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#1 2008-03-22 17:51:52

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Chapter 01, IRCLog 03

[3:17:21:54] <@Crowbarman> I still say we follow that group and jump them if they find the cave
[3:17:21:55] <@[twisti]> "jump them" ?
[3:17:21:55] <@LumberJane> oh that decision
[3:17:21:55] <@Crowbarman> or we could just forget about the cave and go on to the test
[3:17:21:55] <@LumberJane> what is everyone else's view on it, crow?
[3:17:21:55] <@Crowbarman> nobody's said any
[3:17:21:55] <@LumberJane> I think testing right now would be a bad idea
[3:17:21:55] <@LumberJane> the dude even warned us
[3:17:21:56] <@Crowbarman> he's an egotistical musclehead
[3:17:21:57] <@LumberJane> yes, but he was quite convincing about the difficulty of the test
[3:17:21:57] <@Crowbarman> the test is to survive it
[3:17:21:57] <@LumberJane> yeah and I don't wanna die this early on
[3:17:21:57] <@Crowbarman> he has to amp up the thought of the difficulty
[3:17:21:58] <@Crowbarman> otherwise no one would fear it
[3:17:21:58] <@Crowbarman> the real test is conquering the fear
[3:17:21:58] <@Crowbarman> and besides, we have something that no one else had going into that test
[3:17:21:58] <@LumberJane> what's that?
[3:17:21:58] <@Crowbarman> the magic hourglass
[3:17:21:59] <@LumberJane> we don't even know what it does yet
[3:17:21:59] <@Crowbarman> the monk said it'll revive us if we die
[3:17:22:00] <@[twisti]> the monk who sent you to the cave ?
[3:17:22:00] <@Crowbarman> yea
[3:17:22:00] <@Crowbarman> didn't she?
[3:17:22:01] <@Crowbarman> "If any of you die, we can resurrect you, albeit at great cost."
[3:17:22:01] <@[twisti]> well, right now you are all weaponless, armorless and itemless
[3:17:22:01] <@LumberJane> I think we should visit the cave first
[3:17:22:01] <@LumberJane> because she also said cave -> town -> plains
[3:17:22:02] <@Crowbarman> granted we don't know what kind of cost and I don't suggest kamakaze missions but still
[3:17:22:02] <@LumberJane> like that was the direction we should go
[3:17:22:02] <@LumberJane> love the map, btw twisti smile
[3:17:22:02] <@LumberJane> it's nice to visualize where we're going
[3:17:22:03] <@LumberJane> if we tried to jump the group with weapons, we'd get injured or kills
[3:17:22:03] <@LumberJane> killed*
[3:17:22:03] <@Crowbarman> well, I wish we could take the time to buy a map (I'm assuming our characters don't have that map) but after Waleran's blathering we don't have the time
[3:17:22:03] <@LumberJane> but most are heading south, we need to go north (but secretly sneak out)
[3:17:22:04] <@Crowbarman> with any luck, they don't know any more than we do, we'd only have to jump them if they already know where it is
[3:17:22:04] <@LumberJane> yeah
[3:17:22:04] <@[twisti]> no, you need to go south too
[3:17:22:04] <@LumberJane> but not this instant. the cave is north
[3:17:22:04] <@[twisti]> as you can see, the south entrance to the city is the only way to the cave
[3:17:22:05] <@Crowbarman> yea, north with have us coming out on top of the cliffs
[3:17:22:05] <@LumberJane> umm
[3:17:22:05] <@Crowbarman> and calling that the south entrance is confusing, it points west
[3:17:22:05] <@[twisti]> well
[3:17:22:05] <@LumberJane> the monk lady said the cave was up the shore and then the city was further
[3:17:22:05] <@[twisti]> if you are in the crematorium
[3:17:22:06] <@LumberJane> making the cave between the shipwreck and the city
[3:17:22:06] <@[twisti]> its practically directly south of you
[3:17:22:06] <@Crowbarman> yes, but it's not a south gate, it's a west one
[3:17:22:06] <@[twisti]> but ok, southwest entrace
[3:17:22:06] <@Crowbarman> and it'll make the cave between the dock and the city
[3:17:22:07] <@[twisti]> right
[3:17:22:07] <@LumberJane> so those people are actually heading the right way
[3:17:22:07] <@[twisti]> right
[3:17:22:07] <@LumberJane> shoot
[3:17:22:07] <@Crowbarman> right, but we don't know if they know they're heading in the right direction
[3:17:22:07] <@[twisti]> because the guards told the others that thats where you came from
[3:17:22:07] <@LumberJane> stupid guards
[3:17:22:07] <@[twisti]> more like stupid waleran
[3:17:22:08] <@LumberJane> ya
[3:17:22:08] <@Crowbarman> yea, the guards should have kept the rumor to themselves, they could have stole our stole themselves
[3:17:22:08] <@LumberJane> lol
[3:17:22:08] <@Crowbarman> our stuff*
[3:17:22:08] <@LumberJane> they're a close-knit town
[3:17:22:08] <@LumberJane> knightly honor or somethin
[3:17:22:08] <@Crowbarman> they're all muscle heads
[3:17:22:08] <@LumberJane> hehe
[3:17:22:08] <@LumberJane> now we need a plan of action
[3:17:22:09] <@LumberJane> is mostly everyone leaving the city on this treasure hunt, twisti?
[3:17:22:09] <@Crowbarman> I still say we follow them
[3:17:22:09] <@[twisti]> no, just a few people
[3:17:22:09] <@LumberJane> follow quietly and watch maybe
[3:17:22:09] <@Crowbarman> the idea was to come to town to covertly see if anyone knows anything, rockstar missed the c
[3:17:22:09] <@LumberJane> wait for an opportunity
[3:17:22:09] <@LumberJane> yeah
[3:17:22:10] <@[twisti]> well, you have the advantage of having an idea of where the cave is supposed to be
[3:17:22:10] <@Crowbarman> but if the townsfolk do as well
[3:17:22:10] <@[twisti]> who knows, maybe the people will start methodically at the top
[3:17:22:10] <@LumberJane> they're going on a rumor and where we came from
[3:17:22:10] <@[twisti]> and see your boat and waste time with it
[3:17:22:10] <@Crowbarman> that'd be nice
[3:17:22:10] <@LumberJane> we could search for the cave and beat them to it
[3:17:22:10] <@LumberJane> be there before them
[3:17:22:11] <@LumberJane> down side is that we could get trapped inside when they find it
[3:17:22:11] <@Crowbarman> of course we should hang behind a bit, spread out (but not too much) to do as thurough a search as possible without dawdling
[3:17:22:11] <@[twisti]> well, as said, make a decision
[3:17:22:11] <@LumberJane> yeah
[3:17:22:11] <@LumberJane> and stress quietly
[3:17:22:11] <@[twisti]> if you stand around debating for another hour, the townspeople WILL find the cave first
[3:17:22:12] <@Crowbarman> problem is that only half of us are here
[3:17:22:12] <@[twisti]> looks like its your call then.
[3:17:22:12] <@Crowbarman> ok, we should follow them, yes?
[3:17:22:12] <@LumberJane> only 2 of the 5 or 6
[3:17:22:12] <@LumberJane> yeah, at a distance
[3:17:22:12] <@Crowbarman> while searching as best as we can
[3:17:22:12] <@[twisti]> you guys are active, and interested in playing, so i say we play
[3:17:22:12] <@LumberJane> ok
[3:17:22:13] <@LumberJane> I don't have any homework needing done tonight
[3:17:22:13] <@Crowbarman> I'm up for another 47 minutes
[3:17:22:13] <@[twisti]> well, so make your decision
[3:17:22:14] <@Crowbarman> we're following them
[3:17:22:14] <@LumberJane> but at a distance so as not to be seen
[3:17:22:14] <@Crowbarman> the sneakiest of us should follow them while the rest of us spread out (following as well) in search of the cave
[3:17:22:15] <@LumberJane> you want to be the eyes on them?
[3:17:22:15] <@LumberJane> I'm not sneaky
[3:17:22:15] <@Crowbarman> I do know how to conceal myself
[3:17:22:15] <@[twisti]> alright
[3:17:22:15] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> I was under the impression that one of the other members of our group was of the sneaky persuasion
[3:17:22:16] <@LumberJane> ooc - the one that keeps grabbing things (rockstar I think)
[3:17:22:16] <@[twisti]> dave
[3:17:22:16] <@LumberJane> oh sorry
[3:17:22:16] <@[twisti]> he will follow them
[3:17:22:16] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> I have 50 ag though, if I have better ag, I should
[3:17:22:16][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 61 ==  61
[3:17:22:17] <@[twisti]> good enough
[3:17:22:17] <@[twisti]> hes not being seen
[3:17:22:17] <@Crowbarman> fine, alright I'll follow closer and start search further up, you search here
[3:17:22:17] <@[twisti]> the townsfolk walk north past the docks, find your stranded ship, and fawn over it
[3:17:22:17] <@Crowbarman> ok, I start searching from the dock south
[3:17:22:17] <@[twisti]> you can both do perception checks (int) to see if you find the cave
[3:17:22:17] <@LumberJane> does that one have a bonus?
[3:17:22:18][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 58 ==  58
[3:17:22:18][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 89 ==  89
[3:17:22:18] <@Crowbarman> sad
[3:17:22:18] <@[twisti]> rock doesnt find it either
[3:17:22:18][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 17 ==  17
[3:17:22:18] <@LumberJane> oooo
[3:17:22:18] <@[twisti]> oh yeah
[3:17:22:18] <@[twisti]> LJ finds it np
[3:17:22:18] <@LumberJane> go me!
[3:17:22:18] <@Crowbarman> smile
[3:17:22:18] <@[twisti]> would you like to gather the others ?
[3:17:22:18] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> no
[3:17:22:19] <@LumberJane> I need to consider
[3:17:22:19] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> you'll draw the attention of the townsfolk, leave us in the dark
[3:17:22:19] <@LumberJane> I wish I knew magic better lol
[3:17:22:19] <@LumberJane> okay no
[3:17:22:19] <@[twisti]> the cave is just a small room behind some bushes
[3:17:22:19] <@[twisti]> you can see enough in the dark
[3:17:22:19] <@LumberJane> they can find me and catch up
[3:17:22:20] <@Crowbarman> I'm searching a little further down
[3:17:22:21] <@[twisti]> alright
[3:17:22:21] <@LumberJane> I want to search the cave while waiting on them
[3:17:22:21] <@[twisti]> another perception check, -30
[3:17:22:21] <@Crowbarman> lol
[3:17:22:21] <@LumberJane> me?
[3:17:22:21] <@[twisti]> yes
[3:17:22:21] <@Crowbarman> oh
[3:17:22:21] <@[twisti]> to see if and what you find
[3:17:22:21][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100-30):                 38 ==  38
[3:17:22:21] <@[twisti]> good enough
[3:17:22:21] <@LumberJane> barely lol
[3:17:22:21] <@[twisti]> you find
[3:17:22:21] <@[twisti]> 1 torch
[3:17:22:22] <@[twisti]> 5 lockpicks
[3:17:22:22] <@[twisti]> a locked chest
[3:17:22:22] <@[twisti]> and another perception check please
[3:17:22:22] <@LumberJane> with the -30 or no?
[3:17:22:22] <@[twisti]> -20
[3:17:22:22][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100-20):                 80 ==  80
[3:17:22:23] <@LumberJane> ouch
[3:17:22:23] <@[twisti]> yeah, you dont see anything else
[3:17:22:23] <@Crowbarman> interesting
[3:17:22:23] <@LumberJane> ok
[3:17:22:23] <@[twisti]> the cave entrance is out of view of the townspeople, by the way
[3:17:22:23] <@Crowbarman> I'm searching a little further down
[3:17:22:23] <@LumberJane> Can I peek out and see if anyone of my party is near?
[3:17:22:23] <@[twisti]> sure
[3:17:22:23] <@LumberJane> okay peeking out to find my group
[3:17:22:24] <@[twisti]> are you peeking out or going around getting them all together ?
[3:17:22:24] <@Crowbarman> I should be about 30 paces from the dock
[3:17:22:24] <@LumberJane> I can't leave the cave unprotected
[3:17:22:24] <@LumberJane> I'm seeing if they are close enough to motion to
[3:17:22:24] <@[twisti]> at least one of them is
[3:17:22:24] <@LumberJane> ok I want to flag them down
[3:17:22:24] <@[twisti]> lets say its crow
[3:17:22:24] <@Crowbarman> smile
[3:17:22:24] <@[twisti]> crow, you see rebecca waving at you
[3:17:22:25] <@Crowbarman> ooh, shinies
[3:17:22:25] <@[twisti]> from behind some bushes
[3:17:22:25] <@Crowbarman> I go to her
[3:17:22:25] * @LumberJane motions inside the cave.
[3:17:22:25] <@LumberJane> (Rebecca)
[3:17:22:25] <@Crowbarman> I go in the cave
[3:17:22:25] <@[twisti]> you too can do a perception check
[3:17:22:25] <@Crowbarman> -20?
[3:17:22:25] <@[twisti]> yes
[3:17:22:25] <@LumberJane> I would like to give the lockpicks to him. They aren't my thing
[3:17:22:26][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-20):                 24 ==  24
[3:17:22:26] <@[twisti]> dont tell me, tell her
[3:17:22:26] <@LumberJane> well i was telling you cuz you're the gm
[3:17:22:26] <@Crowbarman> it's int right?
[3:17:22:26] <@[twisti]> oooh, look at that, theres a hidden opening to another part of the cave
[3:17:22:26] <@[twisti]> yes
[3:17:22:26] <@LumberJane> what's your name crow, sorry
[3:17:22:26] <@[twisti]> cassa
[3:17:22:26] <@Crowbarman> oooooooooooooh, that's where the shinies are
[3:17:22:26] <@LumberJane> right, I'm going to jot that down
[3:17:22:27] <@Crowbarman> I scoop up the shiny lockpicks and head toward the hidden opening
[3:17:22:27] <@LumberJane> I hand the 5 lockpicks over to Cassa
[3:17:22:27] <@[twisti]> a second locked chest and a skelleton with a scroll
[3:17:22:27] <@LumberJane> wait Cassa
[3:17:22:27] <@Crowbarman> ?
[3:17:22:27] <@LumberJane> oh well, I'll follow her
[3:17:22:27] <@LumberJane> You play with the chest, I'll look at the scroll, okay?
[3:17:22:27] <@[twisti]> also, an empty fire place, some broken pottery
[3:17:22:27] <@Crowbarman> ok
[3:17:22:28] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> lock picking is a skill isn't it
[3:17:22:28] <@[twisti]> it is
[3:17:22:28] <@[twisti]> you dont have it, so half your int
[3:17:22:29] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> int? not ag?
[3:17:22:29] <@[twisti]> but if you use a lockpick, its +20
[3:17:22:29] <@[twisti]> i think lockpick is int, let me look
[3:17:22:29] <@LumberJane> should be ag
[3:17:22:29] <@LumberJane> May I use magical sense on the scroll before touching it?
[3:17:22:29] <@Crowbarman> usually is
[3:17:22:29] <@[twisti]> it is
[3:17:22:29] <@[twisti]> no, dont worry LJ
[3:17:22:29] <@LumberJane> ok
[3:17:22:30] <@[twisti]> i treat magical sense as passive
[3:17:22:30] <@LumberJane> oh k
[3:17:22:30] <@[twisti]> ill let you know if you sense anything
[3:17:22:30] <@LumberJane> I will take the scroll then
[3:17:22:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+20):                119 == 119
[3:17:22:30] <@Crowbarman> er
[3:17:22:30] <@[twisti]> -20
[3:17:22:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-20):                 28 ==  28
[3:17:22:30] <@[twisti]> but you failed
[3:17:22:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-20):                 38 ==  38
[3:17:22:30] <@[twisti]> this one succeeded
[3:17:22:30] <@Crowbarman> no
[3:17:22:30] <@[twisti]> wait
[3:17:22:31] <@Crowbarman> 25
[3:17:22:31] <@Crowbarman> untrained
[3:17:22:31] <@[twisti]> oh right, my bad
[3:17:22:31][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-20):                  6 ==   6
[3:17:22:31] <@Crowbarman> ah, third time's the charm
[3:17:22:31] <@[twisti]> one chest open, one lockpick left
[3:17:22:31] <@[twisti]> thats the 4th time
[3:17:22:31] <@LumberJane> don't forget there's a chest in the front cave too
[3:17:22:31] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> they break on success?
[3:17:22:31] <@[twisti]> just because you use the wrong modifier in a throw doesnt mean its invalid smile
[3:17:22:32] <@[twisti]> they are single use, break or success
[3:17:22:32] <@Crowbarman> ok, what's in the chest?
[3:17:22:32] * Joins: Saint_BoBo
[3:17:22:32] <@Crowbarman> oh
[3:17:22:32] <@Crowbarman> wait
[3:17:22:32] <@Crowbarman> I check for traps
[3:17:22:32] <@[twisti]> tell bobo whats in it
[3:17:22:32] <Saint_BoBo> yes?
[3:17:22:32] <@[twisti]> err
[3:17:22:32] <@[twisti]> tell bobo whats happened
[3:17:22:32] <@LumberJane> bryan, what is your char's name?
[3:17:22:32] <@LumberJane> k somethin
[3:17:22:32] <Saint_BoBo> Koleas
[3:17:22:33] <@LumberJane> okay, basically we went searching for the cave, being quiet and sneaky
[3:17:22:33] <@LumberJane> I found it, then Cassa came too
[3:17:22:33] <@LumberJane> we're searching the cave now
[3:17:22:33] <Saint_BoBo> Can I search too?
[3:17:22:33] <@LumberJane> you'll need to do a roll for twisti
[3:17:22:33] <Saint_BoBo> twisti can I roll to search as wel?l
[3:17:22:33] <@[twisti]> they already found the cave
[3:17:22:34][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 21 ==  21
[3:17:22:34] <Saint_BoBo> Can I search the cave with them?
[3:17:22:34] <@[twisti]> you were searching elsewhere, and they didnt send anyone out to gather the group
[3:17:22:34] <Saint_BoBo> oh
[3:17:22:34] <Saint_BoBo> ok
[3:17:22:34] <@LumberJane> cassa, what are you doing?
[3:17:22:34] <@[twisti]> now let me type out the bloody scroll
[3:17:22:34] <@Crowbarman> looking for traps on the chest
[3:17:22:34] <@LumberJane> ok
[3:17:22:34] * Saint_BoBo continues walking nonchalantly down towards the town's gate, whistling a merry little tune
[3:17:22:35] <@[twisti]> the scroll is a letter from someone named "Erstam" to someone named "Drogeni". its a translation of an ancient message. it describes a war between forces called Order and Chaos, while the writer apparently follows a path he calls "Balance"
[3:17:22:36] <@[twisti]> he describes six forces
[3:17:22:36] <@[twisti]> chaos are tolerance, enthusiasm and emotion
[3:17:22:36] <@[twisti]> order are ethicality, disciple and logic
[3:17:22:36] <@[twisti]> each two forces form a third force if they are combined in balance
[3:17:22:37] <@[twisti]> tolerance and ethicality form harmony
[3:17:22:37] <@[twisti]> enthusiasm and disciple form dedication
[3:17:22:37] <@[twisti]> emotion and logic form rationality
[3:17:22:38] <@[twisti]> he writes that the war between chaos and order will lead to imbalance
[3:17:22:38] <@[twisti]> that is all it says
[3:17:22:38] <@LumberJane> hmm
[3:17:22:39] <@[twisti]> the chest contains: 1 sword, 1 buckler and six gold coins
[3:17:22:40] <@LumberJane> Cassa, I think we should get this stuff and check the other chest
[3:17:22:40] <@Crowbarman> I'll take the shiny coins but I think you should take the others, not my cup of tea
[3:17:22:40] <@Crowbarman> I go and start working on the other chest
[3:17:22:41][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 64 ==  64
[3:17:22:41] <@LumberJane> Okay. I'll bring them
[3:17:22:41] <@Crowbarman> not using the last lockpick
[3:17:22:41][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 95 ==  95
[3:17:22:41][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 64 ==  64
[3:17:22:41][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 36 ==  36
[3:17:22:41] <@[twisti]> what are you doing ?
[3:17:22:41] <@Crowbarman> grr
[3:17:22:41] <@Crowbarman> trying to pick the other chest
[3:17:22:42][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 59 ==  59
[3:17:22:42] <@[twisti]> please tell me what you do before you throw the dice
[3:17:22:42] <@Crowbarman> [22:40] <@Crowbarman> I go and start working on the other chest
[3:17:22:42] <@[twisti]> and you cant just roll a million times
[3:17:22:42] <@[twisti]> you clearly have no chance at picking the lock without the pick
[3:17:22:42] <@Crowbarman> can I just take 20?
[3:17:22:42] <@[twisti]> no
[3:17:22:42] * Quits: Ajira2k (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[3:17:22:42] <@Crowbarman> sad
[3:17:22:42] * @Crowbarman locks at his last lock pick
[3:17:22:43] <@Crowbarman> her*
[3:17:22:43] <@LumberJane> just try it
[3:17:22:43] <@Crowbarman> sad
[3:17:22:43] <@LumberJane> I'll watch the entrance
[3:17:22:43][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-20):                 71 ==  71
[3:17:22:43] <@[twisti]> the chest looks rather fragile, maybe a strong, bulky guy might be able to break it
[3:17:22:43] <@Crowbarman> sad
[3:17:22:43] <@Crowbarman> that's what I was thinking
[3:17:22:43] * Saint_BoBo spies Rebecca standing at the tunnel entrance and wonders over, wondering whats going on
[3:17:22:43] <@LumberJane> Do we have one of those?
[3:17:22:44] <@Crowbarman> lol
[3:17:22:44] * Saint_BoBo raises hand
[3:17:22:44] <Saint_BoBo> Im a big strong bulky guy
[3:17:22:44] <@LumberJane> try to break that chest open
[3:17:22:44] <@Crowbarman> give him the sword and buckler, unless you're good with it
[3:17:22:44] <@[twisti]> hes not in the cave
[3:17:22:44] <@LumberJane> *mumbles* oh right, sorry.. thinking too much
[3:17:22:44] <@[twisti]> only you two are
[3:17:22:44] <Saint_BoBo> Im at the entrance to the cave
[3:17:22:44] <@LumberJane> but he just said he saw me and came
[3:17:22:45] <@[twisti]> oh, my bad, i didnt notice
[3:17:22:45] <@LumberJane> I give the buckler and sword to Koleas
[3:17:22:45] <@Crowbarman> yea, it's easy to get in the habbit of ignoring him
[3:17:22:45] <@[twisti]> no, he actually never said that
[3:17:22:45] <@[twisti]> unless im blind
[3:17:22:45] <@LumberJane> [21:42:38] * Saint_BoBo spies Rebecca standing at the tunnel entrance and wonders over, wondering whats going on
[3:17:22:46] <@[twisti]> wow
[3:17:22:46] <@[twisti]> i am blind
[3:17:22:46] <@[twisti]> my bad
[3:17:22:46] <Saint_BoBo> lol
[3:17:22:46] <@[twisti]> ok
[3:17:22:46] <@[twisti]> bryan, would you like to try and break the chest open then ?
[3:17:22:46] <Saint_BoBo> yes...
[3:17:22:46] <Saint_BoBo> How do i do that
[3:17:22:47] <@[twisti]> roll a d100, get below your strength + 30
[3:17:22:47] <@[twisti]> /gs roll #[twisti] 1d100-30
[3:17:22:47] <Saint_BoBo> must be a channel or something
[3:17:22:47] * Joins: Ajira2k
[3:17:22:47] <@[twisti]> /gs roll #[twisti] 1d100-30
[3:17:22:47] <@LumberJane> wb ajira
[3:17:22:47] <Saint_BoBo> -GameServ- MAOP(4): You must be a channel #[twisti] to do this.
[3:17:22:47] <@[twisti]> just write it
[3:17:22:47] <@[twisti]> oh
[3:17:22:47] -ChanServ:@#[twisti]- (Ops:#[twisti]) [twisti]![twisti] added op Saint_BoBo(5)
[3:17:22:47] <@[twisti]> try again now
[3:17:22:48] * [twisti] sets mode: +o Saint_BoBo
[3:17:22:48][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Saint_BoBo) (1#1d100-30):                -28 == -28
[3:17:22:48] <@Saint_BoBo> -28
[3:17:22:48] <@LumberJane> lol
[3:17:22:48] <@Saint_BoBo> do i win?
[3:17:22:48] <@[twisti]> the chest practically disintigrates
[3:17:22:48] <@LumberJane> rofl
[3:17:22:48] <@Crowbarman> come on shinies
[3:17:22:48] <@Saint_BoBo> i pwn
[3:17:22:48] <@[twisti]> theres little pieces of wood flying everywhere
[3:17:22:48] <@LumberJane> *shields her face*
[3:17:22:48] <@[twisti]> you find another torch
[3:17:22:48] <@Crowbarman> lol
[3:17:22:48] <@[twisti]> enough food to last you 2-3 days
[3:17:22:48] <@Crowbarman> YES
[3:17:22:48] <@LumberJane> yay food!
[3:17:22:48] <@[twisti]> a sturdy pair of gloves
[3:17:22:49] <@[twisti]> a small dagger
[3:17:22:49] <@LumberJane> Take it easy, Cassa
[3:17:22:49] <@LumberJane> it has to last
[3:17:22:49] <@[twisti]> a sling
[3:17:22:49][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 26 ==  26
[3:17:22:49] <@Crowbarman> grab
[3:17:22:49] <@Crowbarman> I grab the sling
[3:17:22:49] <@[twisti]> rebecca, something in the back of your mind tingles
[3:17:22:49] <@LumberJane> wait
[3:17:22:49] <@Crowbarman> huh?
[3:17:22:49] <@LumberJane> perception?
[3:17:22:49] <@LumberJane> something's up
[3:17:22:49] * @Saint_BoBo stays his hand, inches above the dagger...
[3:17:22:49] <@[twisti]> that slight seems ... awesome.
[3:17:22:50] <@Crowbarman> sling?
[3:17:22:50] <@[twisti]> sling
[3:17:22:50] <@Crowbarman> smile
[3:17:22:50] <@[twisti]> i dont know what it is with my odd typos today
[3:17:22:50] <@Saint_BoBo> Can I take the dagger or...?
[3:17:22:50] <@LumberJane> I need to try to figure out what's going on
[3:17:22:50] <@LumberJane> no, you have a sword. don't be greedy
[3:17:22:50] <@Crowbarman> yea, rebecca is probably going to get the dagger
[3:17:22:50] <@LumberJane> everyone needs something
[3:17:22:51] <@LumberJane> we have to protect ourselves
[3:17:22:51] <@Saint_BoBo> I didn't think I get to keep the sword and buckler
[3:17:22:51] <@LumberJane> I'm not sure I'd be good with a dagger, but Davlestor may be
[3:17:22:51] <@LumberJane> you have them, use them wisely
[3:17:22:52] <@LumberJane> twisti, can I do a perception thing?
[3:17:22:52] <@LumberJane> to try to figure it out
[3:17:22:52] <@[twisti]> magical sense, not perception
[3:17:22:52] <@[twisti]> and no
[3:17:22:52] <@[twisti]> you already did
[3:17:22:52] <@[twisti]> thats why you can sense that the sling is awesome
[3:17:22:52] <@LumberJane> oh, I thought it was just a tingly warning, sorry
[3:17:22:52] <@Crowbarman> awesome is good
[3:17:22:52] <@LumberJane> Cassa are you good with slings?
[3:17:22:52] <@Crowbarman> yup yup
[3:17:22:53] <@LumberJane> take good care of it then. it is yours
[3:17:22:53] <@[twisti]> so, tell me who takes what, so i can write it down
[3:17:22:53] <@Saint_BoBo> I take the Sword and Buckler
[3:17:22:53] <@Crowbarman> I used to have my mother's whippik, it's like a sling staff but different, but this'll be just as good
[3:17:22:53] <@[twisti]> write it down yourself as well
[3:17:22:53] <@LumberJane> ok Koleas can hold onto the other torch
[3:17:22:53] <@LumberJane> let's give the dagger to Davlestor until he decides if it's good for him or not
[3:17:22:53] <@Crowbarman> she's going to kill me when she finds out it was lost in the wreck
[3:17:22:54] <@LumberJane> I'll hold onto the gloves. Not really sure if they're good for much yet.
[3:17:22:54] <@[twisti]> to wear
[3:17:22:54] <@[twisti]> its normal gloves
[3:17:22:54] <@LumberJane> ahh
[3:17:22:54] <@LumberJane> what's rocky's char name?
[3:17:22:54] <@[twisti]> waleran
[3:17:22:55] <@LumberJane> let's give him the gloves then, I guess
[3:17:22:55] <@LumberJane> I'll carry the food for now. I'm not doing much else.
[3:17:22:55] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> yes, keep it away from the kender
[3:17:22:55] <@LumberJane> Cassa, can you sneak out and get the others without being seen?
[3:17:22:55] <@Crowbarman> sure, no prob
[3:17:22:55] * @Saint_BoBo leaves the cave and starts walking down towards the gate to the town again, whistling his merry little tune
[3:17:22:55] <@Crowbarman> sneaky sneaky
[3:17:22:56][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 20 ==  20
[3:17:22:56] <@[twisti]> yeah, nobody sees you as you get the others
[3:17:22:57] <@LumberJane> so we regroup in the cave
[3:17:22:57] <@LumberJane> pass out the stuff and whatnot
[3:17:22:57] <@Saint_BoBo> ...
[3:17:22:57] <@[twisti]> you are all there
[3:17:22:57] <@LumberJane> now we need to decide where to go
[3:17:22:57] <@Saint_BoBo> Im just walking down towards the gate
[3:17:22:57] <@Saint_BoBo> Nobody mind me...
[3:17:22:57] <@[twisti]> what are you passing out, other than the dagger ?
[3:17:22:57] <@Crowbarman> we should try to get that training they mentioned
[3:17:22:57] <@LumberJane> the gloves went to waleran
[3:17:22:57] <@[twisti]> noted
[3:17:22:57] <@LumberJane> I kept the food for 2-3 days
[3:17:22:58] <@LumberJane> dagger is dav's now
[3:17:22:58] <@[twisti]> i have 1 torch for you and koleas each, gloves for waleran, food for you, sword and buckler for koleas, dagger to dave
[3:17:22:58] <@LumberJane> and sling is cassa's
[3:17:22:58] <@[twisti]> and sling to cassa, right
[3:17:22:58] <@LumberJane> yes
[3:17:22:59] <@[twisti]> alright
[3:17:22:59] <@[twisti]> now what ?
[3:17:22:59] <@Crowbarman> [22:57] <@Crowbarman> we should try to get that training they mentioned
[3:17:22:59] <@LumberJane> now we have to get away from here without being seen
[3:17:22:59] <@LumberJane> yeah
[3:17:22:59] <@Crowbarman> like it matters now, we already got everything
[3:17:22:59] * @Saint_BoBo comes to the towns gate, and gains the attention of the town guard
[3:17:23:00] <@[twisti]> the townsfolk is still searching the ship
[3:17:23:00] <@[twisti]> the town guard says "come back when you are with your group"
[3:17:23:00] <@Crowbarman> gee, maybe we should have done that
[3:17:23:00] <@Saint_BoBo> (ooc) Can i attack the guard?
[3:17:23:00] <@Crowbarman> rofl
[3:17:23:00] <@[twisti]> yes
[3:17:23:00] <@[twisti]> he calls his men
[3:17:23:00] <@[twisti]> you are dead
[3:17:23:00] <@LumberJane> lol
[3:17:23:01] <@Saint_BoBo> im just wondering!
[3:17:23:01] <@[twisti]> whats wrong with you
[3:17:23:01] * @Saint_BoBo runs back to his group
[3:17:23:01] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Saint_BoBo
[3:17:23:01] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LumberJane
[3:17:23:01] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Crowbarman
[3:17:23:01] * ChanServ sets mode: +o [twisti]
[3:17:23:01] <@Crowbarman> didn't you try that the other day in that mock game?
[3:17:23:02] <@[twisti]> you are all in the cave
[3:17:23:02] <@LumberJane> ok we need to go to town
[3:17:23:03] <@LumberJane> I think it would be best that no one knows we found the cave though
[3:17:23:03] <@LumberJane> they may attack us thinking we have riches
[3:17:23:03] <@Crowbarman> yup and find tha caladin guy
[3:17:23:03] <@Crowbarman> actually, I sneak out of the cave, go up to the townsfolk and distract them
[3:17:23:03] <@Crowbarman> with the story about how my parrents escaped the afterlife
[3:17:23:04][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 67 ==  67
[3:17:23:04] <@Crowbarman> sad
[3:17:23:04] <@[twisti]> they look very suspicious
[3:17:23:05] <@[twisti]> but since you have nothing to hide treasures in, they quickly stop paying much attention and get back to searching the cliffs
[3:17:23:05] <@LumberJane> Well, let's just go to town while they are busy searching
[3:17:23:05] <@Crowbarman> well, the point was to get their attention so they didn't notice the others leave the cave
[3:17:23:05] <@LumberJane> It was a good try
[3:17:23:05] <@[twisti]> i suppose they didnt
[3:17:23:05] <@[twisti]> well winged
[3:17:23:05] <@Crowbarman> smile
[3:17:23:06] <@Crowbarman> so I head back to the group and we head to the city
[3:17:23:06] <@[twisti]> alright
[3:17:23:06] <@[twisti]> the gate guard eyes you suspiciously
[3:17:23:06] <@[twisti]> you hear him mumble something about strangers and stealing town treasures"
[3:17:23:06] * @Crowbarman whistles a song her parents taught her about a golden road and a mage in a shiny city
[3:17:23:07] <@LumberJane> We didn't steal anything
[3:17:23:07] <@[twisti]> you are back in the city
[3:17:23:07] <@Crowbarman> shh
[3:17:23:07] <@Crowbarman> denial just makes you look more guilty
[3:17:23:07] <@Crowbarman> people never beleive me when I tell them they asked me to hold on to their stuff
[3:17:23:07] <@LumberJane> we need to find caladin
[3:17:23:08] <@LumberJane> *chuckles*
[3:17:23:08] <@[twisti]> well, how are you going to go about that ?
[3:17:23:08] <@[twisti]> tell me what you do
[3:17:23:08] <@LumberJane> Do you remember where Caladin is, Cassa?
[3:17:23:09] <@Crowbarman> um...
[3:17:23:09] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> should I roll, my character probably has a better memory than me
[3:17:23:09] <@[twisti]> well, im not gonna tell you, no matter what you roll
[3:17:23:10] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> actually, you never told us
[3:17:23:10] <@[twisti]> i did
[3:17:23:10] <@Crowbarman> I don't think we asked
[3:17:23:11] <@Crowbarman> <ooc> no, you just mentioned him a lot, we never asked, you never said
[3:17:23:11] <@[twisti]> actually youre right, even though two people you talked to told you to go to him, none of you asked them
[3:17:23:11] <@LumberJane> Are there any people around?
[3:17:23:11] <@Crowbarman> guards
[3:17:23:11] <@LumberJane> 2008/03/16 04:05:52] <@[twisti]> well, in the center of our city, there are the training grounds, where master knights will train you for a fee
[3:17:23:11] <@LumberJane> search function <3
[3:17:23:11] <@Crowbarman> yea, I don't want to waste our six shinies just yet
[3:17:23:12] <@LumberJane> we need to go to the center of town
[3:17:23:12] <@[twisti]> you dont have six shinies
[3:17:23:12] <@LumberJane> yes she does
[3:17:23:12] <@Crowbarman> I took the 6 gold coins
[3:17:23:12] <@[twisti]> i very specifically asked what you brought out of the cave
[3:17:23:12] <@LumberJane> she kept those when I got the scroll
[3:17:23:13] <@LumberJane> that was way before the second chest. sorry
[3:17:23:13] <@Crowbarman> yea, and I forgot about them then but I did take them
[3:17:23:13] <@[twisti]> i know
[3:17:23:13] <@[twisti]> next time, dont forget about them
[3:17:23:13] <@LumberJane> okay sorry
[3:17:23:13] <@LumberJane> I have the scroll too
[3:17:23:13] <@LumberJane>  I thought we were just talking about the last chest
[3:17:23:14] <@Crowbarman> well, anyway, I go up to one of the guards and ask where caladin is
[3:17:23:14] <@[twisti]> he directs you to the training fields in the middle of the town
[3:17:23:14] <@Crowbarman> thank you
[3:17:23:14] <@Crowbarman> oh, by the way, did you hear the rumor about a cave?
[3:17:23:15] <@Crowbarman> people are saying there's gold a plenty in it
[3:17:23:15] <@Crowbarman> a shame you're stuck on watch, huh
[3:17:23:15] <@[twisti]> he doesnt seem very pleased
[3:17:23:15] <@Crowbarman> have fun
[3:17:23:15] <@LumberJane> *shaking her head*
[3:17:23:15] <@Crowbarman> what?
[3:17:23:16] <@LumberJane> Come on, Cassa.
[3:17:23:16] <@LumberJane> We need to go find Caladin
[3:17:23:16] <@Crowbarman> I have an idea, lets head toward the middle of town



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