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#1 2008-04-05 14:24:28

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The Test Part 1

4:5:14:26] <@Crowbarman> well, do we see fawn from here?
[4:5:14:26] <@[twisti]> yes, right past the goblin infested tower
[4:5:14:26] <@Crowbarman> is there a way to get to it without going past the tower?
[4:5:14:27] <@[twisti]> no, it was specifically built there to protect the bridge towards fawn
[4:5:14:27] <@Davlestor> How many goblins can we see from outside?
[4:5:14:28] <@[twisti]> like ten
[4:5:14:28] <@Crowbarman> I doubt we'll be able to pick more off
[4:5:14:28] <@[twisti]> me too
[4:5:14:28] <@Davlestor> As do I
[4:5:14:28] <@Crowbarman> who was it that was straight against the test?
[4:5:14:29] <@[twisti]> plus thats how many you see
[4:5:14:29] <@[twisti]> you cant see if theres more inside the tower
[4:5:14:29] <@Davlestor> I was adamant against the test
[4:5:14:30] <@[twisti]> LJ is coming
[4:5:14:30] <@Crowbarman> there's 5 of us right?
[4:5:14:30] * Joins: LumberJane
[4:5:14:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LumberJane
[4:5:14:31] <@[twisti]> no, one of you died of his wounds
[4:5:14:31] <@LumberJane> sorry, lost track of time
[4:5:14:31] <@[twisti]> hi LJ
[4:5:14:31] <@LumberJane> hi smile
[4:5:14:31] <@Crowbarman> um, no, ajira took bryans good actions
[4:5:14:31] <@[twisti]> ajira is never around
[4:5:14:31] <@Crowbarman> there's ajira, dav, rock, lj, and me
[4:5:14:31] <@[twisti]> hes just as bad as bryan
[4:5:14:31] <@Crowbarman> oh
[4:5:14:31] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:14:31] <@Crowbarman> so, rockstar gets the sword and shield? or is everyone ranged
[4:5:14:32] <@LumberJane> where is rocky?
[4:5:14:32] <@[twisti]> MIA
[4:5:14:32] <@[twisti]> maybe he forgot too
[4:5:14:32] <@LumberJane> I didn't forget
[4:5:14:33] <@[twisti]> im hoping itll go better as it becomes a regular things
[4:5:14:33] <@LumberJane> I was playing a full screen game and didn't watch the time
[4:5:14:33] <@[twisti]> im going to try with ajira too
[4:5:14:33] <@Davlestor> So twisti...
[4:5:14:33] <@[twisti]> so for now they are still on the team i guess
[4:5:14:33] <@Davlestor> How does healing work because I think I'm almost dead
[4:5:14:33] <@LumberJane> I just got sim city 4, an aoe3 expansion and sims castaway tongue
[4:5:14:34] <@[twisti]> a bandaid will take ten minutes to apply and restore one wound
[4:5:14:34] <@[twisti]> and yes, i hate that its called wounds too
[4:5:14:34] <@LumberJane> on't we only have the one bandaid?
[4:5:14:34] <@LumberJane> don't*
[4:5:14:34] <@[twisti]> i think so
[4:5:14:34] <@Davlestor> Yes
[4:5:14:34] <@Davlestor> only one wound?!
[4:5:14:34] <@[twisti]> you heal over time too
[4:5:14:34] <@[twisti]> im looking it up right now
[4:5:14:35] <@[twisti]> Davlestor: unless you have first aid skills
[4:5:14:35] <@LumberJane> I'm looking up magic. dunno what spell(s) I have
[4:5:14:35] <@Davlestor> nope sad
[4:5:14:36] <@[twisti]> anyone has less than 3 wounds ?
[4:5:14:36] <@Crowbarman> I didn't really see any decent healing spells
[4:5:14:36] <@Crowbarman> me
[4:5:14:36] <@LumberJane> am I wounded?
[4:5:14:36] <@[twisti]> you are arcane, LJ, you cant heal
[4:5:14:36] <@LumberJane> I know
[4:5:14:36] <@[twisti]> hey
[4:5:14:36] <@[twisti]> lucky you
[4:5:14:36] <@Crowbarman> ?
[4:5:14:36] <@[twisti]> i just noticed that yesterday, i cleaned up and threw my old papers away
[4:5:14:36] <@[twisti]> so i dont actually have the records of how wounded you all were
[4:5:14:37] <@[twisti]> (i wrote everything else down though)
[4:5:14:37] <@Crowbarman> so, lightning strikes and we're all fully healed? smile
[4:5:14:37] <@[twisti]> as said, lucky you
[4:5:14:37] <@[twisti]> not gonn happen again
[4:5:14:37] <@Davlestor> big_smile
[4:5:14:38] <@Davlestor> Yay
[4:5:14:38] <@[twisti]> alright, what do you want to do ?
[4:5:14:38] <@Crowbarman> CHARGE THE TOWER smile
[4:5:14:38] <@LumberJane> Where are we at in the story?
[4:5:14:38] <@Crowbarman> not really
[4:5:14:38] <@[twisti]> you can see the tower that guards the bridge to fawn
[4:5:14:38] <@[twisti]> you see about ten goblins near it
[4:5:14:38] <@Crowbarman> oh, lets decide who's confiring the party orders for today
[4:5:14:38] <@Davlestor> I got here first!
[4:5:14:39] <@[twisti]> there is no way to go to fawn without going past the tower
[4:5:14:39] <@Crowbarman> can we swim?
[4:5:14:39] <@[twisti]> just roll a d100
[4:5:14:39] <@[twisti]> /gs roll #[twisti] 1d100
[4:5:14:39] <@Davlestor> How many range weapons do they have
[4:5:14:39][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                  9 ==   9
[4:5:14:39] <@[twisti]> i dont believe any of you have that skill
[4:5:14:39][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 93 ==  93
[4:5:14:39][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 34 ==  34
[4:5:14:39] <@[twisti]> crow wins
[4:5:14:39] <@Crowbarman> ok, I'm going to shoot my sling at them, knowing full well I probably won't hit
[4:5:14:40] <@[twisti]> at whom ?
[4:5:14:40] <@Davlestor> Wait
[4:5:14:40] <@Davlestor> Then they'll attack us
[4:5:14:40] <@Crowbarman> the goblin at the highest point in the tower
[4:5:14:40] <@Crowbarman> or just laugh
[4:5:14:40] <@Crowbarman> I'm hoping that a couple will come after us or something
[4:5:14:40] <@Davlestor> ...
[4:5:14:40] <@[twisti]> your range isnt high enough
[4:5:14:40] <@Davlestor> I think that's a bad idea
[4:5:14:41] <@[twisti]> cant shoot that far with a sling
[4:5:14:41] <@Crowbarman> but... its awesome sad
[4:5:14:41] <@Davlestor> I could sneak across
[4:5:14:41] <@Davlestor> and try to get into fawn
[4:5:14:41] <@LumberJane> we're trying to take the tower over, aren't we?
[4:5:14:41] <@LumberJane> to prove ourselves or somesuch?
[4:5:14:41] <@Crowbarman> well, not really
[4:5:14:41] <@Crowbarman> we were trying to get to fawn
[4:5:14:42] <@Davlestor> We just wanted to got to fawn I thought
[4:5:14:42] <@[twisti]> there is no way to sneak past it
[4:5:14:42] <@LumberJane> oh I see
[4:5:14:42] <@[twisti]> and no, the proving yourself part was the test of knighthood
[4:5:14:43] <@Crowbarman> which dav doesn't want to do
[4:5:14:44] <@Crowbarman> and moonshade is out to sea? we can't get to it without a boat right?
[4:5:14:44] <@[twisti]> while you talk and debate, you can see that theres at least 5 or 6 more goblins in the tower
[4:5:14:44] <@LumberJane> Well, we can't rush them
[4:5:14:45] <@[twisti]> yes, moonshade is on its own island
[4:5:14:45] <@Crowbarman> sure we can, we just won't likely survive it
[4:5:14:45] <@[twisti]> and no, your boat is too broken to use it
[4:5:14:45] <@Davlestor> Can we see anyone in fawn?
[4:5:14:46] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:14:46] <@Crowbarman> <<I think it was intentionally made so that we can't really progress without taking the test>>
[4:5:14:46] <@[twisti]> <<Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't>>
[4:5:14:46] <@Crowbarman> well, the road north ends here right?
[4:5:14:46] <@Davlestor> Fine
[4:5:14:47] <@Davlestor> Then someone take the test
[4:5:14:47] <@Davlestor> I just don't want to take it
[4:5:14:47] <@[twisti]> you took a turn to the west from the north road
[4:5:14:47] <@Crowbarman> right
[4:5:14:47] <@Crowbarman> but does the road north go on from that turn'
[4:5:14:47] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:5:14:47] <@Crowbarman> what's further north?
[4:5:14:48] <@[twisti]> who knows ?
[4:5:14:48] <@LumberJane> we don't know, because we're strangers here
[4:5:14:48] <@LumberJane> let's go explore
[4:5:14:48] <@Crowbarman> what does it look like
[4:5:14:48] <@[twisti]> like a road leading north
[4:5:14:48] <@LumberJane> foliage heavy?
[4:5:14:48] <@LumberJane> cliffs?
[4:5:14:48] <@[twisti]> not really
[4:5:14:49] <@LumberJane> so pretty clear
[4:5:14:49] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:5:14:49] <@LumberJane> let's go explore, guys
[4:5:14:49] <@Crowbarman> yea, might as well
[4:5:14:49] <@LumberJane> we don't want to take the test and we can't fight those goblins.. what other option is there really?
[4:5:14:50] <@[twisti]> how long would you like to follow it
[4:5:14:50] <@Crowbarman> how late is it in the day?
[4:5:14:50] <@[twisti]> noon
[4:5:14:51] <@Crowbarman> I'd like to make sure we're in semi familiar land when we bed down for the night
[4:5:14:51] <@Davlestor> As do I
[4:5:14:51] <@LumberJane> like the treasure cave?
[4:5:14:52] <@LumberJane> it's defendable
[4:5:14:52] <@Crowbarman> so, I guess we should make sure we can at least make monitor before dark
[4:5:14:52] <@[twisti]> then you can only walk for another hour or so
[4:5:14:52] <@Crowbarman> better than nothing
[4:5:14:52] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:5:14:52] <@[twisti]> you find nothing and arrive back at monitor at dusk
[4:5:14:53] <@LumberJane> maybe we can try again tomorrow
[4:5:14:53] <@LumberJane> go further
[4:5:14:54] <@[twisti]> i take it youll sleep in the cave again ?
[4:5:14:54] <@Crowbarman> sure
[4:5:14:54] <@Davlestor> sure
[4:5:14:54] <@LumberJane> take turns standing watch
[4:5:14:54] <@[twisti]> after an uneventful night, you wake up relatively rested, although sleeping next to a skeleton didnt exactly help you find sleep
[4:5:14:55] <@Crowbarman> breakfast
[4:5:14:55] <@[twisti]> well, you still have plenty of food
[4:5:14:55] <@[twisti]> 6 days worth more
[4:5:14:55] <@Davlestor> So would someone like to take the test?
[4:5:14:56] <@LumberJane> Are we going further up that road or taking the test?
[4:5:14:56] <@Crowbarman> rockstar will smile
[4:5:14:56] <@[twisti]> no npcs are taking the test
[4:5:14:56] <@Crowbarman> does it seem we'd be able to make it further up the road before having to turn back again?
[4:5:14:56] <@LumberJane> Twisti, can I read the scroll I found in the cave?
[4:5:14:56] <@[twisti]> you already did
[4:5:14:56] <@LumberJane> oh right
[4:5:14:57] <@[twisti]> Crowbarman: about an hour or so more than last time, so not a lot
[4:5:14:57] <@LumberJane> we went at noon last time
[4:5:14:57] <@Crowbarman> so not really worth doing
[4:5:14:57] <@LumberJane> now it's morning
[4:5:14:57] <@Crowbarman> from fawn
[4:5:14:57] <@Crowbarman> it took till a little before to make it there
[4:5:14:57] <@[twisti]> exactly
[4:5:14:57] <@LumberJane> oh
[4:5:14:57] <@LumberJane> so we have to test
[4:5:14:57] <@[twisti]> the fight was only a few minutes
[4:5:14:58] <@LumberJane> ok I'll take that test
[4:5:14:58] <@Davlestor> No
[4:5:14:58] <@Davlestor> You shouldn't
[4:5:14:58] <@LumberJane> no, I shouldn't
[4:5:14:58] <@LumberJane> but we have to do SOMETHING
[4:5:14:58] <@Davlestor> Crow should take it
[4:5:14:58] <@LumberJane> fear of failure will get us nowhere
[4:5:14:59] <@Crowbarman> why me?
[4:5:14:59] <@Crowbarman> anyway, if she'll take it, I'll take it with her
[4:5:14:59] <@[twisti]> you can take the test together, you dont have to split up
[4:5:14:59] <@LumberJane> I thought you were the strong one, Dav
[4:5:14:59] <@Davlestor> Not really
[4:5:14:59] <@LumberJane> ooo group test
[4:5:14:59] <@Davlestor> Fine we'll all take the test
[4:5:14:59] <@LumberJane> I like that better
[4:5:15:00] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:5:15:00] <@Crowbarman> good, we go to the test
[4:5:15:00] <@LumberJane> twisti's thinking "finally, damnit"
[4:5:15:00] <@[twisti]> you walk up the serpent highway, take the first left, as instructed, and after a short walk, you find the path leading to a small cabin and a steel door embedded in the mountain
[4:5:15:00] <@[twisti]> i dont care
[4:5:15:00] <@[twisti]> id have watched you all starve while looking for the stupid scribe
[4:5:15:00] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:5:15:01] <@Davlestor> rofl
[4:5:15:01] <@[twisti]> and if someone had said "we walk the road north until something interesting happens" i would have said "after months of walking, you arrive in the freezing north. you all freeze to death"
[4:5:15:01] <@LumberJane> You're today's leader, Cassa
[4:5:15:01] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:5:15:01] <@LumberJane> we would have died after a few days of no food
[4:5:15:01] <@Crowbarman> ok, lets go to the door
[4:5:15:01] <@[twisti]> its locked
[4:5:15:02] <@Crowbarman> knock
[4:5:15:02] <@LumberJane> *knock knock*
[4:5:15:02] <@[twisti]> assuming you mean the steel door in the mountain ?
[4:5:15:02] <@LumberJane> yes
[4:5:15:02] <@[twisti]> you knock
[4:5:15:02] <@LumberJane> oh there are two different doors
[4:5:15:02] <@[twisti]> you hear crickets
[4:5:15:02] <@Crowbarman> I head over to the cabin
[4:5:15:02] <@LumberJane> one in the mountain, one on the cabin
[4:5:15:02] <@[twisti]> correct
[4:5:15:02] <@Crowbarman> knock on the cabin door
[4:5:15:03] <@[twisti]> the door opens, and you see a brutish knight open the door
[4:5:15:03] <@Crowbarman> we'd like to take the test
[4:5:15:03] <@[twisti]> "Good day, my name is Shmed. I am a Knight of Monitor and at your service"
[4:5:15:03] <@[twisti]> whats the password ?
[4:5:15:04] <@LumberJane> Do you know it, Cassa?
[4:5:15:04] * @Crowbarman says the password so her player doesn't have to look it up
[4:5:15:04] <@[twisti]> cheater
[4:5:15:04] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:5:15:04] <@LumberJane> I was just trying to find it
[4:5:15:05] <@[twisti]> you tell him the password, and he leads you to the door in the mountain
[4:5:15:05] <@LumberJane> we really need to post cliff notes of every session with all pertinent info on the forum
[4:5:15:05] <@[twisti]> he unlocks it, lets you enter, and closes it behind you
[4:5:15:05] <@[twisti]> you can hear a nasty chuckle as he turns the key
[4:5:15:05] <@LumberJane> is it dark or lit?
[4:5:15:05] <@Crowbarman> "Courage is the Soul of Life"
[4:5:15:06] <@[twisti]> it is well lit
[4:5:15:06] <@[twisti]> on your left is another locked door, and right in front of you is a tunnel
[4:5:15:06] <@Crowbarman> we don't have anything to pick the lock, is the door sturdy?
[4:5:15:06] <@[twisti]> metal door
[4:5:15:06] <@[twisti]> very sturdy
[4:5:15:06] <@Crowbarman> yea, guess we'll take the tunnel
[4:5:15:07] <@LumberJane> I need to learn more about casting magic before I attempt to do any spells.
[4:5:15:07] <@[twisti]> after a few meters, the tunnel turns to the right. you can see a door at the end of the tunnel, and there is another opening on the right
[4:5:15:08] * @Crowbarman is looking for shinnies
[4:5:15:08] <@LumberJane> We need to remember which way we go
[4:5:15:08] <@[twisti]> you dont see any shinies
[4:5:15:08] <@[twisti]> ill draw you a map
[4:5:15:08] <@LumberJane> ok thanks
[4:5:15:08] <@LumberJane> Is this door sturdy as well?
[4:5:15:08] <@Crowbarman> he didn't say it was locke
[4:5:15:08] <@Crowbarman> d
[4:5:15:08] <@LumberJane> true
[4:5:15:08] <@Davlestor> Maybe I should check it for traps
[4:5:15:09] <@Crowbarman> <<that's search right?>>
[4:5:15:09] <@[twisti]>
[4:5:15:10] <@Davlestor> <<I think it's a seperate skill...for some reason I can't open my character sheet
[4:5:15:10] <@Crowbarman> lol
[4:5:15:10] <@[twisti]> the fat parts are doors
[4:5:15:10] <@[twisti]> you are in the corner of the L
[4:5:15:10] <@Crowbarman> <<are you going to update that as we go?>>
[4:5:15:10] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:5:15:11] <@Crowbarman> ok, dav check the door for traps, I'm going to go down the other path a bit, carefully
[4:5:15:11] <@LumberJane> << I printed my char sheet out >>
[4:5:15:11] <@[twisti]> i sent it to you again dave
[4:5:15:11] <@[twisti]> in TW
[4:5:15:11] <@[twisti]> did you see that just now ?
[4:5:15:11] <@[twisti]> or was that a private roll ?
[4:5:15:12] <@LumberJane> didn't see
[4:5:15:12] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:5:15:12] <@[twisti]> so youre in the corner of the L
[4:5:15:12] <@[twisti]> what do you want to do ?
[4:5:15:12] <@LumberJane> I'm going to stay in the corner
[4:5:15:12] <@LumberJane> Cassa is checking the new path
[4:5:15:12] <@LumberJane> Dav's checking the door for traps
[4:5:15:12] <@[twisti]> which door
[4:5:15:12] <@LumberJane> the newest door
[4:5:15:12] <@Crowbarman> the one that's not locked
[4:5:15:12] <@[twisti]> ok
[4:5:15:12] <@[twisti]> is that correct you other two ?
[4:5:15:12] <@Crowbarman> yes
[4:5:15:12] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:5:15:13] <@[twisti]> dave, you take 3 damage
[4:5:15:13] <@[twisti]> crow, you 2
[4:5:15:13] <@Crowbarman> ouchy
[4:5:15:13] <@[twisti]> as you walk down the path, something around you explodes and showers you with ugly shrapnel
[4:5:15:13] <@[twisti]> at this point, you think "damn, i wish we had listened to caladin and ran down the path like he told us to"
[4:5:15:14] <@[twisti]> you find the new door locked as well
[4:5:15:14] <@Crowbarman> alright, lets run down the path then
[4:5:15:14] <@[twisti]> nothing explodes, it looks like it was a single path
[4:5:15:14] <@[twisti]> err
[4:5:15:15] <@[twisti]> nothing explodes, it looks like it was a single charge
[4:5:15:15] * Quits: @Davlestor (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[4:5:15:15] <@[twisti]> bleh
[4:5:15:16] <@Crowbarman> well, alright, we're going down the path, what do we see
[4:5:15:16] <@[twisti]> the same door you just tried to open
[4:5:15:17] <@Crowbarman> no, the other path
[4:5:15:17] <@[twisti]> what other path ?
[4:5:15:17] <@Crowbarman> the one that goes to the right
[4:5:15:17] <@[twisti]> you mean on the map to the south ?
[4:5:15:17] <@Crowbarman> yea
[4:5:15:17] <@[twisti]> lets stick with n/s/e/w, makes it easier for me
[4:5:15:18] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:15:18] <@[twisti]> it leads to a square room, at the end is a wooden chest
[4:5:15:18] <@Crowbarman> locked?
[4:5:15:18] <@[twisti]> as you carelessly stroll towards the chest, two tiny purple monsters teleport next to you
[4:5:15:19] <@Crowbarman> dang it
[4:5:15:19] * @Crowbarman whips out her sling
[4:5:15:19][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 34 ==  34
[4:5:15:19][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 72 ==  72
[4:5:15:19] <@[twisti]> they both miss you
[4:5:15:19] <@[twisti]> inititative please
[4:5:15:19][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:5:15:19] <@[twisti]> dave has 57
[4:5:15:20][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:5:15:20] <@Crowbarman> 51
[4:5:15:20] <@[twisti]> LumberJane ?
[4:5:15:20] <@Crowbarman> dav has 56 ag?
[4:5:15:20] <@LumberJane> sorry I'm kinda going "what initiative?
[4:5:15:20] <@[twisti]> no im an idiot
[4:5:15:20] <@[twisti]> dave has 48
[4:5:15:20] <@[twisti]> LumberJane: 1d10 + your agility
[4:5:15:21] <@[twisti]> it decides in what order you fight
[4:5:15:21][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+38):                 46 ==  46
[4:5:15:21] <@[twisti]> alright, crow goes first, which i presume would be drawing your sling ?
[4:5:15:21] <@Crowbarman> yes
[4:5:15:21] <@[twisti]> dave draws his spear
[4:5:15:21] <@[twisti]> LJ ?
[4:5:15:22] <@Crowbarman> <<that reminds me, I set an alias to roll for me but I wanted to have it so I can do /init 5 for a roll of 1d10+5, didn't seem to work>>
[4:5:15:22] <@LumberJane> I don't have a weapon yet, but I can try that dart spell, can't I?
[4:5:15:22] <@[twisti]> you can
[4:5:15:22] <@[twisti]> 1d10
[4:5:15:22] <@[twisti]> needs to be 6 or more
[4:5:15:22][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  5 ==   5
[4:5:15:22] <@LumberJane> bummer
[4:5:15:23] <@[twisti]> your spell makes a fizzling noise
[4:5:15:23][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 96 ==  96
[4:5:15:23][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 28 ==  28
[4:5:15:23] <@[twisti]> one of the little critters hits crow
[4:5:15:23][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:5:15:23] <@Crowbarman> ouchies
[4:5:15:23] <@[twisti]> yeah, it doesnt really hurt
[4:5:15:23] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:15:23] <@[twisti]> wait
[4:5:15:23] <@[twisti]> whats your TB ?
[4:5:15:23] <@Crowbarman> 2
[4:5:15:23] <@[twisti]> oh, then you take 1 damage
[4:5:15:24] <@[twisti]> next round
[4:5:15:24][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                  5 ==   5
[4:5:15:24] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:5:15:24][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+3):                 13 ==  13
[4:5:15:24] <@[twisti]> holy daymn
[4:5:15:24] <@LumberJane> wow
[4:5:15:24] <@[twisti]> keep going
[4:5:15:24] <@Crowbarman> on that bastard that hit me btw
[4:5:15:24][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+3):                  5 ==   5
[4:5:15:25] <@Crowbarman> or is that just another 1d10
[4:5:15:25] <@[twisti]> best would have been 1d10+13
[4:5:15:25] <@Crowbarman> right, 15
[4:5:15:25] <@[twisti]> anyways, it comes out at 15 total damage
[4:5:15:25] * Joins: Davlestor
[4:5:15:25] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Davlestor
[4:5:15:25] <@Crowbarman> dav, we're under attack
[4:5:15:25] <@Davlestor> <<sorry I had to restart my computer>>
[4:5:15:25] <@[twisti]> your pellet hits the little critters skull and trnasforms it into a cloud of blood and bone pieces
[4:5:15:25] <@LumberJane> by teleporting purple monsters
[4:5:15:26] <@Crowbarman> monster smile
[4:5:15:26] <@[twisti]> that one is pretty much as dead as it gets
[4:5:15:26] <@[twisti]> dave, your turn to attack the other purple critter
[4:5:15:26] <@[twisti]> 1d100 below your weapon skill please
[4:5:15:26][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 73 ==  73
[4:5:15:26] <@[twisti]> you miss
[4:5:15:26] <@Davlestor> sad
[4:5:15:27] <@[twisti]> LJ ?
[4:5:15:27][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 17 ==  17
[4:5:15:27] <@LumberJane> yay
[4:5:15:27] <@[twisti]> you roll a d10
[4:5:15:27] <@[twisti]> sorry
[4:5:15:27] <@LumberJane> doh
[4:5:15:27] <@Crowbarman> <<what's your limit on spells?>>
[4:5:15:27][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                 10 ==  10
[4:5:15:27] <@[twisti]> and get 6 or more
[4:5:15:27] <@[twisti]> theres no limit
[4:5:15:27] <@[twisti]> nice
[4:5:15:27] <@LumberJane> now yay tongue
[4:5:15:27] <@[twisti]> your hands form a powerful dart of magic energy
[4:5:15:27] <@[twisti]> 1d10+3 damage
[4:5:15:27][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+3):                  4 ==   4
[4:5:15:28] <@[twisti]> it makes a deep impact but the critter is still standing, and attacks dave now
[4:5:15:28][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 42 ==  42
[4:5:15:28] <@[twisti]> and misses
[4:5:15:28] <@[twisti]> new round, crows on
[4:5:15:28][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 19 ==  19
[4:5:15:28][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+3):                 10 ==  10
[4:5:15:28] <@[twisti]> i hate you
[4:5:15:28] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:5:15:28] <@LumberJane> man
[4:5:15:28] <@[twisti]> the second critter croaks and falls over dead
[4:5:15:28] <@Crowbarman> I PWN
[4:5:15:28] * @LumberJane just stands in awe.
[4:5:15:29] <@[twisti]> they are both dead now
[4:5:15:29] <@[twisti]> fights over
[4:5:15:29] <@[twisti]> dave, you have 8 wounds remaining
[4:5:15:29] <@Crowbarman> dav, check the chest for traps while I search the corpses
[4:5:15:29] <@Davlestor> alrighty
[4:5:15:29] <@LumberJane> wounds = health points?
[4:5:15:29] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:5:15:29] <@[twisti]> they have nothing on their corpses
[4:5:15:30] <@Davlestor> So how would I roll for trap search?
[4:5:15:30] <@Crowbarman> sad
[4:5:15:30] <@Davlestor> Using perception?
[4:5:15:30] <@Crowbarman> no, search isn't it?
[4:5:15:30] <@[twisti]> i suppose so
[4:5:15:30] <@[twisti]> search is good too
[4:5:15:30] <@[twisti]> i have to look them up myself
[4:5:15:30] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:5:15:30] <@[twisti]> its search
[4:5:15:30] <@Davlestor> I think its per. because I have a trapfinder skill that says +10 on percep tests dealing with finding and disarming traps
[4:5:15:30] <@LumberJane> We'll all be much more experienced after this smile
[4:5:15:30] <@[twisti]> takes int
[4:5:15:32] <@[twisti]> it says that, but its still search
[4:5:15:32] <@Crowbarman> yea, perception is to spot traps, search is to actually look for them
[4:5:15:32] <@[twisti]> so throw 1d100 - 10 and land below your intelligence
[4:5:15:32][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 40 ==  40
[4:5:15:32] <@[twisti]> im giving him a bonus to both
[4:5:15:33] <@[twisti]> you cant seem to find any trap on the chest
[4:5:15:33] <@Davlestor> I can keep looking can't I?
[4:5:15:33] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:15:33] <@Crowbarman> <<can I ding now? I had 90 xp before the battle>>
[4:5:15:33] <@LumberJane> It wouldn't make sense
[4:5:15:33] <@[twisti]> <<no xp during play>>
[4:5:15:33] <@Crowbarman> yea, that's usually a bts roll
[4:5:15:33] <@LumberJane> <<you wouldn't know if you failed to see a trap>>
[4:5:15:34] <@LumberJane> <<Sorry I keep forgetting the <><> >>
[4:5:15:34] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:5:15:34] <@[twisti]> what would you like to do ?
[4:5:15:34] <@Davlestor> Try to open the chest I guess
[4:5:15:34] <@[twisti]> you open the chest
[4:5:15:34] * @Crowbarman stands back
[4:5:15:34] <@[twisti]> nothing happens
[4:5:15:34] <@[twisti]> it contains a small yellow key
[4:5:15:34] <@Davlestor> big_smile
[4:5:15:34] * @Crowbarman looks for shinies
[4:5:15:35] <@[twisti]> nothing else
[4:5:15:35] <@Crowbarman> must be for the doors
[4:5:15:35] <@LumberJane> or just one
[4:5:15:35] * @Crowbarman grabs the key
[4:5:15:35] <@[twisti]> you cant
[4:5:15:35] <@[twisti]> youre standing back
[4:5:15:35] <@[twisti]> the only one who sees the key is dave
[4:5:15:35] * @Davlestor grabs the key
[4:5:15:35] <@Davlestor> I found a small yellow key!
[4:5:15:35] <@[twisti]> you have a yellow shiney key
[4:5:15:35] <@Davlestor> And I didn't die!
[4:5:15:35] * @Crowbarman cheers
[4:5:15:36] <@LumberJane> That's good
[4:5:15:36] <@[twisti]> <<dont bother writing it down, ill keep track of it>>
[4:5:15:36] <@Crowbarman> lets try it on the doors we passed
[4:5:15:36] <@LumberJane> Which door do you want to try?
[4:5:15:36] <@Crowbarman> the first one we saw
[4:5:15:36] <@Davlestor> I forget which doors we saw
[4:5:15:36] <@LumberJane> At the entrance?
[4:5:15:36] <@Crowbarman> yea
[4:5:15:36] <@Davlestor> We better make sure it fits first
[4:5:15:36] <@[twisti]> you walk back, and it doesnt work
[4:5:15:36] <@LumberJane> okay.. just makes more sense to try the other door first
[4:5:15:36] <@[twisti]> neither to the entrance door nor the one right next to it
[4:5:15:36] <@Crowbarman> ok, lets go to the other door
[4:5:15:37] <@LumberJane> backtracking a lot
[4:5:15:37] <@[twisti]> it fits, and you open the other door
[4:5:15:37] <@Crowbarman> <<its right on the edge of the map so I figured it would be small and filled with shinies>
[4:5:15:37] <@LumberJane> ahh
[4:5:15:37] <@[twisti]> after a few steps, you come to a crossroads with 3 more steel doors
[4:5:15:37] <@LumberJane> <<So I'm the sensible one and you just like treasures wink>>
[4:5:15:37] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:5:15:37] <@LumberJane> Are they all locked?
[4:5:15:38] <@LumberJane> wait
[4:5:15:38] <@LumberJane> we wouldn't know without trying them.. and I'm not volunteering
[4:5:15:38] <@Crowbarman> dav, search the doors smile
[4:5:15:38] <@Davlestor> ...
[4:5:15:38] <@[twisti]>
[4:5:15:38] <@Davlestor> You guys are going to kill me
[4:5:15:38] <@Davlestor> But I'll do it
[4:5:15:38] <@Davlestor> I check the first one to the left
[4:5:15:38] <@Crowbarman> not intentionally
[4:5:15:38] <@[twisti]> south and east doors are locked
[4:5:15:38] <@[twisti]> north door isnt
[4:5:15:39] <@Davlestor> I check the first one to the north
[4:5:15:39][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 -6 ==  -6
[4:5:15:39] <@[twisti]> there is nothing
[4:5:15:39] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:5:15:39] * @Crowbarman needs more cutsy phrases
[4:5:15:39] <@Davlestor> Are you sure?
[4:5:15:39] <@[twisti]> in fact, you are pretty sure theres no raps on any of the doors
[4:5:15:39] <@Crowbarman> ok, lets head on in
[4:5:15:39] <@Crowbarman> oh
[4:5:15:39] <@Crowbarman> wait, lets try the key
[4:5:15:40] <@Crowbarman> on the other two
[4:5:15:40] <@[twisti]> doesnt work
[4:5:15:40] <@Crowbarman> figures, looks like it's a one lock key
[4:5:15:40] <@LumberJane> after you
[4:5:15:40] <@[twisti]> behind the north door, you find a square room
[4:5:15:40] <@[twisti]> there are lots of decent sized stones all over the floor
[4:5:15:40] <@[twisti]> and one giant square block
[4:5:15:41] <@Davlestor> decent sized how? in respect to ourselves
[4:5:15:41] <@[twisti]> so high that you cant reach or look at the top
[4:5:15:41] <@Crowbarman> is there anything else in the room?
[4:5:15:41] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:15:41][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 82 ==  82
[4:5:15:41] <@Crowbarman> dang
[4:5:15:41] <@[twisti]> and the rocks on the floor are maybe knee high
[4:5:15:41] <@LumberJane> let's check out that huge block
[4:5:15:41] <@[twisti]> its a huge, squuare block
[4:5:15:42] <@[twisti]> you can see that is has a flat top
[4:5:15:42] <@LumberJane> who wants to climb up on one of the smaller rocks?
[4:5:15:42] <@Davlestor> Should I learn how to Scale Sheer Surfaces?
[4:5:15:43] <@[twisti]> its too sheer
[4:5:15:43] <@[twisti]> its a completely flat, crafted surface
[4:5:15:43] <@LumberJane> I'll climb on one of the knee high ones
[4:5:15:43] <@LumberJane> try to get a look over everything
[4:5:15:43] <@Davlestor> Can the knee high rocks be picked up off of the ground?
[4:5:15:43] <@[twisti]> no skill whatsoever other than FLYING will help you get up there
[4:5:15:43] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:5:15:43] <@[twisti]> and you still arent high enough LJ
[4:5:15:44] <@Davlestor> Lets stack them and make a stair case!
[4:5:15:44] <@LumberJane> And I notice nothing else about the room?
[4:5:15:44] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:15:44] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:5:15:44] <@LumberJane> ok, getting down
[4:5:15:44] <@Davlestor> and make a sort of pyramid out of the rocks
[4:5:15:44] <@[twisti]> you gather the rocks and build a decent pile high enough to reach the top with your hands
[4:5:15:44] <@Davlestor> big_smile
[4:5:15:44] <@LumberJane> good idea, dav
[4:5:15:45] <@LumberJane> you can go first smile
[4:5:15:45] <@Davlestor> ha
[4:5:15:45] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:5:15:45] <@Davlestor> Alright
[4:5:15:45] * @Davlestor climbs the newly crafted steps
[4:5:15:45] <@Davlestor> I pull myself up on top
[4:5:15:45] <@[twisti]> so you are grabbing on top of the rock with your hands ?
[4:5:15:45] <@Davlestor> Yes
[4:5:15:46] <@[twisti]> you grab into poisoned spikes and die
[4:5:15:46] <@[twisti]> just kidding
[4:5:15:46] <@Crowbarman> lol
[4:5:15:46] <@[twisti]> you can feel a key lying up there
[4:5:15:47] <@[twisti]> as you take it, it looks like the last one, only a different color
[4:5:15:47] <@Davlestor> rofl
[4:5:15:47] <@Davlestor> I found another key!
[4:5:15:47] <@Davlestor> It's a different color like...
[4:5:15:47] * @Crowbarman cheets
[4:5:15:47] <@Davlestor> Hold on, let me look closer...
[4:5:15:47] * @Crowbarman cheers*
[4:5:15:47][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 61 ==  61
[4:5:15:47] <@[twisti]> its brownish
[4:5:15:47] <@Crowbarman> lol
[4:5:15:47] <@[twisti]> you dont need a skill check to tell its colour
[4:5:15:48] <@Crowbarman> maybe he's color blind
[4:5:15:48] <@LumberJane> rofl
[4:5:15:48] <@Davlestor> Lets try it on a door Cassa
[4:5:15:48] <@Crowbarman> yea, try the south one
[4:5:15:48] <@LumberJane> Not the one by the exit
[4:5:15:48] <@[twisti]> after trying a few doors, you find that it opens the south one
[4:5:15:48] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:5:15:49] <@[twisti]> let me draw you the room
[4:5:15:49] <@LumberJane> smile
[4:5:15:50] <@[twisti]>
[4:5:15:50] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:5:15:50] * Retrieving #[twisti] modes...
[4:5:15:50] <@[twisti]> the path into the room is rather tight
[4:5:15:50] <@Crowbarman> is that a pit?
[4:5:15:50] <@[twisti]> and as you get to the end of it, where ther diagonal line is, the room gets much bigger
[4:5:15:50] <@LumberJane> ahh
[4:5:15:50] <@[twisti]> and theres a giant with a really big club sitting in it
[4:5:15:50] <@[twisti]> perception check everyone please
[4:5:15:50] <@LumberJane> oi
[4:5:15:50][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 11 ==  11
[4:5:15:50] <@Crowbarman> WOOT
[4:5:15:51][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                  8 ==   8
[4:5:15:51] <@LumberJane> is that good then?
[4:5:15:51] <@[twisti]> crow, you see in the far corner (behind the giant) is another key
[4:5:15:51][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+10):                100 == 100
[4:5:15:51] <@[twisti]> they giant is too fat to fit through the pathway you are in
[4:5:15:51] <@Crowbarman> +10?
[4:5:15:51] <@[twisti]> its -10, and thats only for traps
[4:5:15:51] <@Crowbarman> is it sleeping?
[4:5:15:51] <@Davlestor> I have excellent vision
[4:5:15:51] <@[twisti]> ah
[4:5:15:51] <@[twisti]> well you dont see anything
[4:5:15:51] <@Davlestor> Ha
[4:5:15:51] <@Davlestor> Guys
[4:5:15:52] <@Davlestor> What's in there?
[4:5:15:52] <@LumberJane> so do I
[4:5:15:52] <@Crowbarman> it's a key
[4:5:15:52] <@LumberJane> it's in my list of talents
[4:5:15:52] <@Davlestor> Well you should have used it
[4:5:15:52] <@LumberJane> is teh giant sleeping?
[4:5:15:52] <@LumberJane> didn't need it
[4:5:15:52] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:15:52] <@[twisti]> hes just roaming around restlessly
[4:5:15:52] <@Crowbarman> does it look hungry or angry?
[4:5:15:52] <@LumberJane> probably doesn't like being caged
[4:5:15:52] <@[twisti]> very
[4:5:15:52] <@Davlestor> Could I sneak past it?
[4:5:15:53] <@[twisti]> you can always try
[4:5:15:53] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:5:15:53] <@Crowbarman> is it likely that he can sneak past it
[4:5:15:53] <@LumberJane> I want to try a spell
[4:5:15:53] <@[twisti]> well, he wanders around, so he might get lucky
[4:5:15:53] <@Davlestor> I want to see magic
[4:5:15:53] <@Crowbarman> unless you can fetch the key or make us invisible I don't think it'll help
[4:5:15:53] <@[twisti]> luckily for you the giant cant follow you back the path
[4:5:15:53] <@LumberJane> I want to try a sleep spell
[4:5:15:53] <@[twisti]> oooh
[4:5:15:53] <@Crowbarman> that'll work
[4:5:15:54] <@LumberJane> it will if I don't get eaten
[4:5:15:54] <@Crowbarman> <<it's not a touch spell is it?>>
[4:5:15:54] <@[twisti]> <it is>>
[4:5:15:54] <@Crowbarman> sad
[4:5:15:54] <@LumberJane> so does anyone want to be a distraction?
[4:5:15:54] * @Crowbarman readies her sling and prepares to cover lj
[4:5:15:55] <@LumberJane> ooo idea
[4:5:15:55] <@Davlestor> What if I sneak
[4:5:15:55] <@LumberJane> make it come after us
[4:5:15:55] <@Davlestor> Let me try to sneak
[4:5:15:55] <@LumberJane> when it reaches into the tunnel to get us, I'll touch its hand
[4:5:15:55] <@Davlestor> and if it doesn't work
[4:5:15:55] <@Davlestor> It will chase me back hear
[4:5:15:55] <@Crowbarman> um, wait, can I hit it far enough back so that he can't reach me?
[4:5:15:55] <@[twisti]> it also has a club thats like two meters long
[4:5:15:55] <@LumberJane> something has to work
[4:5:15:55] <@[twisti]> you can, but its a giant, and a little pellet wont hurt it
[4:5:15:56] <@Crowbarman> won't hurt it much, but the way I've been swinging smile
[4:5:15:56] <@Davlestor> ha
[4:5:15:56] <@LumberJane> I can try to make it drop the club
[4:5:15:56] <@Davlestor> I still can sneak!
[4:5:15:56] <@Crowbarman> can you light the club on fire?
[4:5:15:56] <@LumberJane> no, don't think so
[4:5:15:56] <@[twisti]> its like 3 meters high, without the club its still pretty intimidating
[4:5:15:57] <@LumberJane> the question is, will it try to pick the club back up or will it come after us without it?
[4:5:15:57] <@Crowbarman> yes, but if it tryies to reach at us, it can't use the club if it doesn't have it, then lj can sleep it
[4:5:15:57] <@LumberJane> yeah
[4:5:15:58] <@Davlestor> So steal the club?
[4:5:15:58] <@[twisti]> well, what do you do ?
[4:5:15:58] <@LumberJane> I want to try to make it drop the club
[4:5:15:58] <@[twisti]> try then
[4:5:15:58] <@Davlestor> Wait!
[4:5:15:58] <@LumberJane> you two could try to distract him from the club when he drops it
[4:5:15:58] <@[twisti]> 1d10, 4 or more
[4:5:15:58] <@Davlestor> What if we throw food into a corner
[4:5:15:58] <@LumberJane> then I'll try to sleep him
[4:5:15:58] <@Crowbarman> how are you trying
[4:5:15:58] <@Davlestor> and while it's distracted by that
[4:5:15:58] <@Davlestor> Get the key
[4:5:15:58] <@Davlestor> or club
[4:5:15:58] <@LumberJane> key, club is huge
[4:5:15:59] <@LumberJane> is that our plan? are you ready?
[4:5:15:59] <@Crowbarman> wait, what are we doing?
[4:5:15:59] <@LumberJane> I'm going to make it drop the club
[4:5:15:59] <@Crowbarman> how?
[4:5:15:59] <@LumberJane> you guys distract it while I try to sleep it
[4:5:15:59] <@LumberJane> with a spell
[4:5:15:59] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:15:59] <@Davlestor> hold on
[4:5:15:59] <@[twisti]> 6bd
[4:5:15:59] <@Davlestor> Let me try to sneak first
[4:5:15:59] <@LumberJane> if sleep fails, grab the key and run
[4:5:15:59] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:5:15:59] <@Davlestor> if that fails then do the club thing
[4:5:15:59] <@LumberJane> 6bd?
[4:5:16:00] <@Crowbarman> um, I'll try to hit it in the eye as a distraction
[4:5:16:00] <@[twisti]> sorry, hat was a tw popup
[4:5:16:00] <@LumberJane> oh k
[4:5:16:00] <@[twisti]> wrong window focus smile



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Re: The Test Part 1

[4:5:16:00] <@Davlestor> alright
[4:5:16:00] <@Davlestor> How would I go about doing a silent move check?
[4:5:16:00] <@[twisti]> id like your whole game plan, in order, please
[4:5:16:00] <@Crowbarman> alright, how's this, I'll try to hit it in the eye, dav tries to sneak past and rebecca tries to sleep it
[4:5:16:00] <@LumberJane> dav is going to try to sneak
[4:5:16:00] <@LumberJane> I like that plan, crow
[4:5:16:00] <@Davlestor> Don't distract it first
[4:5:16:01] <@Davlestor> actually
[4:5:16:01] <@Davlestor> nevermind
[4:5:16:01] <@Davlestor> I like it
[4:5:16:01] <@LumberJane> that's all after I make it drop the club
[4:5:16:01] <@Crowbarman> if it's distracted you'll have a better chance at sneaking
[4:5:16:01] <@Davlestor> true
[4:5:16:01] <@LumberJane> so, drop spell, crow's distraction + dav's sneak
[4:5:16:01] <@LumberJane> and my sleep spell
[4:5:16:01] <@Davlestor> no
[4:5:16:01] <@Davlestor> crow's distraction
[4:5:16:01] <@Davlestor> my sneak
[4:5:16:01] <@Davlestor> drop spell
[4:5:16:02] <@LumberJane> how does that make sense?
[4:5:16:02] <@Davlestor> damnit
[4:5:16:02] <@LumberJane> if those fail, he'll still have the club
[4:5:16:02] <@Davlestor> nevermind
[4:5:16:02] <@Davlestor> smile
[4:5:16:02] <@Davlestor> <3 LJ
[4:5:16:02] <@Davlestor> I like it
[4:5:16:02] <@LumberJane> ok let's try this then
[4:5:16:02][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:5:16:02] <@LumberJane> crud
[4:5:16:02] <@[twisti]> nothing happens
[4:5:16:02] <@LumberJane> good news is, yall aren't out there getting mangled
[4:5:16:03] <@LumberJane> nothing stops me from trying again though, right?
[4:5:16:03] <@[twisti]> right
[4:5:16:03][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:5:16:03] <@LumberJane> wow, fizzle fizzle
[4:5:16:03] <@LumberJane> *concentrating*
[4:5:16:03][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:5:16:03][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  5 ==   5
[4:5:16:04] <@LumberJane> ok go
[4:5:16:04][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 47 ==  47
[4:5:16:04] <@Davlestor> How would I go about doing a silent move check?
[4:5:16:04] <@[twisti]> slow down please
[4:5:16:04] <@[twisti]> first, LJ, next time try to channel first
[4:5:16:04] <@[twisti]> gives you +1
[4:5:16:04] <@LumberJane> oh didn't think of that
[4:5:16:04] <@[twisti]> crow, you miss, right ?
[4:5:16:04] <@Crowbarman> yup
[4:5:16:04] <@[twisti]> ok
[4:5:16:05] <@[twisti]> the giant turns to you (after dropping his club), growls angrily, and runs against the small opening you are in
[4:5:16:05] <@[twisti]> he has long arms, so i assume you back off a bit
[4:5:16:05] <@LumberJane> run away!
[4:5:16:05] <@LumberJane> yeah we back up
[4:5:16:05] <@LumberJane> but he has no club! does he reach in?
[4:5:16:05] <@[twisti]> dave, no matter what skill you have, the giant is running right at you, so theres no way you can sneak past him without being seen
[4:5:16:05] <@[twisti]> he reaches in with his arm, but doesnt grab any of you
[4:5:16:06] <@LumberJane> can I try to touch his finger(s) with a sleep spell?
[4:5:16:06] <@Crowbarman> be my guest rebecca smile
[4:5:16:06] <@Davlestor> Try it
[4:5:16:06] <@LumberJane> with channeling this time
[4:5:16:06] <@[twisti]> yes, but id like to see you pass an agility check first
[4:5:16:06] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:5:16:06] <@[twisti]> to see if you can tocuh his hand without him touching you
[4:5:16:06] <@[twisti]> i take it youd rather be on the safe side ?
[4:5:16:07] <@LumberJane> yes
[4:5:16:07] <@[twisti]> then failure means you wont touch him
[4:5:16:07] <@LumberJane> I don't have the check rolls written down
[4:5:16:07] <@[twisti]> 1d100
[4:5:16:07] <@[twisti]> below your agility
[4:5:16:07][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 66 ==  66
[4:5:16:07] <@LumberJane> can't get close enough
[4:5:16:07] <@Crowbarman> everything is 1d100 besides init, damage, and spells
[4:5:16:08] <@LumberJane> not without getting smashed or something
[4:5:16:08] <@[twisti]> after a bit of grumbling, he goes back to his club, picks it up and after not hearing you for a while, he gets back to pacing
[4:5:16:08] <@Davlestor> take a hit LJ
[4:5:16:08] <@Crowbarman> can we do a chain spell? I grab the giant, holding her hand and she casts
[4:5:16:08] <@LumberJane> I think that'd probably affect you too
[4:5:16:08] <@[twisti]> you are like 4 foot
[4:5:16:08] <@LumberJane> I'm not a good wizard yet
[4:5:16:08] <@[twisti]> you grab the giants hand, and hell have lunch
[4:5:16:08] <@Crowbarman> yes, but I'm more agile
[4:5:16:08] <@[twisti]> yes, but not strong or heavy enough to hold him
[4:5:16:08] <@[twisti]> oooh
[4:5:16:08] <@[twisti]> i get it now
[4:5:16:09] <@[twisti]> no, that wont work
[4:5:16:09] <@Crowbarman> k
[4:5:16:09] <@LumberJane> ok so we're back to square one
[4:5:16:09] <@Davlestor> Should I just try to sneak now?
[4:5:16:09] <@[twisti]> but you are welcome to come up with a spell like that in the future LJ
[4:5:16:09] <@LumberJane> be my guest, don't get eaten
[4:5:16:09] <@Crowbarman> lol
[4:5:16:09] <@Davlestor> I'll try not to
[4:5:16:09] <@Crowbarman> should I try to distract it again?
[4:5:16:09] <@Davlestor> If all hell breaks loose.
[4:5:16:09] <@Davlestor> Don't miss Cassa
[4:5:16:09] <@[twisti]> again, id like a game plan in order
[4:5:16:09] <@LumberJane> <<dang fever blisters sad>>
[4:5:16:10] <@Crowbarman> ok, I guess I'll try to hit it again and the dav will sneak past
[4:5:16:10] <@Crowbarman> then*
[4:5:16:10] <@Davlestor> Well you have to go in
[4:5:16:10] <@Davlestor> I can't sneak when he's looking at us
[4:5:16:10] <@[twisti]> very perceptive
[4:5:16:10] <@Crowbarman> wait, is there any place to hide just inside?
[4:5:16:10] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:16:11] <@Crowbarman> no invisibility spell, huh?
[4:5:16:11] <@[twisti]> the hall is big enough to try to run from it/dodge it though
[4:5:16:11] <@Davlestor> What if I sneak
[4:5:16:11] <@LumberJane> no sorry
[4:5:16:11] <@Davlestor> if he spots me
[4:5:16:11] <@Davlestor> You attack him and buy me time to get out
[4:5:16:11] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:16:11] <@LumberJane> if he spots you and chases, I'll try to come up behind him and sleep him (again)
[4:5:16:11] <@Davlestor> okay
[4:5:16:11] <@LumberJane> but again with the, I'm playing it safe
[4:5:16:12] <@Davlestor> okay
[4:5:16:12] * @Crowbarman readies her sling
[4:5:16:13] <@Davlestor> Twisti
[4:5:16:13] <@Davlestor> Does anything I'm wearing going to affect my roll?
[4:5:16:13] <@[twisti]> what are you wearing ?
[4:5:16:13] <@Davlestor> Boots
[4:5:16:13] <@[twisti]> those watertight things right
[4:5:16:13] <@Davlestor> Yes
[4:5:16:14] <@[twisti]> they are called swamp boots, and no, they wont make any noise
[4:5:16:14] <@Davlestor> okay
[4:5:16:14] <@[twisti]> 1d100 below your agility then
[4:5:16:14] <@[twisti]> unless you have talents that help
[4:5:16:14] <@Davlestor> Nope
[4:5:16:14] <@[twisti]> good luck
[4:5:16:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 89 ==  89
[4:5:16:15] <@Davlestor> ...
[4:5:16:15] <@[twisti]> you didnt fail yet
[4:5:16:15] <@Davlestor> Isn't it against his perc test?
[4:5:16:15] <@Crowbarman> yea
[4:5:16:15] <@[twisti]> exactly
[4:5:16:15] <@Crowbarman> he might miss you completely
[4:5:16:15] <@[twisti]> you have 89 - 47, so 42 above your skill
[4:5:16:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 68 ==  68
[4:5:16:16] <@[twisti]> and you are lucky that giants are morons
[4:5:16:16] <@Crowbarman> and he's a giant so he shouldn't have more than 27
[4:5:16:16] <@[twisti]> it has 21
[4:5:16:16] <@[twisti]> you manage to get to the key
[4:5:16:16] <@[twisti]> undetected
[4:5:16:16] <@Crowbarman> now you have to get back
[4:5:16:16] <@LumberJane> getting back will be the tricky part, eh?
[4:5:16:16] <@[twisti]> same as before
[4:5:16:16][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 41 ==  41
[4:5:16:16][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 83 ==  83
[4:5:16:16] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:5:16:16] <@[twisti]> and you get out scott free
[4:5:16:16] <@[twisti]> congratulations
[4:5:16:17] <@LumberJane> woo good job, dav!
[4:5:16:17] <@[twisti]> and the giant is none the wiser
[4:5:16:17] <@Crowbarman> alright, other door
[4:5:16:17] <@Davlestor> Piece of cake
[4:5:16:17] <@Davlestor> we should have just done that from the beginning
[4:5:16:17] <@LumberJane> I managed to get one spell right. *pout*
[4:5:16:18] <@Crowbarman> <<biobreak, brb>>
[4:5:16:18] <@Davlestor> Can you not use a spell a second time unless rested?
[4:5:16:18] <@LumberJane> << Oh man, my mom's talking about going to colorado.. which we cannot afford in more ways than one. I will brb. sorry.>>
[4:5:16:18] <@LumberJane> dunno dav
[4:5:16:18] <@LumberJane> didn't seem to have a problem
[4:5:16:18] <@Davlestor> <<I'm going to make some tea....brb as well>>
[4:5:16:20] <@LumberJane> << back >>
[4:5:16:20] <@LumberJane> It does stand to reason that I should have some sort of magical limit
[4:5:16:20] <@Crowbarman> <<bak>>
[4:5:16:20] <@Crowbarman> not really
[4:5:16:20] <@Crowbarman> those are just ways to limit the uber wizards of other systems
[4:5:16:21] <@LumberJane> ahh
[4:5:16:21] <@[twisti]> there is no magical limit for a single magic level throw
[4:5:16:21] <@LumberJane> just the more complex stuff?
[4:5:16:21] <@[twisti]> but if you throw two dice (raising your chances a lot) there is a chance for mishappens
[4:5:16:22] <@[twisti]> id like you all to test for perception (dave, you get your bonus) and agility, and tell me by how much combined you are over
[4:5:16:22] <@[twisti]> perception = int
[4:5:16:23][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-50):                 28 ==  28
[4:5:16:24][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-28):                 40 ==  40
[4:5:16:24] <@Crowbarman> 68
[4:5:16:24][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:5:16:24] <@LumberJane> why minuses?
[4:5:16:24] <@Crowbarman> I'm dead aren't I
[4:5:16:24] <@Crowbarman> I subtracted my skills
[4:5:16:24] <@[twisti]> thats how many wounds you lose from magic explosives shooting at you while you explore the next part of the test
[4:5:16:24] <@LumberJane> oh
[4:5:16:24] <@[twisti]> so you are at 5 wounds crow
[4:5:16:25][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100-40):                 51 ==  51
[4:5:16:25][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100-38):                 13 ==  13
[4:5:16:25] <@Crowbarman> you know, this rather sucks, I had 2 after the battle and they get erased, yet I'm taking the most from this place
[4:5:16:25][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:5:16:25] <@[twisti]> 1 wound for you, LJ
[4:5:16:26] <@LumberJane> 1 wound taken or 1 left?
[4:5:16:26] <@[twisti]> pfffft
[4:5:16:26] <@[twisti]> 1 taken
[4:5:16:26] <@LumberJane> k
[4:5:16:26] <@[twisti]> be glad dave didnt get noticed by the giant
[4:5:16:26] <@[twisti]> or youd be carrying him now
[4:5:16:26] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:5:16:26] <@[twisti]> and by the way, im really glad nobody bothered to ask how the giant got INTO that room
[4:5:16:26] <@Crowbarman> no we wouldn't, he'd be in the giants belly, probably with the key
[4:5:16:27] <@Crowbarman> he's probably been in there his whole life
[4:5:16:27] <@[twisti]> updated map of the cave
[4:5:16:27] <@[twisti]>
[4:5:16:27] <@[twisti]> the 4 dots on the right are chests
[4:5:16:27] <@Crowbarman> I head over to them
[4:5:16:27] <@[twisti]> i know, thats how you took 2 damage
[4:5:16:27] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:16:28] <@[twisti]> lets wait for dave
[4:5:16:28] <@[twisti]> or i suppose you could keep playing right now
[4:5:16:28] <@[twisti]> and we can wait when we come to a point where we need him active
[4:5:16:29] <@Crowbarman> we need him active to search the chests for traps
[4:5:16:29] <@Davlestor> back
[4:5:16:29] <@[twisti]> perfect timing
[4:5:16:29] <@LumberJane> hrm I get a bonus to channeling for that attunement thing of mine.. I really should use that
[4:5:16:29] <@[twisti]> yes you should
[4:5:16:30] <@[twisti]> so, dave searches the chests for traps ?
[4:5:16:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 10 ==  10
[4:5:16:30] <@[twisti]> the top chest absolutely definitely has a trap on it
[4:5:16:30] <@[twisti]> you think you can disarm it
[4:5:16:30] <@[twisti]> 3 chests left
[4:5:16:30] <@Crowbarman> doesn't he need to do perception & agi checks?
[4:5:16:30] <@LumberJane> <<and I need to pick a sub-lore of arcane magic...>>
[4:5:16:30] <@[twisti]> oh right, thank you
[4:5:16:30] <@[twisti]> dave, please throw 1 int test and 1 agi test
[4:5:16:31] <@Davlestor> h/o
[4:5:16:31] <@Davlestor> I need to catch up
[4:5:16:31] <@[twisti]> ok
[4:5:16:31] <@LumberJane> <<firefox just died on me>>
[4:5:16:31] <@[twisti]> wasnt my drawing!
[4:5:16:32] <@Davlestor> Okay
[4:5:16:32] <@LumberJane> <<it was actually, but it was the last straw kinda thing.. doing too much+adobe pdf file which my pc hates.>>
[4:5:16:32] <@[twisti]> int and agi tests, please
[4:5:16:32][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100+0):                 76 ==  76
[4:5:16:32] <@[twisti]> agi too ?
[4:5:16:33] <@Davlestor> Wait
[4:5:16:33] <@LumberJane> <<I am supposed to have a fast hands bonus too.. might have helped back there with the sleep spell lol.. I'm printing the guide pages.>>
[4:5:16:33] <@Davlestor> 1d100-agility?
[4:5:16:33] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:5:16:33][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-47):                -28 == -28
[4:5:16:33][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-31):                 43 ==  43
[4:5:16:33] <@[twisti]> no, your first throw counted smile
[4:5:16:33] <@[twisti]> you take 1 wound
[4:5:16:33] <@Davlestor> damnit
[4:5:16:34] <@Crowbarman> he takes 1 wound anyway
[4:5:16:34] <@[twisti]> leaving you with 7
[4:5:16:34] <@[twisti]> ok
[4:5:16:34] <@Davlestor> When did I lose them before?
[4:5:16:34] <@[twisti]> from the explosions
[4:5:16:34] <@Crowbarman> when you were checking the door for traps
[4:5:16:34] <@Crowbarman> the first one we got a key for
[4:5:16:34] <@Davlestor> Oh
[4:5:16:35] <@[twisti]> no, from the explosions
[4:5:16:35] <@Crowbarman> so, you disarmed that one trap?
[4:5:16:35] <@[twisti]> because you walked through the pathway where you should have ran
[4:5:16:35] <@Davlestor> I think I have to do another check
[4:5:16:35] <@Crowbarman> yea, from explosions while he was checking for traps
[4:5:16:35] <@[twisti]> the first chest has a trap
[4:5:16:35] <@[twisti]> hes sure he can disarm it
[4:5:16:35] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:16:35] <@Crowbarman> disarm it
[4:5:16:35] <@[twisti]> would you like to try ? or check the other chests first ?
[4:5:16:36] <@Crowbarman> I'm going to do some untrained checking of the other chests while he disarms, see if I can find something
[4:5:16:36][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 43 ==  43
[4:5:16:36][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 71 ==  71
[4:5:16:36][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 87 ==  87
[4:5:16:36][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 51 ==  51
[4:5:16:36] <@Crowbarman> yea, I dont see anything
[4:5:16:37] <@Davlestor> Did I disarm it?
[4:5:16:37] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:16:37] <@[twisti]> you dont actually have any skills to disarm traps
[4:5:16:37] <@Crowbarman> does he set it off?
[4:5:16:37] <@[twisti]> but give me a second
[4:5:16:38] <@[twisti]> actually you did
[4:5:16:38] <@[twisti]> since you spotted it so well i gave you a 30 point bonus
[4:5:16:39] <@[twisti]> the first chest is disarmed
[4:5:16:39] <@[twisti]> as you open it, you find it to be empty
[4:5:16:39] * @Crowbarman cheers
[4:5:16:39] * @Crowbarman jeers
[4:5:16:39] <@Davlestor> Yay!
[4:5:16:39] <@Davlestor> Experience!
[4:5:16:39] <@Davlestor> rofl!
[4:5:16:39] <@Crowbarman> well, I didn't see any traps on the others but you might want to check them again
[4:5:16:39] <@Davlestor> <<Ijust saw the giant on the map>>
[4:5:16:39] <@[twisti]> this isnt baldurs gate, you dont get xp for disarming empty chests
[4:5:16:39] <@[twisti]> big_smile
[4:5:16:39] <@[twisti]> how would you like to proceed
[4:5:16:39] <@Davlestor> <3 BG
[4:5:16:40] <@Davlestor> I'll check the other chests I guess
[4:5:16:40][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 12 ==  12
[4:5:16:40] <@[twisti]> you spot another trap
[4:5:16:40] <@[twisti]> its the same kind
[4:5:16:40] <@[twisti]> +40 bonus to disarm
[4:5:16:40][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 16 ==  16
[4:5:16:40] <@Davlestor> -40
[4:5:16:40] <@[twisti]> and again you masterfully disarm the trap
[4:5:16:41] <@[twisti]> and again, its empty
[4:5:16:41] <@Crowbarman> he does such a good job he disarms them all smile
[4:5:16:41] <@Crowbarman> sad
[4:5:16:41] <@Davlestor> I'll check the next one!
[4:5:16:41][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 63 ==  63
[4:5:16:41] <@Crowbarman> all this for a single key
[4:5:16:41] <@[twisti]> whats your int ?
[4:5:16:41] <@Davlestor> 31
[4:5:16:41] <@Crowbarman> wait
[4:5:16:41] <@Crowbarman> maybe you should try to disarm it anyway
[4:5:16:41] <@[twisti]> yeah, you are sure theres no trap on that chest
[4:5:16:42] <@[twisti]> again, this isnt BG, you cant disarm a trap you cant see
[4:5:16:42] <@Davlestor> I'll try the other one
[4:5:16:42] <@Davlestor> searching for traps I mean
[4:5:16:42] <@Crowbarman> but, if he knows where they were on the others
[4:5:16:42] <@[twisti]> i got it
[4:5:16:42] <@[twisti]> go ahead
[4:5:16:42][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 54 ==  54
[4:5:16:42] <@[twisti]> you are pretty sure it has a trap, but you cant tell where or how
[4:5:16:42] <@Crowbarman> wait, shouldn't he get a bonus for searching if they're the same trap?
[4:5:16:43] <@[twisti]> different placing
[4:5:16:43] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:16:43] <@Davlestor> So if I'm pretty sure why can't I search more?
[4:5:16:43] <@[twisti]> you search and search but cant find it
[4:5:16:43] <@Davlestor> alright
[4:5:16:44] <@Crowbarman> lets have rockstar open it
[4:5:16:44] <@Davlestor> Yea
[4:5:16:44] <@[twisti]> hes in the corner, whistling
[4:5:16:44] <@Crowbarman> no, not bryan, rockstar
[4:5:16:44] <@[twisti]> he gives you the two finger salute as you ask him to open the chests
[4:5:16:44] <@Davlestor> LJ!
[4:5:16:44] <@LumberJane> what?
[4:5:16:44] <@Davlestor> Do you still have that brick?
[4:5:16:45] <@LumberJane> my magic brick?
[4:5:16:45] <@Crowbarman> ok, I got it, we'll go in the corner farthest from it and I'll hit it with my sling
[4:5:16:45] <@Davlestor> Maybe we can break it open if You threw it really hard
[4:5:16:45] <@Crowbarman> we don't need to break it open, just trigger the trap
[4:5:16:45] <@LumberJane> a primitive trigger for an advanced trap? tongue
[4:5:16:45] <@Crowbarman> who said it was an advanced trap
[4:5:16:45] <@LumberJane> he can't find it
[4:5:16:46] <@Crowbarman> besides, if we break it open it'll probably go off anyway
[4:5:16:46] <@Davlestor> Throw it girl!
[4:5:16:46] <@LumberJane> I'll just open the chest and take what I get
[4:5:16:46] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:5:16:46][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:5:16:46] <@[twisti]> LJ takes 3 damage as she opens the chest and it blows in her face
[4:5:16:46] <@Davlestor> haha
[4:5:16:47] <@Davlestor> Do you need a bandaid?
[4:5:16:47] * @[twisti] shrugs
[4:5:16:47] <@Crowbarman> is the key in there?
[4:5:16:47] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:16:47] <@LumberJane> I'm okay
[4:5:16:47] <@[twisti]> one chest left
[4:5:16:47] <@Crowbarman> ok, I'll try to open the last chest and dodge the explosion
[4:5:16:47] <@Davlestor> Can I just try to disarm the trap?
[4:5:16:47] <@[twisti]> no dave
[4:5:16:47] <@LumberJane> I'm sitting the next one out with rocky in the corner
[4:5:16:47] <@[twisti]> Crowbarman: agi test
[4:5:16:47][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-50):                 -8 ==  -8
[4:5:16:47] <@Crowbarman> woot
[4:5:16:47] <@Davlestor> Nice!
[4:5:16:48] <@[twisti]> you jump away as the explosion roars through the hall
[4:5:16:48] <@[twisti]> that chest is empty too
[4:5:16:48] <@LumberJane> did any of them have anything?
[4:5:16:48] <@[twisti]> no.
[4:5:16:48] <@Crowbarman> no
[4:5:16:48] <@LumberJane> great
[4:5:16:48] <@Davlestor> I search the room for any secret places
[4:5:16:48] <@[twisti]> how ?
[4:5:16:48] <@Davlestor> With my excellent vision
[4:5:16:48] <@[twisti]> please describe to me what you are trying to do
[4:5:16:48] <@[twisti]> you see nothing
[4:5:16:49] <@[twisti]> im sorry, i mean, please throw
[4:5:16:49][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 73 ==  73
[4:5:16:49] <@[twisti]> this might be a good point to refer to caladins other hint
[4:5:16:49] <@Davlestor> Oh yea
[4:5:16:49] <@Davlestor> ...I forget it
[4:5:16:50] <@[twisti]> ok
[4:5:16:50] <@[twisti]> nobody posted it on the forum
[4:5:16:50] <@[twisti]> so here it is again
[4:5:16:50] <@[twisti]> "Search for what can not be seen"
[4:5:16:51] <@[twisti]> next time an npc gives you vital hints, maybe write them down
[4:5:16:51] <@Crowbarman> <<I have logs, I was going through them>>
[4:5:16:52] <@Crowbarman> ok, I'm going to feel around the insides of the chests
[4:5:16:52] <@[twisti]> you feel nothing
[4:5:16:52] <@Davlestor> I search the room for something I can't see
[4:5:16:52] <@LumberJane> can either of you detect hidden exits?
[4:5:16:52] <@[twisti]> how dave ?
[4:5:16:53] <@Davlestor> With my search skill
[4:5:16:53] <@Davlestor> I feel along the walls
[4:5:16:53] <@[twisti]> whoa, what is this ?
[4:5:16:53] <@[twisti]> after some searching, your hand goes right through what looks like a solid wall
[4:5:16:53] <@Davlestor> Ha
[4:5:16:54] <@[twisti]> feels like you are grabbing mist
[4:5:16:54] <@Davlestor> I knew it!
[4:5:16:54] <@Davlestor> I'm 3 for 3!
[4:5:16:54] <@Crowbarman> and you were the one who didn't want to do the test
[4:5:16:54] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:5:16:54] <@[twisti]> as you stumble through the darkness for a few steps, you come into another small room that has a key
[4:5:16:54] <@[twisti]> yay you!
[4:5:16:55] <@LumberJane> dead end?
[4:5:16:55] <@[twisti]> assuming you make your way to the next unlocked door, this is what you find:
[4:5:16:55] <@[twisti]>
[4:5:16:55] <@[twisti]> yes, dead end, it just had the key
[4:5:16:56] <@Crowbarman> ok, so we go unlock the new door
[4:5:16:56] <@[twisti]> at the south dead end on that map, you find another key and a lever
[4:5:16:56] <@LumberJane> don't pull the lever
[4:5:16:56] <@Crowbarman> well, lets leave the lever for now, it's probably a "don't push" button
[4:5:16:56] <@LumberJane> my thought exactly
[4:5:16:57] <@Davlestor> Oo a lever
[4:5:16:57] <@Crowbarman> if we run out of options we'll try the lever
[4:5:16:57] <@Davlestor> Okay
[4:5:16:57] <@Davlestor> Lets look for a claw
[4:5:16:57] <@Davlestor> and an urn
[4:5:16:57] <@LumberJane> what? why?
[4:5:16:57] <@Davlestor> actually can I search the area around the lever for any traps?
[4:5:16:57] <@Crowbarman> that's what's next
[4:5:16:58] <@[twisti]> of course you can
[4:5:16:58][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-10):                 25 ==  25
[4:5:16:58] <@[twisti]> theres absolutely no traps
[4:5:16:58] <@[twisti]> but of course you cant see what the lever does
[4:5:16:58] <@Davlestor> So what could be the harm in pulling a lever?
[4:5:16:58] <@Crowbarman> you don't see what it does
[4:5:16:58] <@LumberJane> you don't watch kuzco do ya?
[4:5:16:59] <@Crowbarman> it could activate a trap somewhere else
[4:5:16:59] <@Davlestor> Or it could give us what we need
[4:5:16:59] <@LumberJane> oh yeah, that's a great end to a test
[4:5:16:59] <@LumberJane> just give it to us
[4:5:16:59] <@Crowbarman> or it could open the giant pen
[4:5:16:59] <@Crowbarman> lets just go on and we can come back later
[4:5:16:59] <@Davlestor> and the door is locked up north?
[4:5:17:00] <@Crowbarman> we have the key
[4:5:17:00] <@Davlestor> oh...
[4:5:17:00] <@[twisti]> which fits the door, by the way
[4:5:17:00] <@Davlestor> Then let's use it
[4:5:17:00] <@LumberJane> maybe one of you should open the door and the other stand by the lever
[4:5:17:00] <@LumberJane> then we cover both at once
[4:5:17:00] <@Davlestor> Alright
[4:5:17:00] <@Davlestor> I'll go to the lever
[4:5:17:01] <@Davlestor> Since I don't have a fear of it
[4:5:17:01] <@LumberJane> so crow gets the key
[4:5:17:01] <@Crowbarman> fine, I'll do the door
[4:5:17:01] <@LumberJane> I'll come with you
[4:5:17:01] <@LumberJane> don't pull that lever if we don't need to, dav
[4:5:17:01] <@Davlestor> >smile
[4:5:17:02] <@Davlestor> alright
[4:5:17:02] <@[twisti]> so you are not pushing the lever ?
[4:5:17:02] <@LumberJane> no
[4:5:17:02] <@LumberJane> not yet
[4:5:17:02] <@Crowbarman> right, I'm opening the door
[4:5:17:02] <@[twisti]> you come into a long hallway that ends at another cross section
[4:5:17:02] <@[twisti]> allowing you to go north, south or west
[4:5:17:02] <@Crowbarman> I run to the cross section
[4:5:17:03] <@LumberJane> what? no doors? tongue
[4:5:17:03] <@[twisti]> no doors
[4:5:17:03] <@Crowbarman> ooh
[4:5:17:03] <@[twisti]> where would you like to go ?
[4:5:17:03] <@LumberJane> ok, can we see anything down the halls?
[4:5:17:03] <@Crowbarman> oh, I bet that door at the entrance is the easy way back
[4:5:17:03] <@[twisti]> no
[4:5:17:03] * @Davlestor yells, "Should I pull it?!"
[4:5:17:03] <@LumberJane> ok, we need to decide if dav pulls the lever or not
[4:5:17:04] <@Crowbarman> I say not
[4:5:17:04] <@LumberJane> I agree, but I really wonder what it does...
[4:5:17:04] <@[twisti]> it doesnt do anything
[4:5:17:04] <@[twisti]> lets just move on
[4:5:17:04] * @Davlestor feels scared and lonely...
[4:5:17:04] <@[twisti]> it was a mistake on my part
[4:5:17:04] <@LumberJane> that spoiled it lol
[4:5:17:04] <@LumberJane> c'mon dav
[4:5:17:04] <@Davlestor> Can I pull it?
[4:5:17:05] <@[twisti]> it doesnt do anything at all
[4:5:17:05] <@[twisti]> ill explain later why it was there
[4:5:17:05] <@[twisti]> it was a planning mistake
[4:5:17:05] * @Davlestor pulls the lever!
[4:5:17:05] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:5:17:05] <@[twisti]> nothing happens
[4:5:17:05] <@LumberJane> come on
[4:5:17:05] <@LumberJane> we have to choose a direction
[4:5:17:05] <@LumberJane> I say north
[4:5:17:05] <@LumberJane> what do you guys think?
[4:5:17:05] * @Davlestor catches up to everyone else
[4:5:17:05] <@Davlestor> Sure
[4:5:17:05] <@Davlestor> lets go north
[4:5:17:05] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:5:17:05] <@Crowbarman> north is as good as any
[4:5:17:06] <@[twisti]> the hall makes a few turns, and there are more magic missiles
[4:5:17:06] <@[twisti]> agi tests all around please
[4:5:17:06][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-50):                 32 ==  32
[4:5:17:06] <@Crowbarman> dang it
[4:5:17:06] <@LumberJane> well I didn't pick randomly, I was thinking that's a good plan since we know south is the way back out
[4:5:17:06] <@Crowbarman> I'm dead aren't I
[4:5:17:06][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Davlestor) (1#1d100-47):                 16 ==  16
[4:5:17:06][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100-38):                 17 ==  17
[4:5:17:06] <@[twisti]> no, you still have 4 wounds crow
[4:5:17:06] <@[twisti]> dave has 6
[4:5:17:06] <@[twisti]> and lj has 4 too
[4:5:17:07] <@[twisti]> you find an old boney claw and a scroll
[4:5:17:07] <@LumberJane> I take the scroll
[4:5:17:07] <@Davlestor> I take the claw!
[4:5:17:07] <@LumberJane> I try to read it
[4:5:17:07] <@[twisti]> To thee, fine warrior, who hast made it so far:
[4:5:17:07] <@[twisti]> If thou seekest to be a Knight of Monitor, thou must be willing
[4:5:17:08] <@[twisti]> to shed thy blood for the defense of others.
[4:5:17:08] <@[twisti]> To prove thy resolve, take this claw and use it upon thy person.
[4:5:17:08] <@[twisti]> Let thy blood be thy oath.
[4:5:17:08] <@[twisti]> thats all it says
[4:5:17:08] <@Davlestor> Alright
[4:5:17:08] <@LumberJane> I read it aloud to them
[4:5:17:09] <@LumberJane> more blood
[4:5:17:09] <@LumberJane> we really need to take a rest
[4:5:17:09] <@LumberJane> all these booby traps will kill us
[4:5:17:09] <@Davlestor> We can't rest
[4:5:17:09] <@Davlestor> we are so close
[4:5:17:09] <@LumberJane> I'd rather be close and rest than there and dead
[4:5:17:10] <@LumberJane> besides, aren't you hungry? we've been in here a while
[4:5:17:10] <@[twisti]> sleeping in a scary cave wont restore you
[4:5:17:10] <@[twisti]> plus its like noon
[4:5:17:10] <@Davlestor> ha
[4:5:17:10] <@Davlestor> I have an idea
[4:5:17:10] <@Davlestor> Cassa
[4:5:17:10] <@Davlestor> Take this bandaid
[4:5:17:10] <@LumberJane> I'm not scared though lol
[4:5:17:10] <@Davlestor> Then run to the next place
[4:5:17:10] <@Davlestor> since you have the highest agility
[4:5:17:11] <@LumberJane> give me that claw please
[4:5:17:11] <@Crowbarman> ok, so south?
[4:5:17:11] <@LumberJane> wait
[4:5:17:11] <@LumberJane> we have to use the claw on ourselves
[4:5:17:11] <@Crowbarman> don't we need the urn first?
[4:5:17:11] <@Davlestor> We do
[4:5:17:11] <@LumberJane> it just says "take this claw and use it upon thy person"
[4:5:17:11] <@LumberJane> I guess we don't have to do it here...
[4:5:17:12] <@Crowbarman> well, lets search the rest of the area first anyway
[4:5:17:12] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:5:17:12] <@LumberJane> let's go back and take the west branch then?
[4:5:17:12] <@Davlestor> <<Damnit I have to go>>
[4:5:17:12] <@[twisti]> rigth now ?
[4:5:17:12] <@[twisti]> sad
[4:5:17:12] <@LumberJane> << sad >>
[4:5:17:13] <@Crowbarman> <<well, we're almost done anyway>>
[4:5:17:13] <@[twisti]> id expect half an hour tops
[4:5:17:13] <@LumberJane> << how do you know? There are still 2 tunnels>>
[4:5:17:13] <@[twisti]> for this to end
[4:5:17:13] <@Davlestor> <<Yea I definetaly don't have time, my family is eating dinner and they're yelling at me>>
[4:5:17:14] <@LumberJane> <<hate that>>
[4:5:17:14] <@[twisti]> bleh
[4:5:17:14] <@[twisti]> do you maybe want to do the rest in an hour ?
[4:5:17:14] <@LumberJane> in an hour, it's my dinner time
[4:5:17:14] <@LumberJane> but I can probably eat down here
[4:5:17:14] <@[twisti]> alright then
[4:5:17:14] <@Davlestor> I probably can't
[4:5:17:14] <@[twisti]> guess its break time then
[4:5:17:14] <@LumberJane> ok we'll end at the intersection
[4:5:17:15] <@[twisti]> ill give you all xp at the end of the dungeon if you dont mind
[4:5:17:15] <@LumberJane> that's fine with me
[4:5:17:15] <@Davlestor> sure
[4:5:17:15] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:5:17:15] <@Crowbarman> though I'm only 10 xp from a ding
[4:5:17:15] <@[twisti]> then let me do it now
[4:5:17:15] <@LumberJane> smile
[4:5:17:15] <@[twisti]> crow and LJ, 40 each, dave 60
[4:5:17:16] <@Crowbarman> ding and 30 smile
[4:5:17:16] <@LumberJane> grats
[4:5:17:16] <@Davlestor> I rock so hard!



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