
[2008/03/16 04:30:34] <@Rockstar> I'm sure I had nothing to do with that
[2008/03/16 04:30:43] <@[twisti]> yeah i bet
[2008/03/16 04:31:00] <@Rockstar> I mentioned a cave being a rumour, didn't say what may be in the cave or where it may be
[2008/03/16 04:31:01] <@Rockstar> :p
[2008/03/16 04:31:08] <@Crowbarman> we were arguing for like an hour about NOT releasing the rumoru
[2008/03/16 04:31:13] <@[twisti]> Rockstar: thats how rumours work
[2008/03/16 04:31:25] <@Rockstar> Ohhhh well
[2008/03/16 04:31:28] <@[twisti]> they heard you, and they told their friend, and look at that!
[2008/03/16 04:31:32] <@[twisti]> the tavern is closing up
[2008/03/16 04:31:44] <@Rockstar> Like they would ever find it
[2008/03/16 04:32:07] <@Crowbarman> well, I'm not getting food, you're not getting weapons, lets follow them, if we properly surprise them we could take them out rather easily and quickly
[2008/03/16 04:32:07] <@[twisti]> the innkeeper is locking the door
[2008/03/16 04:32:31] <@Rockstar> I highly doubt we could take out a group with pickaxes while we have nothing
[2008/03/16 04:32:32] <@[twisti]> as he hurries past you, you can hear him say "and he said theres tons of gold bars in there" to his hand
[2008/03/16 04:33:05] <@Crowbarman> anyway, sleep, night
[2008/03/16 04:33:08] <@[twisti]> night
[2008/03/16 04:34:29] <@Rockstar> I was roleplaying
[2008/03/16 04:34:49] <@Rockstar> I didn't see the importance in keeping such a secret
[2008/03/16 04:35:01] <@Rockstar> I didn't know that a rumour would spread like that
[2008/03/16 04:35:02] <@Rockstar> :p
[2008/03/16 04:36:09] <@[twisti]> sure sure
[2008/03/16 04:36:33] <@[twisti]> your intelligence isnt really low enough for that
[2008/03/16 04:37:00] <@[twisti]> anyways, you guys made your bet
[2008/03/16 04:37:16] <@[twisti]> bed*
[2008/03/16 04:38:56] <@[twisti]> the only reason im making it this visible and obvious is because this is all new
[2008/03/16 04:39:09] <@[twisti]> generally id just strike any treasure and useful item from the cave
[2008/03/16 04:39:21] <@[twisti]> and just leave the quest hints



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