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#1 2008-04-12 14:07:53

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The Test Part 2

[4:12:14:07] <@[twisti]> welcome everyone
[4:12:14:08] <@LumberJane> welcome to the rp ty
[4:12:14:08] <@Crowbarman> all three of us sad
[4:12:14:08] <@[twisti]> dave said he might not make it, or not in time, so we wont wait for him
[4:12:14:08] <@[twisti]> 4
[4:12:14:08] <@[twisti]> im here too
[4:12:14:08] <@Crowbarman> you don't count, you're the enemy
[4:12:14:08] <@LumberJane> can't have rp without the gm wink
[4:12:14:08] <@[twisti]> i think 3 out of 4, with the 4th saying he might not be able to make it almost a week in advance is a very good turnout
[4:12:14:08] <@Crowbarman> also you were talking to us so you aren't included in "everyone"
[4:12:14:09] <@LumberJane> rocky's a noshow
[4:12:14:09] <@Crowbarman> I was more referring to the quitters
[4:12:14:09] <@[twisti]> he cant play
[4:12:14:09] <@LumberJane> sad
[4:12:14:09] <@[twisti]> hes just not around early enough, and i just cant do it later
[4:12:14:09] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:12:14:09] <@spyderman> I'll try and make it everytime, but I share a computer
[4:12:14:09] <@[twisti]> since im still trying to have a healthy sleep rythm
[4:12:14:09] <@spyderman> I'll talk to them on these days
[4:12:14:09] <@LumberJane> it's 1pm for me on a Saturday, so I'm almost always going to be here
[4:12:14:09] <@[twisti]> spyder, have you read up on last week events ?
[4:12:14:10] <@Crowbarman> so, spyderman, you're our tank?
[4:12:14:10] <@spyderman> Yes I did, and yes I am
[4:12:14:10] <@[twisti]> awesome
[4:12:14:10] <@LumberJane> we're still in the test, right?
[4:12:14:10] <@LumberJane> 2 halls to go
[4:12:14:10] <@[twisti]> correct
[4:12:14:10] <@Crowbarman> yea, and spyderman has a shiny sword and shield
[4:12:14:10] <@[twisti]> i believe you had north down, where you found the claw, and you came from the east
[4:12:14:10] <@LumberJane> yeah
[4:12:14:10] <@[twisti]> so that leaves west and south
[4:12:14:11] <@LumberJane> we were about to go west wink
[4:12:14:11] <@Crowbarman> was bryan's, who was banned, the ajira's, who stop showing up, now yours
[4:12:14:11] <@spyderman> Awesome
[4:12:14:11] <@spyderman> Always good to come to
[4:12:14:11] <@[twisti]> right, sword and shield
[4:12:14:11] <@[twisti]> wasnt it actually a rapier
[4:12:14:11] <@Crowbarman> IDK
[4:12:14:11] <@LumberJane> I don't remember you ever specifying
[4:12:14:11] <@Crowbarman> I don't think it was ever said
[4:12:14:11] <@Crowbarman> wasn't even used I don't think
[4:12:14:11] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:12:14:12] <@[twisti]> he also has a spear
[4:12:14:12] <@spyderman> I thought it was a short short
[4:12:14:12] <@spyderman> sword*
[4:12:14:12] <@Crowbarman> do you still have the map set?
[4:12:14:12] <@[twisti]> your wounds are also down to 7, spyder
[4:12:14:12] <@spyderman> Alright
[4:12:14:12] <@[twisti]> since, lets just presume you were with the group when they got hit by magic explosions and missiles wink
[4:12:14:13] <@spyderman> Sounds good to me, i'm the quiet type
[4:12:14:13] <@[twisti]> i have the map somewhere, but i dont want to write down the squiggly maze since it only has one end anyways
[4:12:14:13] <@Crowbarman> um, dang, I have an old copy of my sheet, what's my wounds at?
[4:12:14:13] <@[twisti]> 4
[4:12:14:13] <@LumberJane> we all set now?
[4:12:14:13] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:12:14:14] <@[twisti]> LJs turn to lead the group
[4:12:14:14] <@LumberJane> let's go west tongue
[4:12:14:14] <@[twisti]> since crow did last time and spyder is new
[4:12:14:14] <@Crowbarman> is that counting the one I got up when I dinged?
[4:12:14:14] <@[twisti]> that doesnt get filled instantly
[4:12:14:14] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:12:14:14] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:12:14:14] <@[twisti]> west it is
[4:12:14:14] <@[twisti]> agi test all around, please
[4:12:14:14] <@[twisti]> spyder, you throw a dice like this
[4:12:14:14] <@[twisti]> /gs roll #[twisti] 1d100
[4:12:14:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 71 ==  71
[4:12:14:15] <@[twisti]> thats 1 dice with 100 sides
[4:12:14:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d2+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:14:15] <@[twisti]> lj takes 2 damage, down to 2 wounds
[4:12:14:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-50):                 13 ==  13
[4:12:14:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d2+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:14:15] <@[twisti]> same for crow
[4:12:14:15] <@LumberJane> what's the criteria?
[4:12:14:15] <@Crowbarman> I'm dying over here sad
[4:12:14:16] <@LumberJane> me too
[4:12:14:16] <@spyderman> do i minus my agi?
[4:12:14:16] <@LumberJane> I rolled higher, I'm sure crow rolled lower
[4:12:14:16] <@Crowbarman> no
[4:12:14:16] <@LumberJane> no?
[4:12:14:16] <@LumberJane> you have no agi?
[4:12:14:16] <@Crowbarman> I subtracted my agi
[4:12:14:16] <@LumberJane> oh
[4:12:14:16] <@LumberJane> didn't see
[4:12:14:16] <@Crowbarman> either roll and hit below your agi or minus your agi and hit negative
[4:12:14:16][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 23 ==  23
[4:12:14:16] <@[twisti]> right
[4:12:14:16] <@LumberJane> ahh that makes sense
[4:12:14:17] <@spyderman> I hit below my agi, what happens?
[4:12:14:17] <@[twisti]> spyderman masterfully dodges the magic missiles and doesnt get hit
[4:12:14:17] <@LumberJane> nice one
[4:12:14:17] <@spyderman> sweet
[4:12:14:17] <@LumberJane> you can go on when we die >.>
[4:12:14:17] <@spyderman> I'll haul your corpses when I'm done
[4:12:14:17] <@[twisti]> heh
[4:12:14:17] <@[twisti]> you come in a small hall
[4:12:14:18] <@[twisti]> very nicely decorated, expensive carpet, marble pillars, tapestries, etc
[4:12:14:18] <@[twisti]> also, two clear sprinkly fountains
[4:12:14:18] <@[twisti]> on them you see an inscription that says "drink and be refreshed"
[4:12:14:18] <@spyderman> Is there any enemies inside?
[4:12:14:18] <@Crowbarman> I go bathe my wonds in the closest fountain
[4:12:14:18] <@[twisti]> in the center of the room is a table with an urn and a scroll
[4:12:14:18] <@[twisti]> no enemies
[4:12:14:18] <@LumberJane> I would like to check out that scroll
[4:12:14:19] <@spyderman> I want to drink from the fountain
[4:12:14:19] <@LumberJane> there are 2 fountains
[4:12:14:19] <@[twisti]> as you drink from the fountain, you feel refreshed and strong
[4:12:14:19] <@spyderman> Do we have anything to fill?
[4:12:14:19] <@[twisti]> no
[4:12:14:20] <@Crowbarman> I drink from the fountain I'm at after bathing my wounds a bit
[4:12:14:20] <@[twisti]> you too feel refreshed and strong
[4:12:14:20] <@LumberJane> I want to read the scroll
[4:12:14:20] <@[twisti]> alright
[4:12:14:20] <@[twisti]> it says this:
[4:12:14:21] <@[twisti]> To thee, fine warrior, who hast made it so far:
[4:12:14:21] <@[twisti]> If thou seekest to be a Knight of Monitor
[4:12:14:21] <@[twisti]> thou must mingly thy blood with the ashes
[4:12:14:21] <@[twisti]> of our ancient foe, Gurnordir the goblin king.
[4:12:14:22] <@[twisti]> Thy blood pledges vengeance against our enemies
[4:12:14:22] <@[twisti]> and will give thee thy totem animal, the key to thy soul
[4:12:14:22] <@[twisti]> ---
[4:12:14:22] <@spyderman> So.. we use the claw to cut ourselves, and drip it into the ashes?
[4:12:14:22] <@Crowbarman> like we need the claw to bleed
[4:12:14:22] <@LumberJane> That would be my thought.. who has the claw?
[4:12:14:22] <@LumberJane> The claw was special though, remember?
[4:12:14:22] <@LumberJane> it said use it
[4:12:14:23] <@Crowbarman> ok, I think dav has it
[4:12:14:23] <@LumberJane> Maybe a self-sacrifice thing
[4:12:14:23] <@[twisti]> [2008/04/05 23:08:44] <@LumberJane> give me that claw please
[4:12:14:23] <@[twisti]> you have the claw, LJ
[4:12:14:23] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:12:14:23] <@Crowbarman> do we all have to do it or just one?
[4:12:14:23] <@LumberJane> I use the claw to cut myself a little and drip my blood into the urn of ash
[4:12:14:24] <@[twisti]> a wolf appears out of nowhere
[4:12:14:25] * @Crowbarman readies her sling
[4:12:14:25] <@[twisti]> initiative rolls, please
[4:12:14:25][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  8 ==   8
[4:12:14:25][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  9 ==   9
[4:12:14:25][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d10+0):                 10 ==  10
[4:12:14:25] <@spyderman> big_smile
[4:12:14:25] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:12:14:25] <@Crowbarman> lol
[4:12:14:25] <@spyderman> I pull my sword out
[4:12:14:25] <@[twisti]> 1 sec
[4:12:14:26] <@[twisti]> i have to look up all your agis
[4:12:14:26] <@LumberJane> 38
[4:12:14:26] <@Crowbarman> 50
[4:12:14:26] <@spyderman> 31
[4:12:14:26] <@Crowbarman> yea, I figured that smile
[4:12:14:26] <@Crowbarman> 8, 9, 10 and our inits are reverse order smile
[4:12:14:26][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:12:14:26] <@LumberJane> Can I grab a drink from a fountain while hiding behind the guys?
[4:12:14:27] <@[twisti]> who told you ? smile
[4:12:14:27] <@Crowbarman> lol
[4:12:14:27] <@[twisti]> its gonna cost an action
[4:12:14:27] <@[twisti]> crow, you are, as usual, first
[4:12:14:27] <@Crowbarman> she doesn't have any weapons to ready anyway
[4:12:14:27] <@LumberJane> they looked healthier, I figured it out
[4:12:14:27] <@[twisti]> i take it you draw your sling ?
[4:12:14:27] <@Crowbarman> yes
[4:12:14:27] <@[twisti]> LJ goes to drink
[4:12:14:27] <@spyderman> I pull my sword
[4:12:14:27] <@[twisti]> wolf attacks LJ
[4:12:14:27] <@[twisti]> you are last spyder wink
[4:12:14:27][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 29 ==  29
[4:12:14:27] <@[twisti]> hits
[4:12:14:27][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  6 ==   6
[4:12:14:28] <@LumberJane> I'm so dead
[4:12:14:28] <@Crowbarman> LJ calapses in the fountain
[4:12:14:28] <@Crowbarman> her dying body consumes water, thus reviving her
[4:12:14:28] <@LumberJane> unless it healed me full before the wolf got me, yes
[4:12:14:28] <@[twisti]> you dont die if you hit 0
[4:12:14:28] <@[twisti]> you just become unconscious
[4:12:14:28] <@[twisti]> ok
[4:12:14:28] <@[twisti]> next round
[4:12:14:28] <@[twisti]> crow, youre up
[4:12:14:29][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 21 ==  21
[4:12:14:29][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:14:29] <@Crowbarman> +3 for sling
[4:12:14:29] <@[twisti]> and -3 tb
[4:12:14:29] <@[twisti]> the wolf yelps and bleeds
[4:12:14:30] <@[twisti]> LJ is unconscious
[4:12:14:30] <@[twisti]> wolf bites crow
[4:12:14:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 44 ==  44
[4:12:14:30] <@[twisti]> and misses
[4:12:14:30] <@Crowbarman> bites at*
[4:12:14:30] <@[twisti]> spyder, youre up
[4:12:14:30] <@spyderman> I'll take a swing with my sword
[4:12:14:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 75 ==  75
[4:12:14:30] <@[twisti]> you throw a d100 for that
[4:12:14:30] <@[twisti]> and try to scre below your weapon skill
[4:12:14:30] <@[twisti]> which you didnt
[4:12:14:30] <@spyderman> Ok
[4:12:14:30] <@[twisti]> next round
[4:12:14:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 23 ==  23
[4:12:14:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:14:30] <@Crowbarman> sad
[4:12:14:31] <@[twisti]> LJ is out
[4:12:14:31][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 38 ==  38
[4:12:14:31] <@[twisti]> wolf bites crow
[4:12:14:31][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:12:14:31] <@LumberJane> <<I'm drowning in the fountain>>
[4:12:14:31] <@Crowbarman> stupid doggy
[4:12:14:31] <@spyderman> I'll take another swing
[4:12:14:31][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 45 ==  45
[4:12:14:31] <@[twisti]> easy
[4:12:14:31] <@[twisti]> im not done with crow yet
[4:12:14:31] <@spyderman> my bad
[4:12:14:31] <@[twisti]> you take 2 hits
[4:12:14:32] <@Crowbarman> my tb is 2
[4:12:14:32] <@[twisti]> thats why you take 2
[4:12:14:32] <@[twisti]> 1+3-2
[4:12:14:32] <@Crowbarman> k
[4:12:14:32] <@[twisti]> spyder misses
[4:12:14:32] <@[twisti]> next round
[4:12:14:32][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 17 ==  17
[4:12:14:32][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                 10 ==  10
[4:12:14:32][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  6 ==   6
[4:12:14:32] <@[twisti]> man i hate you crow
[4:12:14:32] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:12:14:32] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:12:14:32] <@[twisti]> your pellet goes right through the wolves head
[4:12:14:33] <@[twisti]> it drops dead
[4:12:14:33] * @Crowbarman looks through the hole
[4:12:14:33] <@[twisti]> behind you you hear gargling noises
[4:12:14:33] <@spyderman> I go and fish LJ out of the fountain
[4:12:14:33] <@LumberJane> <<medic!>>
[4:12:14:33] <@[twisti]> since i assume she swallowed some of it, shes going to be fully restored over the next few minutes
[4:12:14:34] <@Crowbarman> I'm gonna go drink some more
[4:12:14:34] <@[twisti]> you are all at full health again
[4:12:14:34] <@LumberJane> yay
[4:12:14:34] <@Crowbarman> so, what was it like being dead, my parents would never tell me
[4:12:14:34] <@LumberJane> sorry I wasn't much help, guys
[4:12:14:34] <@LumberJane> I hand the claw over to crow
[4:12:14:35] <@LumberJane> let's hope your animal is a rabbit
[4:12:14:35] <@Crowbarman> um, right, get ready for a fight
[4:12:14:35] <@spyderman> I keep my sword out while Crow goes up
[4:12:14:35] * @Crowbarman keeps her sling ready as she pricks herself and drops some blood in the urn
[4:12:14:36] <@[twisti]> a giant dragon appears. his wings shatter the columns. as he breathes fire and you all incinerate, you think "oh crap"
[4:12:14:36] <@[twisti]> just kidding, nothing at all happens
[4:12:14:36] <@LumberJane> lmao
[4:12:14:36] <@LumberJane> evil
[4:12:14:36] <@spyderman> whew
[4:12:14:36] <@LumberJane> I really did think "oh god"
[4:12:14:36] <@[twisti]> lol
[4:12:14:36] <@[twisti]> looks like itll only work once
[4:12:14:36] <@Crowbarman> hmm, I would have liked a dragon spirit animal
[4:12:14:36] <@LumberJane> yeah but not to fight
[4:12:14:36] <@spyderman> Well, I'll take the claw and do the same
[4:12:14:36] <@[twisti]> nothing happens again
[4:12:14:37] <@[twisti]> not for dave either
[4:12:14:37] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:12:14:37] <@Crowbarman> oh good
[4:12:14:37] <@LumberJane> so a wolf is for our entire party, I guess
[4:12:14:37] <@Crowbarman> lets take the south path, that should lead us to that one door we couldn't open
[4:12:14:37] <@LumberJane> perhaps, let's go
[4:12:14:37] <@spyderman> Alright
[4:12:14:37] <@[twisti]> dave says: maybe we should search the wolf and take it with us, you know, as proof
[4:12:14:37] <@LumberJane> hmm
[4:12:14:37] <@LumberJane> I can't carry a wolf
[4:12:14:38] <@LumberJane> maybe dave should carry it
[4:12:14:38] <@spyderman> Haha
[4:12:14:38] <@Crowbarman> since its his idea
[4:12:14:38] <@LumberJane> yes
[4:12:14:38] <@Crowbarman> not like he did anything to help us kill it
[4:12:14:38] <@LumberJane> << thanks twisti >>
[4:12:14:38] <@LumberJane> he tripped and hit his head, just woke up
[4:12:14:39] <@[twisti]> as you search the wolf, you find a small blue key on a collar around his neck, but thats about it
[4:12:14:39] <@LumberJane> another key, of course
[4:12:14:39] <@[twisti]> dave shoulders it and you make your way back to the south path
[4:12:14:39] <@spyderman> Better than locked doors
[4:12:14:39] <@Crowbarman> that'll open the door
[4:12:14:39] <@[twisti]> as you leave the hall, a stone door comes crushing down right behind you
[4:12:14:39] <@LumberJane> yipes
[4:12:14:39] <@LumberJane> no turning back now
[4:12:14:39] <@spyderman> No more fountain
[4:12:14:39] <@Crowbarman> well, good thing we got the wolf and key
[4:12:14:39] <@LumberJane> yeah
[4:12:14:39] <@LumberJane> good thinking, dave
[4:12:14:40] <@[twisti]> perception checks all around please
[4:12:14:40] <@Crowbarman> int, right?
[4:12:14:40] <@[twisti]> right
[4:12:14:40][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 48 ==  48
[4:12:14:40] <@[twisti]> if you have perception
[4:12:14:40][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100-28):                -21 == -21
[4:12:14:40] <@[twisti]> int/2 if you dont
[4:12:14:40][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 10 ==  10
[4:12:14:40] <@spyderman> big_smile
[4:12:14:40] * @Crowbarman feels like she has the worst int of the group
[4:12:14:41] <@Crowbarman> um, I shoot my sling at the shimmer
[4:12:14:41] <@[twisti]> you draw your sling
[4:12:14:41] <@LumberJane> what shimmer?
[4:12:14:41] <@[twisti]> the rest looks at you confused
[4:12:14:41] <@spyderman> Yeah, what shimmer
[4:12:14:41][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:14:41][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 71 ==  71
[4:12:14:41] <@Crowbarman> hah
[4:12:14:42] <@[twisti]> suddenly, next to spyderman, an armored man appears, hits him with a sword, but misses, and disappears again
[4:12:14:42] <@Crowbarman> swings a sword at him*
[4:12:14:42] <@[twisti]> no initiative for this, as you can only see the man after he attacks
[4:12:14:42] <@[twisti]> right, thanks
[4:12:14:43] <@Crowbarman> I still see the shimmer though
[4:12:14:43] <@[twisti]> no you dont
[4:12:14:43] <@spyderman> I pull my sword (if I can) and go into parry stance
[4:12:14:43] <@Crowbarman> sad
[4:12:14:43][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:12:14:43][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 99 ==  99
[4:12:14:43] <@Crowbarman> fine, I start shooting randomly
[4:12:14:43] <@LumberJane> don't hit me
[4:12:14:43] <@[twisti]> the armored man appears next to LJ
[4:12:14:43] <@LumberJane> duck!
[4:12:14:43] <@[twisti]> but he fumbles and misses
[4:12:14:43] <@Crowbarman> EVERYONE DOWN
[4:12:14:44] <@[twisti]> crow, you can attack him now
[4:12:14:44] * @Crowbarman starts shooting
[4:12:14:44][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                100 == 100
[4:12:14:44] <@[twisti]> you miss and drop the sling
[4:12:14:44] <@Crowbarman> sad
[4:12:14:44] <@LumberJane> dang
[4:12:14:44] <@[twisti]> spyder, you draw your sword
[4:12:14:44] <@[twisti]> LJ ?
[4:12:14:44] <@LumberJane> sleep spell
[4:12:14:44] <@Crowbarman> don't you have to touch him for that?
[4:12:14:44] <@LumberJane> I'm too scared to think of channelling
[4:12:14:44] <@LumberJane> he's right beside me
[4:12:14:44] <@[twisti]> you cant do a sleep spell on him
[4:12:14:44] <@LumberJane> ok can I do magic dart?
[4:12:14:44] <@[twisti]> hes not visible long enough for you to finish casting and touch him
[4:12:14:45] <@Crowbarman> you still need to do a touch attack
[4:12:14:45] <@[twisti]> nope, no magic attacks
[4:12:14:45] <@LumberJane> then I'm useless lol
[4:12:14:45] <@LumberJane> what will I do, smack the metal?
[4:12:14:45] <@[twisti]> but you could cast one and hold it
[4:12:14:45] <@spyderman> Start flailing your fists
[4:12:14:45] <@[twisti]> and release it the next time he becomes visible
[4:12:14:45] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:12:14:45] <@[twisti]> go ahead then
[4:12:14:46][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 32 ==  32
[4:12:14:46] <@[twisti]> what did you do ?
[4:12:14:46] <@LumberJane> tried to cast a magic dart spell and failed
[4:12:14:46] <@[twisti]> no you didnt
[4:12:14:46] <@spyderman> readyu a spell LJ
[4:12:14:46] <@[twisti]> magic is 1d10, hit or over the spell requirement
[4:12:14:46] <@[twisti]> which is 6 for magic darts
[4:12:14:46] <@LumberJane> oh, that's different than what I have written down
[4:12:14:46][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:14:47] <@Crowbarman> now you failed
[4:12:14:47] <@[twisti]> your spell fizzles
[4:12:14:47][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:14:47][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 30 ==  30
[4:12:14:47] <@[twisti]> the man appears next to spyder and hits him
[4:12:14:47][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:14:47] <@[twisti]> you take 4 damage, spyder
[4:12:14:47] <@spyderman> ok
[4:12:14:47] <@spyderman> No counters right?
[4:12:14:48] <@[twisti]> right
[4:12:14:48] <@[twisti]> you can all try to hit him now
[4:12:14:48] <@Crowbarman> alright, I pick up my sling and set it to spin so I can let loose when he appears
[4:12:14:48] <@[twisti]> and LJ can cast
[4:12:14:48] <@[twisti]> oh right, you dropped that
[4:12:14:48] <@LumberJane> ok I've calmed down now (coolheaded)
[4:12:14:48] <@LumberJane> I want to channel my magic and try again
[4:12:14:49] <@spyderman> Is he visible?
[4:12:14:49] <@[twisti]> he just hit you, so yes
[4:12:14:49] <@[twisti]> you can strike back
[4:12:14:49][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                 10 ==  10
[4:12:14:49] <@[twisti]> nice
[4:12:14:49] <@[twisti]> spyder ?
[4:12:14:49] <@Crowbarman> does that get another roll for a double cast?
[4:12:14:49] <@[twisti]> no
[4:12:14:50] <@spyderman> I make an attempt to grapple him
[4:12:14:50] <@[twisti]> i forgot how grapple works
[4:12:14:50] <@spyderman> Unarmed attack, then an opposed agi test
[4:12:14:50] <@[twisti]> right
[4:12:14:51] <@[twisti]> so you drop your sword
[4:12:14:51][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 66 ==  66
[4:12:14:51] <@[twisti]> and you cant get a hold of him
[4:12:14:51] <@[twisti]> and shimmers out again
[4:12:14:51][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:12:14:51] <@[twisti]> and shimmers in next to LJ
[4:12:14:51][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 98 ==  98
[4:12:14:51] <@[twisti]> and doesnt hit her (again)
[4:12:14:51] <@LumberJane> I want to let loose my dart
[4:12:14:51] <@Crowbarman> and me my bullet
[4:12:14:51] <@[twisti]> go ahead and roll damage
[4:12:14:52] <@LumberJane> ok how do I do damage, 10 again?
[4:12:14:52] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:12:14:52] <@[twisti]> 10+3
[4:12:14:52][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  7 ==   7
[4:12:14:52] <@LumberJane> +3 = 10
[4:12:14:52] <@[twisti]> you smack him right in the shoulder, and you can see that it went through his armor and injured him
[4:12:14:52] <@[twisti]> crow ?
[4:12:14:52][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 35 ==  35
[4:12:14:53][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  6 ==   6
[4:12:14:53] <@[twisti]> you didnt actually hit him
[4:12:14:53] <@Crowbarman> ?
[4:12:14:53] <@[twisti]> you get -10 to hit him unless youre the one hes attacking
[4:12:14:53] <@[twisti]> because you dont have time to aim well
[4:12:14:53] <@[twisti]> spyderman ?
[4:12:14:54] <@spyderman> I pick up my sword and sheath it
[4:12:14:54] <@[twisti]> uh
[4:12:14:54] <@spyderman> I want to pin him down, hopefully
[4:12:14:54] <@[twisti]> ok
[4:12:14:54] <@[twisti]> next turn, then
[4:12:14:54][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:12:14:54] <@[twisti]> its LJ again!
[4:12:14:54][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 43 ==  43
[4:12:14:54] <@[twisti]> and he misses you by an inch
[4:12:14:55] <@[twisti]> crow, lj, spyder ?
[4:12:14:55] <@LumberJane> I want to ready another dart
[4:12:14:55][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:14:55] <@LumberJane> or fail to
[4:12:14:55] <@[twisti]> fizzles
[4:12:14:55] <@spyderman> Could I dive at him to grapple?
[4:12:14:55] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:12:14:55] <@Crowbarman> shooting my sling
[4:12:14:55][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 94 ==  94
[4:12:14:55] <@spyderman> I do that after Crow
[4:12:14:55][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 83 ==  83
[4:12:14:55] <@[twisti]> you both miss
[4:12:14:55][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:14:55][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 11 ==  11
[4:12:14:55] <@Crowbarman> crap
[4:12:14:56] <@[twisti]> he shimmers in next to crow and hits him with his sword
[4:12:14:56][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:14:56] <@LumberJane> trying to ready another dart
[4:12:14:56] <@Crowbarman> dumb bastard guy
[4:12:14:56][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:14:56] <@[twisti]> you take 5 damage
[4:12:14:56] <@[twisti]> spyderman ?
[4:12:14:56] <@spyderman> I try to grab him once again after Crow
[4:12:14:56] <@Crowbarman> I shove a bullet right up his ass
[4:12:14:56] <@LumberJane> someday I'll be good at magic
[4:12:14:56][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 66 ==  66
[4:12:14:56] <@Crowbarman> DAMN IT
[4:12:14:56][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 73 ==  73
[4:12:14:56] <@spyderman> Damn
[4:12:14:56] <@[twisti]> you guys suck
[4:12:14:56] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:12:14:56][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d3+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:14:57] <@LumberJane> we know
[4:12:14:57] <@[twisti]> and he shimmers in next to spyder
[4:12:14:57][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 47 ==  47
[4:12:14:57] <@[twisti]> and misses him
[4:12:14:57][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:14:57][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                  9 ==   9
[4:12:14:57] <@Crowbarman> FINALLLY
[4:12:14:57] <@LumberJane> get him!
[4:12:14:57][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                 10 ==  10
[4:12:14:57][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  5 ==   5
[4:12:14:57] <@[twisti]> GOD DAMN YOU
[4:12:14:57] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:12:14:57] <@LumberJane> haha
[4:12:14:57] <@spyderman> Jeez
[4:12:14:57] <@spyderman> When you hit, you don't mess around
[4:12:14:57] <@LumberJane> twisti gets so upset when we do well
[4:12:14:57] <@[twisti]> one more opponent with a hole in his skull
[4:12:14:58] * @LumberJane cheers Crow.
[4:12:14:58] <@spyderman> Pats on back for you
[4:12:14:58] <@[twisti]> as the knight collapses on the floor, he becomes fully visible
[4:12:14:58] <@Crowbarman> I search him
[4:12:14:58] <@Crowbarman> dibs on any shinies
[4:12:14:58] <@[twisti]> you find
[4:12:14:58] <@[twisti]> 1 red potion
[4:12:14:58] <@[twisti]> 1 yellow potion
[4:12:14:59] <@[twisti]> 1 long sword
[4:12:14:59] <@spyderman> Cool
[4:12:14:59] <@LumberJane> don't drink those potions
[4:12:14:59] <@[twisti]> and a scroll
[4:12:14:59] <@spyderman> I forgot I had wrestling, but I doubt it would have mattered
[4:12:14:59] <@[twisti]> the armor seems to crumble under your hands
[4:12:14:59] <@LumberJane> let me see the scroll, please
[4:12:15:00] <@[twisti]> the scroll reads:
[4:12:15:00] <@[twisti]> I have paid thee, and paid thee well, to fulfill the contract.
[4:12:15:00] <@Crowbarman> I'll take the potions, they're the shiniest thing available
[4:12:15:00] <@LumberJane> just don't drink them
[4:12:15:00] <@[twisti]> Only fools would pay a great sum for an easy task, and I'm no fool.
[4:12:15:01] <@spyderman> I'll snag up the sword, and put the smaller sword onto the knight's chest
[4:12:15:01] <@[twisti]> Remember, I have chosen thee because thou art the best weapon available to me at the moment
[4:12:15:01] <@[twisti]> does anyone want to hear the scroll ?
[4:12:15:01] <@LumberJane> yes
[4:12:15:01] <@LumberJane> I'm reading it
[4:12:15:02] <@[twisti]> id like if it could stay in an uninterrupted flow, so when dave or you go back to looking for it its not spread over half a page of loot discussions
[4:12:15:02] <@[twisti]> so be silent for a moment please
[4:12:15:02] <@[twisti]> the scroll reads:
[4:12:15:02] <@[twisti]> I have paid thee, and paid thee well, to fulfill the contract.
[4:12:15:02] <@[twisti]> Only fools would pay a great sum for an easy task, and I'm no fool.
[4:12:15:02] <@[twisti]> Remember, I have chosen thee because thou art the best weapon available to me at the moment
[4:12:15:02] <@[twisti]> Make no mistake, the group is not an easy target and certainly a challange.
[4:12:15:03] <@[twisti]> Dispose of the group quickly.
[4:12:15:03] <@[twisti]> Destroy this note. No evidence should be left behind thee.
[4:12:15:03] <@[twisti]> X.
[4:12:15:03] <@[twisti]> ----
[4:12:15:03] <@LumberJane> X.. Have we met anyone with an X name?
[4:12:15:04] <@Crowbarman> I knew this guy once, his name was xavier
[4:12:15:04] <@spyderman> Ah, well, it's good to know we're being hunted
[4:12:15:04] <@Crowbarman> ran an institute somewhere
[4:12:15:04] <@LumberJane> how is that good?
[4:12:15:04] <@[twisti]> yeah, you met a guy who introduced himself with "Hi, I'm X, and Im plotting to kill you."
[4:12:15:04] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:12:15:04] <@spyderman> sarcasm hon
[4:12:15:04] <@spyderman> smile
[4:12:15:04] <@LumberJane> Was his sword lootable?
[4:12:15:04] <@Crowbarman> spyderman already got it
[4:12:15:04] <@LumberJane> just making sure
[4:12:15:04] <@spyderman> You can have the smaller one
[4:12:15:05] <@LumberJane> I don't use swords
[4:12:15:05] <@LumberJane> we should keep it though
[4:12:15:05] <@spyderman> I was about to ask that
[4:12:15:05] <@Crowbarman> you use staves or you just stick with magic
[4:12:15:05] <@spyderman> I keep the smaller sword
[4:12:15:05] <@LumberJane> yes
[4:12:15:05] <@LumberJane> let's continue on
[4:12:15:05] <@Crowbarman> we should try to sell it
[4:12:15:05] <@LumberJane> be ready for anything
[4:12:15:05] <@LumberJane> this test was a sham
[4:12:15:05] * @Crowbarman keeps her sling drawn
[4:12:15:06] <@spyderman> What else is in the room? Just the man?
[4:12:15:06] <@[twisti]> its a tunnel, and its a dead end
[4:12:15:06] <@Crowbarman> I look for key holes
[4:12:15:06] <@LumberJane> let's each take a wall and search for a way out, a button, anything
[4:12:15:07] <@[twisti]> but since i assume none of you hit their head, you remember the invisible wall from earlier so you easily find the hidden passageway
[4:12:15:07] <@Crowbarman> right
[4:12:15:07] <@spyderman> Ahh
[4:12:15:07] <@LumberJane> which way does it go?
[4:12:15:07] <@[twisti]> it leads to a wood locked door
[4:12:15:07] <@[twisti]> south
[4:12:15:07] <@spyderman> Can I kick it in cause it's wood?
[4:12:15:07] <@Crowbarman> blue key, blue key, tra la la la la la
[4:12:15:07] <@[twisti]> you can try
[4:12:15:07] <@LumberJane> try the key from the wolf
[4:12:15:07] <@spyderman> Do that first..
[4:12:15:07] <@[twisti]> it works!
[4:12:15:08] <@LumberJane> no need for brute force if it isn't necessary
[4:12:15:08] <@spyderman> *shrug*(
[4:12:15:08] <@spyderman> -(
[4:12:15:08] <@LumberJane> let's take a look through the door before entering
[4:12:15:08] <@[twisti]> theres another tunnel behind it
[4:12:15:08] <@[twisti]> it seems to lead toward the area where you entered
[4:12:15:08] <@LumberJane> alright, onward
[4:12:15:08] <@spyderman> Let's go
[4:12:15:09] <@Crowbarman> but the entrance door was locked, we'll need to knock probably
[4:12:15:09] <@LumberJane> I don't know.. we'll see when that time comes
[4:12:15:09] <@[twisti]> you indeed come out at the entrance, behind the locked door you couldnt open earlier
[4:12:15:10] <@LumberJane> nothing to be seen?
[4:12:15:10] <@LumberJane> just the door
[4:12:15:10] <@[twisti]> just the locked door
[4:12:15:10] <@spyderman> Can we open it now? Like, unlock it from this side?
[4:12:15:11] <@[twisti]> no
[4:12:15:11] <@LumberJane> all our keys went to other doors
[4:12:15:11] <@Crowbarman> try them again
[4:12:15:11] <@[twisti]> they dont work
[4:12:15:11] <@LumberJane> try knocking
[4:12:15:11] <@spyderman> I pound on it heavily
[4:12:15:11] <@Crowbarman> I bet that lever opened it
[4:12:15:11] <@[twisti]> you knock, and after a moment or two you hear the entrance of the dungeon being opened, and then the door being unlocked
[4:12:15:12] <@[twisti]> Shmed, the guardian of the test dungeon, stands before you with a look of disbelief on his face
[4:12:15:12] <@Crowbarman> hi, does this wolf belong to you?
[4:12:15:12] <@[twisti]> I don't understand! How could you have survived the test? We fixed it so you would have no chance!
[4:12:15:12] <@LumberJane> You underestimated us.
[4:12:15:12] <@spyderman> Hmm.. you mean.. nevermind
[4:12:15:12] <@[twisti]> he draws his swords and shouts
[4:12:15:12] <@spyderman> Crap
[4:12:15:13] * @Crowbarman still had her sling drawn
[4:12:15:13] <@[twisti]> and with that he attacks you
[4:12:15:13] <@spyderman> Lovely
[4:12:15:13] <@[twisti]> inititative rolls please
[4:12:15:13][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  5 ==   5
[4:12:15:13][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d10+0):                  6 ==   6
[4:12:15:13][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  7 ==   7
[4:12:15:13] <@Crowbarman> lool
[4:12:15:13] <@spyderman> Haha
[4:12:15:13][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                 10 ==  10
[4:12:15:13] <@Crowbarman> you messed the pattern up sad
[4:12:15:13] <@LumberJane> sorry
[4:12:15:14] <@LumberJane> who is "she" ?
[4:12:15:14] <@spyderman> Less chat, more splat
[4:12:15:14] <@Crowbarman> we'll ask his corpse
[4:12:15:14] <@LumberJane> I don't like splat so much
[4:12:15:14] <@[twisti]> crow goes first
[4:12:15:14] <@LumberJane> and corpses do not speak
[4:12:15:14] <@spyderman> I'll hold him down if I get the chance
[4:12:15:14][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 52 ==  52
[4:12:15:14] <@LumberJane> I'm no necromancer!
[4:12:15:14] <@Crowbarman> sad
[4:12:15:14] <@Crowbarman> good, my neck doesn't need to be romanced
[4:12:15:14] <@[twisti]> LJ goes next
[4:12:15:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 76 ==  76
[4:12:15:15] <@LumberJane> sorry
[4:12:15:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:15:15] <@[twisti]> LJ tries to hit him with her fists and misses
[4:12:15:15][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 52 ==  52
[4:12:15:15] <@LumberJane> I have the 100 in my clipboard.. I'll fix it
[4:12:15:15] <@[twisti]> he attacks spyderman and misses
[4:12:15:15] <@[twisti]> spyderman, youre up
[4:12:15:15] <@spyderman> I try and grapple him, wrestling gives me a bonus
[4:12:15:16][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 25 ==  25
[4:12:15:16][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 71 ==  71
[4:12:15:17] <@[twisti]> you grab ahold of him
[4:12:15:17] <@spyderman> He can't move now, and everyone gets a +20% to weapons, right?
[4:12:15:18] <@[twisti]> melee weapons, yes
[4:12:15:18] <@[twisti]> sadly, you are the only melee
[4:12:15:18] <@[twisti]> crow, your turn
[4:12:15:18][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 66 ==  66
[4:12:15:18] <@[twisti]> you miss
[4:12:15:18] <@[twisti]> he tries to break the grapple
[4:12:15:19] <@[twisti]> 1d100 roll please spyder
[4:12:15:19][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                  5 ==   5
[4:12:15:19] <@[twisti]> ooooh
[4:12:15:19][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 29 ==  29
[4:12:15:19] <@[twisti]> and better make it a good one
[4:12:15:19] <@spyderman> I bet he throws me across the room
[4:12:15:19] <@[twisti]> not good enough
[4:12:15:19] <@[twisti]> he breaks free
[4:12:15:19] <@[twisti]> LJ ?
[4:12:15:19] <@LumberJane> magic dart attempt
[4:12:15:19][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  7 ==   7
[4:12:15:19] <@[twisti]> yay
[4:12:15:19] <@LumberJane> smile
[4:12:15:19][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:15:19] <@Crowbarman> hmm
[4:12:15:20] <@spyderman> better than nothing
[4:12:15:20] <@[twisti]> you inflict a tiny bit of damage, but it doesnt look very deep
[4:12:15:20] <@[twisti]> spyder, you tried to hold the grapple, so no attack for you
[4:12:15:20] <@[twisti]> next round, crow
[4:12:15:20][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 15 ==  15
[4:12:15:20][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:15:20] <@Crowbarman> sad
[4:12:15:21] <@[twisti]> it plinks off his armor leaving nothing but a scratch
[4:12:15:21] <@[twisti]> LJ
[4:12:15:21] <@LumberJane> I'm going to try to make him drop his sword
[4:12:15:21][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:15:21] <@[twisti]> that needs 3, right ?
[4:12:15:21] <@LumberJane> 4
[4:12:15:21] <@[twisti]> ok
[4:12:15:21] <@[twisti]> he attacks spyder
[4:12:15:21][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:15:21] <@[twisti]> and hits
[4:12:15:21][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:15:21] <@Crowbarman> ouch
[4:12:15:22] <@spyderman> This dude isn't playing around
[4:12:15:22] <@[twisti]> 3 damage spyder
[4:12:15:23] <@[twisti]> leaving you with 5 wounds
[4:12:15:23] <@[twisti]> your turn
[4:12:15:23] <@spyderman> I pull my sword out, and would i be able to attack?
[4:12:15:23] <@[twisti]> no
[4:12:15:23] <@spyderman> Hmm.. I thought readying and standard was 2 halves
[4:12:15:23] <@spyderman> Oh well
[4:12:15:24] <@[twisti]> you might be right, ill read up more about combat tomorrow
[4:12:15:24] <@spyderman> Thats fine
[4:12:15:24] <@LumberJane> my turn?
[4:12:15:24] <@[twisti]> crow ?
[4:12:15:24][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 52 ==  52
[4:12:15:24] <@spyderman> Im last LJ
[4:12:15:24] <@[twisti]> hah
[4:12:15:24] <@[twisti]> LJ
[4:12:15:24] <@LumberJane> magic dart
[4:12:15:24][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  3 ==   3
[4:12:15:24] <@[twisti]> hah!
[4:12:15:24][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 32 ==  32
[4:12:15:25] <@LumberJane> my magic is failing a lot
[4:12:15:25][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  1 ==   1
[4:12:15:25] <@LumberJane> How does channelling work?
[4:12:15:25] <@[twisti]> 2 damage for you, spyder
[4:12:15:25] <@spyderman> Ass hat
[4:12:15:25] <@[twisti]> LJ: skill check before you cast, gives +1
[4:12:15:25] <@[twisti]> just like last time
[4:12:15:25] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:12:15:25] <@spyderman> I want to swing my longsword at him
[4:12:15:25] <@[twisti]> go ahead
[4:12:15:25][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                100 == 100
[4:12:15:26] * @spyderman facepalms
[4:12:15:26] <@[twisti]> you swing, miss, and burry the sword in the wall
[4:12:15:26] <@[twisti]> gonna take you a round to wedge it out
[4:12:15:26] <@Crowbarman> you still have the other one
[4:12:15:26] <@[twisti]> crow, your on
[4:12:15:26][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 53 ==  53
[4:12:15:26] <@Crowbarman> DAMN IT
[4:12:15:26] <@spyderman> I know, but it'll take a round to pull either
[4:12:15:26] <@[twisti]> gonna take him a row to draw the oher one too
[4:12:15:26] <@[twisti]> LJ
[4:12:15:26] <@LumberJane> magic dart attempt again. I'll get it eventually
[4:12:15:27][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  2 ==   2
[4:12:15:27] <@Crowbarman> but not this time
[4:12:15:27] <@spyderman> Not this day though
[4:12:15:27] <@spyderman> smile
[4:12:15:27] <@[twisti]> and again no channeling
[4:12:15:27] <@LumberJane> channeling wouldn't have helped
[4:12:15:27] <@[twisti]> you didnt know that htough smile
[4:12:15:27] <@LumberJane> lol yeah I know
[4:12:15:27] <@[twisti]> while pulling out his sword spyder moved away a bit so shmed attacks
[4:12:15:27] <@[twisti]> hmm
[4:12:15:27] <@[twisti]> crow instead
[4:12:15:27][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 12 ==  12
[4:12:15:27] <@[twisti]> rawr
[4:12:15:27][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d10+0):                  7 ==   7
[4:12:15:27] <@LumberJane> wow
[4:12:15:28] <@Crowbarman> well, I'm dead
[4:12:15:28] <@[twisti]> crow is out cold
[4:12:15:28] <@spyderman> Damn, this isn't going well
[4:12:15:28] <@LumberJane> I should have been a cleric
[4:12:15:28] <@LumberJane> I want to try to touch him and make him sleep
[4:12:15:28] <@[twisti]> spyder pulls his sword
[4:12:15:28] <@[twisti]> go ahead LJ
[4:12:15:28] <@LumberJane> agi check, right?
[4:12:15:28] <@[twisti]> i dont remember
[4:12:15:28] <@[twisti]> let me read up
[4:12:15:29] <@LumberJane> that's what you made me do with the troll
[4:12:15:29] <@[twisti]> yes, but that was a different situation
[4:12:15:29] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:12:15:29] <@[twisti]> now, your opponent is standing right next to you
[4:12:15:29] <@LumberJane> we're just not doing any damage, plus he's not really wanting to hurt us, he's being influenced.. so sleep is a good option
[4:12:15:29] <@[twisti]> go ahead
[4:12:15:29] <@[twisti]> just magic
[4:12:15:29][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  6 ==   6
[4:12:15:30] <@[twisti]> again you forgot channeling, but its still enough
[4:12:15:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result ([twisti]) (1#1d100+0):                 83 ==  83
[4:12:15:30] <@[twisti]> and he fails his willpower test and drops to the floor
[4:12:15:30] <@LumberJane> phew
[4:12:15:30] <@[twisti]> 1d10 please
[4:12:15:30][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d10+0):                  5 ==   5
[4:12:15:30] <@[twisti]> 5 rounds until he wakes up
[4:12:15:30] <@[twisti]> thats just under a minute
[4:12:15:30] <@LumberJane> I will search him quickly
[4:12:15:30] <@[twisti]> he has nothing but a scroll on him

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Re: The Test Part 2

[4:12:15:31] <@spyderman> Do we have anything to bound him?
[4:12:15:31] <@Crowbarman> remove his armor and sword
[4:12:15:31] <@[twisti]> bind, and no
[4:12:15:31] <@LumberJane> no
[4:12:15:31] <@LumberJane> I'll take the scroll
[4:12:15:31] <@LumberJane> and then I'll move away
[4:12:15:31] <@spyderman> I'll strip him of his things
[4:12:15:31] <@LumberJane> spyder, grab his sword?
[4:12:15:31] <@[twisti]> you can try to wedge his sword from his grip, but theres no way you can undress a sleeping person without waking him
[4:12:15:31] <@spyderman> I'll chop his sword hand off
[4:12:15:31] <@LumberJane> lol
[4:12:15:31] <@[twisti]> hes not dead, hes just sleeping
[4:12:15:31] <@spyderman> I'm aware
[4:12:15:31][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                 34 ==  34
[4:12:15:32] <@LumberJane> so violent
[4:12:15:32] <@Crowbarman> that'll wake him up probably
[4:12:15:32] <@spyderman> With no hand
[4:12:15:32] <@[twisti]> you take off his sword hand and screaming hes back on his feet
[4:12:15:32] <@spyderman> I'm a pit fighter, violence is in my blood
[4:12:15:32] <@spyderman> To him: You give up yet?
[4:12:15:32] <@[twisti]> he stares at his stump bewildered for a split second, then dodges out of the door, slamming it behind him
[4:12:15:33] <@spyderman> Hmmm... looks like we have to backtrack
[4:12:15:33] <@LumberJane> but he didn't lock it, let's go out
[4:12:15:33] <@Crowbarman> and now we're locked in the test area with me dying
[4:12:15:33] <@LumberJane> he slammed it, didn't lock it
[4:12:15:33] <@[twisti]> correct
[4:12:15:33] <@LumberJane> spyder, drag crow behind us
[4:12:15:33] <@[twisti]> you hear his screams getting softer
[4:12:15:33] <@LumberJane> we'll get outside then let him heal
[4:12:15:33] <@spyderman> Well, I put him on my shoulder
[4:12:15:33] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:12:15:34] <@Crowbarman> her*
[4:12:15:34] <@spyderman> We need to get out of here SOON
[4:12:15:34] <@LumberJane> her, soryr
[4:12:15:34] <@LumberJane> sorry*
[4:12:15:34] <@[twisti]> thats for all those one-shotted carefully prepared enemies, crow :p
[4:12:15:34] <@spyderman> Sorry
[4:12:15:34] <@spyderman> What if there are more? Lets go
[4:12:15:34] <@LumberJane> we'll deal with that if it happens
[4:12:15:34] <@[twisti]> oh, im sorry, you also found another rusty key on shemd while he was out
[4:12:15:35] <@LumberJane> I want out of this cave
[4:12:15:35] <@spyderman> Ok
[4:12:15:35] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:12:15:35] <@LumberJane> wait
[4:12:15:35] <@spyderman> brb, need food and drink real quick
[4:12:15:35] <@LumberJane> let's not go out yet
[4:12:15:35] <@Crowbarman> that's why he didn't lock the door, he couldn't
[4:12:15:35] <@LumberJane> I almost forgot the scroll
[4:12:15:35] <@LumberJane> I want to read the scroll
[4:12:15:35] <@[twisti]> The scroll reads:
[4:12:15:35] <@[twisti]> My dearest,
[4:12:15:36] <@[twisti]> I beg thy forgiveness for my behavior last night.
[4:12:15:36] <@[twisti]> This difficulty with the group hath disrupted my performance,
[4:12:15:36] <@[twisti]> but I assure thee that once we have taken care of him,
[4:12:15:36] <@[twisti]> I will hold a private celebration thou shalt not soon forget...
[4:12:15:36] <@[twisti]> ---
[4:12:15:37] <@spyderman> back
[4:12:15:37] <@spyderman> Bet he couldn't get it up..
[4:12:15:37] <@[twisti]> the writing is clearly a womans hand
[4:12:15:37] <@[twisti]> or a man with an suprisingly lovely penmanship
[4:12:15:37] <@[twisti]> a*
[4:12:15:37] <@Crowbarman> lol
[4:12:15:37] <@spyderman> HAha
[4:12:15:38] <@LumberJane> so a woman is trying to kill us
[4:12:15:38] <@Crowbarman> who ISN'T trying to kill us
[4:12:15:38] <@spyderman> Well, maybe she has to do something with that one person that showed up on the beach
[4:12:15:38] <@LumberJane> << twisti, can mom get a lift to swi please. she died AGAIN with no pigeon AGAIN >>
[4:12:15:38] <@[twisti]> sure, just need her ID
[4:12:15:38] <@LumberJane> I mean it's a woman masterminding it
[4:12:15:39] <@LumberJane> 8907
[4:12:15:39] <@[twisti]> done
[4:12:15:39] <@LumberJane> she says thanks and I thank ya too
[4:12:15:40] <@[twisti]> np
[4:12:15:40] <@spyderman> Alright, we read it. Let's leave so we can get her some rest
[4:12:15:40] <@LumberJane> yeah, let's go outside
[4:12:15:40] <@[twisti]> you open the door (it wasnt locked) and bright noon greets you
[4:12:15:40] <@[twisti]> funny, it felt a lot longer in the dungeon
[4:12:15:41] <@Crowbarman> yea, like a week or so
[4:12:15:41] <@[twisti]> on the left, the path leads back to monitor, and on the right there is shemd's little hut, the door still open
[4:12:15:41] <@LumberJane> we need to get answers from shemd, but cassa needs rest
[4:12:15:41] <@spyderman> True
[4:12:15:42] <@[twisti]> you can see inside, its just a single room, shemd isnt here
[4:12:15:42] <@Crowbarman> like shmed is in his hut anyway
[4:12:15:42] <@spyderman> Search it?
[4:12:15:42] <@LumberJane> wait
[4:12:15:43] <@[twisti]> cassa woke up but is still pretty beat up
[4:12:15:43] <@LumberJane> go inside the hut
[4:12:15:43] <@[twisti]> but able to stand and stumble on her own
[4:12:15:43] <@LumberJane> is there a bed?
[4:12:15:43] <@spyderman> Let's search it for medical supplies.. Lord knows we need it
[4:12:15:43] <@[twisti]> as you walk closer and look inside, theres one bed, one desk, one chair, a book, some ale, and a chest in the corner
[4:12:15:44] <@spyderman> Is the chest locked?
[4:12:15:44] <@[twisti]> surprisingly not
[4:12:15:44] <@spyderman> Let's take a peek
[4:12:15:44] * @Crowbarman grabs the ale and starts drinking
[4:12:15:44] <@[twisti]> it contains some candles, more ale and some sausages
[4:12:15:44] <@LumberJane> lie down on the bed, cassa
[4:12:15:44] <@LumberJane> you need rest
[4:12:15:45] * @Crowbarman grabs the "more ale" and lies down
[4:12:15:45] <@LumberJane> we'll take the sausages and candles too
[4:12:15:45] <@LumberJane> I'd like to search the desk
[4:12:15:45] <@[twisti]> theres nothing there
[4:12:15:45] * @Crowbarman sniffs the yellow potion
[4:12:15:46] <@[twisti]> oh im sorry, i meant a table, not a desk
[4:12:15:46] <@LumberJane> oh k, what's the title of the book?
[4:12:15:46] <@[twisti]> "The Art of Fighting"
[4:12:15:46] <@[twisti]> and im not writing the contents down
[4:12:15:46] <@Crowbarman> lol
[4:12:15:46] <@LumberJane> lol that's o
[4:12:15:46] <@LumberJane> ok*
[4:12:15:46] <@spyderman> Sounds like a good book
[4:12:15:46] <@LumberJane> not my kind of book
[4:12:15:46] <@spyderman> I open it and thumb through it
[4:12:15:46] <@LumberJane> Cassa
[4:12:15:46] <@Crowbarman> ?
[4:12:15:46] <@LumberJane> what's it smell like?
[4:12:15:47] <@Crowbarman> it smells yellow
[4:12:15:47] <@[twisti]> indeed it does
[4:12:15:47] <@LumberJane> smell the red one
[4:12:15:47] <@spyderman> I bet it smells red
[4:12:15:47] * @Crowbarman sniffs the red potion
[4:12:15:47] <@Crowbarman> yup
[4:12:15:47] <@[twisti]> shockingly enough it smells red
[4:12:15:47] <@LumberJane> they may heal you
[4:12:15:47] <@LumberJane> but they may kill you
[4:12:15:47] <@spyderman> Turn your insides to outsides
[4:12:15:48] <@Crowbarman> well, red usually means stop, and green usually mean poison, so I'll try the yellow
[4:12:15:48] <@LumberJane> If I were to choose, I'd suggest a sip of red
[4:12:15:48] * @Crowbarman sips the yellow causiously
[4:12:15:48] <@LumberJane> your choise
[4:12:15:48] <@LumberJane> choice*
[4:12:15:48] <@spyderman> Haven't you played any games? Red means health, blue means mana
[4:12:15:48] <@[twisti]> you can only drink it or not drink it
[4:12:15:48] <@[twisti]> theres no supping
[4:12:15:48] <@[twisti]> sipping
[4:12:15:48] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:12:15:48] <@LumberJane> so he drinks the yellow
[4:12:15:48] <@LumberJane> she
[4:12:15:49] <@Crowbarman> << actually, I think yellow means heal and red means cure, or reverse if you're playing ff >>
[4:12:15:49] <@spyderman> << I was thinking along the lines of Diablo... >>
[4:12:15:50] <@[twisti]> you feel wide awake
[4:12:15:50] <@LumberJane> it depends on the game
[4:12:15:50] <@[twisti]> but not any healthier
[4:12:15:50] <@Crowbarman> <<I was more commenting on that cure spells heal and heal spells cure in final fantasy>>
[4:12:15:51] <@Crowbarman> alright, I'll drink the red as well
[4:12:15:51] <@LumberJane> go ahead and drink the red one
[4:12:15:51] <@[twisti]> you suddenly feel all restored and better
[4:12:15:51] <@spyderman> << If you want to cure good, you have to take off the E and put a bunch of letters behind it.>
[4:12:15:51] <@[twisti]> back to 5 wounds
[4:12:15:51] <@spyderman> Good deal
[4:12:15:52] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:12:15:52] <@Crowbarman> that's *hick* better
[4:12:15:52] <@LumberJane> nothing worth seeing here
[4:12:15:52] <@LumberJane> and he probably ran for help
[4:12:15:52] <@spyderman> Let's move then. We still aren't the strongest.
[4:12:15:52] <@LumberJane> yeah
[4:12:15:52] <@Crowbarman> he *hick* probably ran to town to tell them we attacked him unpro*hick*
[4:12:15:52] <@LumberJane> where will we go?
[4:12:15:52] <@Crowbarman> unpro*hick*
[4:12:15:52] <@Crowbarman> for no reason
[4:12:15:52] <@LumberJane> unprovoked?
[4:12:15:52] * @LumberJane chuckles.
[4:12:15:53] <@spyderman> How much did you drink? *laugh*
[4:12:15:53] <@LumberJane> we go outside and have a look around.
[4:12:15:53] <@[twisti]> it looks the same as before
[4:12:15:53] <@Crowbarman> enough to drink an unknown potion, not much for me though smile
[4:12:15:53] <@LumberJane> well we can't get to fawn and we certainly should not return to monitor
[4:12:15:54] <@spyderman> So we did the Knight's Test for nothing?
[4:12:15:54] <@LumberJane> apparently it was a trap designed to kill strangers
[4:12:15:55] <@Crowbarman> it seemed more like some group wanted US not to succeed
[4:12:15:55] <@spyderman> Maybe not. Maybe we're different. They obviously want us dead for some reason
[4:12:15:55] <@LumberJane> our only options seem to be wait here for them to come at us again or go into monitor and confront them
[4:12:15:55] <@[twisti]> perception tests all around please
[4:12:15:55] <@LumberJane> let's go back to monitor, perhaps someone will help us
[4:12:15:55][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100+0):                 55 ==  55
[4:12:15:55][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                  4 ==   4
[4:12:15:55][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (Crowbarman) (1#1d100+0):                 79 ==  79
[4:12:15:56] <@spyderman> I agree with LJ
[4:12:15:57] <@spyderman> Better than standing out in the open alone
[4:12:15:57] <@LumberJane> what was the check for?
[4:12:15:57] <@[twisti]> you failed it
[4:12:15:57] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:12:15:57] <@LumberJane> let's go
[4:12:15:58] <@LumberJane> towards monitor
[4:12:15:58] <@[twisti]> perception means you notice something, or not
[4:12:15:58] <@spyderman> lead the way
[4:12:15:58] <@[twisti]> if you fail, you dont notice it wink
[4:12:15:58] <@LumberJane> lol I get that
[4:12:15:58] <@LumberJane> thought maybe spyder noticed something and would share
[4:12:15:58] <@[twisti]> alright, after a short walk, you arrive back at the monitor gates
[4:12:15:58] <@spyderman> Nothing visible
[4:12:15:58] <@spyderman> smile
[4:12:15:59] <@spyderman> The portcullis is down, right?
[4:12:15:59] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:12:15:59] <@[twisti]> and theres a guard behind it, as usual
[4:12:15:59] <@spyderman> We call the guard over
[4:12:15:59] <@Crowbarman> OPEN UP BEFORE YOUR NEW QUEEN
[4:12:15:59] <@LumberJane> oh yeah, that'll work
[4:12:15:59] * @spyderman stomps her foot
[4:12:15:59] <@[twisti]> man, that pint of ale really went to tiny cassa's head
[4:12:16:00] <@[twisti]> the guard looks at you bemused, but does nothing
[4:12:16:00] <@LumberJane> excuse me, sir
[4:12:16:00] <@LumberJane> we should like to be let in
[4:12:16:00] <@[twisti]> is your daughter drunk, mam ?
[4:12:16:00] <@LumberJane> she's not my daughter, but yes I believe she is
[4:12:16:00] <@LumberJane> drunk, that is
[4:12:16:00] <@Crowbarman> not as dunk as you
[4:12:16:00] <@LumberJane> shh cassa
[4:12:16:00] <@[twisti]> than i can only allow you in if you swear to not let her wander around on her own and cause trouble
[4:12:16:01] <@LumberJane> I promise to keep her by me. *gives cassa a look*
[4:12:16:01] <@[twisti]> alright then
[4:12:16:01] <@[twisti]> he opens the gate
[4:12:16:01] * @spyderman grabs up Cassa under his arm tightly
[4:12:16:01] <@LumberJane> we enter the town <<yay!>>
[4:12:16:01] <@Crowbarman> hey, I have a right to be dunk, invisible bastard guys attacking me
[4:12:16:01] <@LumberJane> you can be drunk, just stay with me, okay?
[4:12:16:02] <@Crowbarman> then a guard that was supposed to be nice runs bast our dank and hits me
[4:12:16:02] <@Crowbarman> me of all people
[4:12:16:02] <@LumberJane> I know *pats cassa's back*
[4:12:16:02] <@Crowbarman> and I only dinged his armar a little
[4:12:16:02] <@LumberJane> let's go
[4:12:16:02] <@spyderman> Let's... talk about this some other time, eh Cassa? *said with a small nudge*
[4:12:16:02] <@[twisti]> you come into the city, and it kinda looks like usual
[4:12:16:03] <@LumberJane> anyone of note standing about?
[4:12:16:03] <@Crowbarman> I don't think those underworld types will take too kindly to me, what with my parents borrowing all their shinies all the time
[4:12:16:03] <@[twisti]> nope
[4:12:16:03] <@LumberJane> there's a fountain in the middle of town, isn't there?
[4:12:16:04] <@[twisti]> there is no clear town center
[4:12:16:04] <@[twisti]> however there are two or three gardens youve seen that had fountains in them
[4:12:16:04] <@LumberJane> oh, well is there a fountain anywhere in our view?
[4:12:16:04] <@LumberJane> good
[4:12:16:04] <@[twisti]> and its not a magic healing fountain.
[4:12:16:04] <@LumberJane> let's take cassa to a fountain and get something other than ale in her
[4:12:16:04] <@LumberJane> that's ok
[4:12:16:04] <@LumberJane> water may help the ale take less affect
[4:12:16:04] <@LumberJane> effect*
[4:12:16:05] <@spyderman> No, something to soak up the alcohol in her system would be better.
[4:12:16:05] <@[twisti]> you are in a nice garden, with fountains, statues and benches
[4:12:16:05] <@LumberJane> eat one of the sausages and have some water, cassa
[4:12:16:05] <@Crowbarman> ok
[4:12:16:06] <@LumberJane> feeling better?
[4:12:16:06] <@Crowbarman> much
[4:12:16:06] <@LumberJane> good
[4:12:16:06] <@Crowbarman> we should talk to caladin, maybe he'll know more about stumpy
[4:12:16:06] <@LumberJane> yes, that's a good idea. glad to have you back. smile
[4:12:16:07] <@spyderman> Let's head out that way
[4:12:16:07] <@LumberJane> we attempt to make our way back to caladin
[4:12:16:07] <@LumberJane> <<I have to go soonish, maybe another hour. dinner and a movie with mom>>
[4:12:16:08] <@spyderman> << Yeah, I got to go at 5. Supposed to help some people with a machinima today >>
[4:12:16:08] <@[twisti]> where are you trying to find caladin ?
[4:12:16:08] <@LumberJane> where he was before
[4:12:16:08] <@LumberJane> the last place we saw him
[4:12:16:09] <@[twisti]> the training barracks
[4:12:16:09] <@[twisti]> hes not there
[4:12:16:09] <@LumberJane> is anyone?
[4:12:16:09] <@[twisti]> no, nobody i there
[4:12:16:09] <@[twisti]> is*
[4:12:16:09] <@Crowbarman> lets go to the gate and ask
[4:12:16:09] <@[twisti]> int test, if you will
[4:12:16:09][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (LumberJane) (1#1d100-40):                -15 == -15
[4:12:16:10][twisti]- [GameServ] Result (spyderman) (1#1d100+0):                  7 ==   7
[4:12:16:10] <@LumberJane> he's a soldier, they all are... let's check the tavern
[4:12:16:10] <@LumberJane> soldiers love their ale
[4:12:16:10] <@spyderman> Drunk soldiers love to fight
[4:12:16:10] <@LumberJane> *looks at cassa* But no more for you right now
[4:12:16:11] <@[twisti]> you walk over in the tavern, and in fact most people are there and having (whatever noon food is called)
[4:12:16:11] <@[twisti]> lunch ?
[4:12:16:11] <@spyderman> Yeah
[4:12:16:11] <@[twisti]> caladin is there as well
[4:12:16:11] <@LumberJane> I approach caladin and say hello
[4:12:16:11] <@spyderman> I look around for the one hand man
[4:12:16:11] <@[twisti]> Well met! What can I do for you?
[4:12:16:11] <@[twisti]> Shmed isn't there
[4:12:16:12] <@Crowbarman> I go around the tavern trying to pick up some gossip
[4:12:16:12] <@LumberJane> We took the "test" if you can call it that, and survived.. We want to know who is trying to kill us.
[4:12:16:12] <@spyderman> I walk up and stand beside LJ
[4:12:16:12] <@[twisti]> 1 sec
[4:12:16:13] <@LumberJane> <<you know, ty, you chopped off that dude's hand and then didn't even pick up his sword>>
[4:12:16:13] <@[twisti]> So you have passed the Test of Knighthood? That is amazing, and I can almost greet you as brothers and sisters in arms then!
[4:12:16:14] <@spyderman> <<Eh, I forgot. The whole, losing a hand thing made me laugh and distracted me. Haha.>>
[4:12:16:14] <@spyderman> Almost? What do you mean by that?
[4:12:16:14] <@LumberJane> except it was all a trap. *shows him the scroll we retrieved from the shimmer guy*
[4:12:16:14] <@spyderman> Don't forget the one from Shmed
[4:12:16:14] <@LumberJane> wait til he reads that one
[4:12:16:15] <@[twisti]> I know nothing about anyone trying to kill you, the test is not that hard, and it seems you have survived it just fine.
[4:12:16:15] <@[twisti]> and slowly please, i can only type so fast
[4:12:16:15] <@[twisti]> so spydermans answer first
[4:12:16:15] <@[twisti]> Well, you need to have your banquet, to officially become a knight
[4:12:16:16] <@[twisti]> And for that, you need two things
[4:12:16:16] <@[twisti]> you need to see Lydia, to get your totem tatoo
[4:12:16:16] <@[twisti]> and you need to have your totem cloak. Cellia, the furrier, can make one for you if you bring her the body of your totem animal
[4:12:16:17] * @[twisti] crickets
[4:12:16:17] <@LumberJane> *shows him the other letter, in a female's hand*
[4:12:16:18] <@[twisti]> I'm afraid I'm no scribe, and scribbling little symbols is not a knights job. If you need someone to read it to you, you could ask Spektor, the cities treasurer
[4:12:16:18] <@spyderman> <<I love how we still have Dave still hauling the wolf's body>>
[4:12:16:19] <@LumberJane> *takes both letters back and reads them aloud*
[4:12:16:19] <@[twisti]> <<I considered leaving it there, but I really didn't want to spend 20 minutes with you going back for it>>
[4:12:16:19] <@[twisti]> Hrm. That sounds like plot and drama right out of a fawn play. Are you sure you are not just victims of someones harmless joke?
[4:12:16:20] <@LumberJane> it was hardly a joke that left one of your knights without a hand
[4:12:16:20] <@[twisti]> Excuse me?
[4:12:16:20] <@spyderman> He attacked us in the caves
[4:12:16:20] <@[twisti]> Who ?
[4:12:16:20] <@spyderman> (or test)
[4:12:16:20] <@spyderman> Shmed
[4:12:16:20] <@LumberJane> the guard at the "test" lacks a hand for having attacked us
[4:12:16:20] <@[twisti]> You assaulted Shemd?
[4:12:16:20] <@LumberJane> no
[4:12:16:20] <@LumberJane> he assaulted us
[4:12:16:20] <@LumberJane> we simply took a hand
[4:12:16:21] <@spyderman> We defended ourselves
[4:12:16:21] <@[twisti]> he looks worried and slightly confused
[4:12:16:21] <@LumberJane> he said it was not his choice
[4:12:16:21] <@[twisti]> That seems to be a dire matter and no joke indeed.
[4:12:16:21] <@LumberJane> he seemed to be acting for a woman
[4:12:16:21] <@LumberJane> perhaps under a spell
[4:12:16:21] <@[twisti]> I do not know Shmed very well, but I suggest you bring this up at your banquet, as all the city knights and leaders will be there
[4:12:16:21] <@spyderman> that banquet sounds like a bad idea at the moment if someone is planning our deaths
[4:12:16:21] <@LumberJane> I agree
[4:12:16:22] <@spyderman> No offense sir
[4:12:16:23] <@Crowbarman> do I hear any more gossip than what I've already spread?
[4:12:16:23] <@[twisti]> I assure you none of us are planning your deaths; if we would, all it would take was a call to arms right now and you would be dead before you could draw your weapons (looking around, the room is filled indeed with over 20 well armed knights) You have passed the test of knighthood, and soon you will be our brothers and sisters. Why would we want to hurt you?
[4:12:16:23] <@[twisti]> <<Crow: it's lunch, not beer time, and the people around you are just eating and not talking a lot>>
[4:12:16:24] <Iomama> draw sword
[4:12:16:24] <@[twisti]> Iomama: shut up or go away
[4:12:16:24] <Iomama> stab twisti
[4:12:16:24] <@Crowbarman> they don't have bear time
[4:12:16:24] <@LumberJane> very well
[4:12:16:24] <@LumberJane> we will attend this banquet
[4:12:16:24] <@LumberJane> but I assure you sir, there is someone out there plotting against us
[4:12:16:24] <@LumberJane> and they have access to your knights
[4:12:16:24] <@LumberJane> as shmed as proven
[4:12:16:25] <@[twisti]> Remember to get your tatoo and cloak, I will make sure that the command leaders are seated next to you so you can speak to them
[4:12:16:25] <@spyderman> But if they were all together as he is, we wouldn't be standing right now
[4:12:16:25] <@spyderman> I say we go, and I'm sure our future brothers and sisters will help us fight off any problems that come out then.
[4:12:16:25] <@LumberJane> About the tatoo and cloak
[4:12:16:25] <@LumberJane> We only got one animal
[4:12:16:26] <@LumberJane> and there are four of us
[4:12:16:26] <@[twisti]> Shmed is a knight, but in name only. He is a loner that rarely comes to the city, and other than his guard duties he has little contact with us. if it turns out he was really part of some ploy, he will ceertainly be removed from knighthood
[4:12:16:27] <@[twisti]> the whole cloak must not be made from one animal, it just needs to have parts of its pelt on it as a sign of your clan
[4:12:16:27] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:12:16:27] <@LumberJane> thank you
[4:12:16:27] <@spyderman> Sounds good
[4:12:16:27] <@LumberJane> let's go find Lydia
[4:12:16:28] <@[twisti]> he gives you a few short instructions to find her, then bids you goodbye and goes to find the clan leaders
[4:12:16:28] <@Crowbarman> think they have an apothecary?
[4:12:16:29] <@LumberJane> we can look on the way to lydia
[4:12:16:29] <@[twisti]> you find lydia
[4:12:16:29] <@LumberJane> did we see any apothecary?
[4:12:16:30] <@[twisti]> shes an impressively beautiful female knight and has her upper body covered in excellent tattoos
[4:12:16:30] <@[twisti]> no
[4:12:16:30] <@LumberJane> Good day, Lydia
[4:12:16:30] <@[twisti]> and good day to you too
[4:12:16:30] <@spyderman> I am impressed by your tattoos, ma'am
[4:12:16:30] <@LumberJane> *nods in agreement* We've come to receive tatoos of our own
[4:12:16:30] <@[twisti]> why thank you, i have designed and stitched them myself
[4:12:16:31] <@LumberJane> a totem tatoo
[4:12:16:31] <@Crowbarman> you actually did your own tatoos? that must have hurt
[4:12:16:31] <@[twisti]> I am very good at it, and as a knight myself, a little stitching did not frighten me
[4:12:16:32] <@spyderman> I'm sure needles don't hurt as bad as an enemy's sword
[4:12:16:32] <@[twisti]> exactly
[4:12:16:32] <@spyderman> So, are we being charged for getting these tattoos, or are they on the Knights?
[4:12:16:32] <@[twisti]> so what can i do for you handsome folk ?
[4:12:16:33] <@[twisti]> what tattoos ?
[4:12:16:33] <@LumberJane> I just told you
[4:12:16:33] <@spyderman> Oh, I'm sorry ma'am
[4:12:16:33] <@LumberJane> our totem tatoos
[4:12:16:33] <@[twisti]> oooh, you have passed the test of knighthood ?
[4:12:16:33] * @spyderman nods
[4:12:16:33] <@LumberJane> indeed
[4:12:16:33] <@LumberJane> caladin sent us to you
[4:12:16:33] <@[twisti]> then you will soon be our brothers and sisters!
[4:12:16:33] <@[twisti]> that is very exciting news
[4:12:16:34] <@Crowbarman> some didn't think so
[4:12:16:34] <@[twisti]> so you surely have come here to get your totem marks ?
[4:12:16:34] <@spyderman> Yes ma'am
[4:12:16:34] <@LumberJane> our totem is a wolf
[4:12:16:34] <@[twisti]> those are, of course, free of change
[4:12:16:34] <@[twisti]> charge*
[4:12:16:35] <@spyderman> Ah, very nice. We aren't the richest of people, so that's comforting to know.
[4:12:16:35] <@spyderman> So.. whos' first? *looking to the group*
[4:12:16:35] <@[twisti]> if you wish, we can do it right now
[4:12:16:36] <@[twisti]> it is only a small mark, so it will only take a few minutes
[4:12:16:36] <@LumberJane> I will go first
[4:12:16:36] <@[twisti]> be seated
[4:12:16:36] <@LumberJane> *sits*
[4:12:16:36] <@[twisti]> she motions to a chair
[4:12:16:36] <@LumberJane> *in the chair*
[4:12:16:37] <@[twisti]> hold your breath and dont move
[4:12:16:37] <@[twisti]> she begins to stitch
[4:12:16:37] <@[twisti]> Whooops.
[4:12:16:37] <@[twisti]> just kidding, dear
[4:12:16:37] <@[twisti]> there, all done
[4:12:16:37] <@[twisti]> use a piece of cloth to soak up the blood
[4:12:16:38] * @Crowbarman pushes spyderman toward the lady with the needle
[4:12:16:38] <@[twisti]> you now have a tiny diamond (like the card symbol) on your cheek
[4:12:16:38] <@spyderman> *Sits down in the chair, calm and cool*
[4:12:16:38] <@Crowbarman> which cheek? smile
[4:12:16:39] <@[twisti]> right cheek
[4:12:16:39] <@[twisti]> she quickly finishes with all of you, and while it stings, its not very painful
[4:12:16:39] <@LumberJane> Do you know where we can find Cellia?
[4:12:16:39] <@[twisti]> there you go, four fine new knights
[4:12:16:40] * @spyderman peers into the mirrow
[4:12:16:40] <@[twisti]> why yes, of course (she gives you the instructions)
[4:12:16:40] <@spyderman> Very fine work ma'am
[4:12:16:40] <@LumberJane> Thanks
[4:12:16:40] <@[twisti]> you looking stunning, young man
[4:12:16:40] * @spyderman stands up a bit straighter over that and smiles
[4:12:16:40] <@[twisti]> im looking forward to seeing you four at your initiation banquet
[4:12:16:40] <@LumberJane> We're glad you will be there
[4:12:16:40] <@LumberJane> shall we?
[4:12:16:41] <@LumberJane> << I need to go >>
[4:12:16:41] <@Crowbarman> I'm looking forward to eating at our initiation banquet
[4:12:16:41] <@spyderman> Let's go. Thank you very much Lydia
[4:12:16:41] <@[twisti]> << if you can put in 10 more minutes, we can be done with this part, and you can go shop >>
[4:12:16:42] <@LumberJane> okay
[4:12:16:42] <@Crowbarman> we only have 31 gc, neither of the humans that attacked us had coins
[4:12:16:42] <@[twisti]> as you arrive at the tanners shop, you see a rather mean looking woman working on a pelt
[4:12:16:42] <@LumberJane> nevermind. I'm staying
[4:12:16:43] <@LumberJane> she fucking stands me up
[4:12:16:43] <@[twisti]> lol
[4:12:16:43] <@spyderman> << I can try and stand longer if you guys want. >>
[4:12:16:43] <@LumberJane> "I'll just have to make it up to you" "yeah mom, way to go following through"
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> excuse me, we're here to get cloaks made
[4:12:16:44] <@Crowbarman> technically being stood up is not being told they cancelled
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> she cancelled me tho
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> "I don't have any money"
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> I said "You knew we were going out tonight"
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> she said "well I'll just have to make it up"
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> fuck that
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> I'm tired of this ALL THE DAMN TIME
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> now I'm just pissy
[4:12:16:44] <@LumberJane> let's do this so I can go
[4:12:16:45] <@[twisti]> Yes, I can make you a cloak. What are you looking for ? Maybe a nice bear pelt, or a rare Gwanni cloak?
[4:12:16:45] <@spyderman> No, we're here for our knight's cloak
[4:12:16:45] <@LumberJane> we have a wolf, actually. Our totem wolf.
[4:12:16:45] <@Crowbarman> um, we're supposed to get them from this wolf
[4:12:16:45] <@[twisti]> oooh, i see
[4:12:16:45] * @spyderman pulls the wolf from Dave
[4:12:16:45] <@[twisti]> new bodies for the ranks, eh
[4:12:16:46] <@[twisti]> wonder why you lot didnt die on the knights test
[4:12:16:46] <@[twisti]> you dont seem fit to fight a goblin
[4:12:16:46] <@[twisti]> but nevermind, lets see
[4:12:16:46] <@LumberJane> we almost did, actually
[4:12:16:46] <@Crowbarman> actually, we've fought many
[4:12:16:46] <@[twisti]> i can have the cloak ready for you in, hrm, maybe a day
[4:12:16:46] <@spyderman> But let's not get into that..
[4:12:16:46] <@[twisti]> yes
[4:12:16:46] <@LumberJane> we need four cloaks
[4:12:16:46] <@[twisti]> if you come by here tomorrow, i will be done with them
[4:12:16:46] <@[twisti]> <<typo>>
[4:12:16:46] <@LumberJane> with a bit of that wolf on each
[4:12:16:46] <@LumberJane> Thank you
[4:12:16:47] <@[twisti]> yes, yes, believe it or not, you arent the first people to become knights in this city
[4:12:16:47] <@LumberJane> Can you suggest a place for us to rest this night?
[4:12:16:47] <@[twisti]> try the inn, that nogood innkeeper always has some place to sleep
[4:12:16:47] <@LumberJane> Thank you
[4:12:16:47] <@[twisti]> if hes not drunk, laying in a ditch
[4:12:16:48] <@[twisti]> cant believe you made it through the test, dont look like much
[4:12:16:48] <@LumberJane> <<I'm very suspicious of her>>
[4:12:16:48] <@[twisti]> with that, she goes back in her shop with the dead wolf and closes the door behind her
[4:12:16:49] <@[twisti]> and with that, id say we are done for today
[4:12:16:49] <@Crowbarman> yea, xp me please
[4:12:16:49] <@[twisti]> next to the tanner is a general store
[4:12:16:49] <@[twisti]> so you can think about buying something until next week
[4:12:16:49] <@LumberJane> or selling something? like a spare sword?
[4:12:16:49] <@[twisti]> i figure if you sell the spears youll have some money
[4:12:16:50] <@LumberJane> cool
[4:12:16:50] <@Crowbarman> and the swords that spyder should have grabbed before leaving the cave
[4:12:16:50] <@[twisti]> you can go back there, we dont have to play it through
[4:12:16:50] <@LumberJane> smile
[4:12:16:50] <@[twisti]> just think about what stuff you need and next week we will work it out
[4:12:16:50] <@[twisti]> its a general store btw, not a weapons shop
[4:12:16:51] <@LumberJane> ok
[4:12:16:51] <@[twisti]> 60xp all around, 65xp for crow because youre a hilarious drunk
[4:12:16:51] <@LumberJane> lmao
[4:12:16:51] <@Crowbarman> smile
[4:12:16:51] <@LumberJane> that gives me a level
[4:12:16:51] <@spyderman> cool
[4:12:16:51] <@Crowbarman> dang, 70 would have given me another ding sad
[4:12:16:51] <@LumberJane> I'll do it later tho
[4:12:16:52] <@LumberJane> I'm going to go tell mom I don't hate her
[4:12:16:52] <@LumberJane> I'm just very disappointed
[4:12:16:52] <@LumberJane> later guys
[4:12:16:52] <@[twisti]> bye
[4:12:16:52] <@spyderman> take it easy LJ



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